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Full-Court Suppression Operation Underway: WordPress Burns Bloggers Who Question Sandy Hook

Screen shot of the home page of Fellowship of the Minds. What's with image of the crowd cheering in the background? IMAGE: Screen shot/The New Nationalist

It’s been a disturbing couple of weeks for truthers and for those who fight the battles against degeneracy.

There was the takedown of Alex Jones’ content across numerous social media platforms. Though the folks at The New Nationalist (TNN) are not big InfoWars fans, we don’t like to see censorship.

We also saw a defamation and suppression campaign waged against whistle blower Michael Whalen and Nathan Stolpman relative to podcasts that shed light on a possible child trafficking operation in Portland, Oregon.

Then came word of the sudden and suspicious death of child trafficking investigator Jenny “Taskforce” Moore.

We then learned of the arrest of a writer in Canada who was on probation for JQ blogging. Fathom that. I’m reluctant to write anything about this story at this time because I don’t wish to inadvertently make his situation worse. I don’t imagine he would have returned to blogging. So what did they arrest him for this time? Thought crimes?

This was followed by the sudden realization that popular alt-news site Fellowship of the Minds was taken down by WordPress for violating its terms of service. Memory Hole has the details.

Reports continue to emerge about other alt-news and truther sites, such as Jay Dyer’s, suddenly disappearing from the Web.

TechCrunch offers the only explainer article I’ve found thus far that sheds any light on WTF is happening at WordPress. Of course, in reading the article, you have to suffer the author’s anti-free-speech philosophy and low blows.

Personally, I find nothing more galling and hypocritical than so-called “journalists” debasing the free speech rights of bloggers with whom they don’t agree.

Here’s the bottom line about the WordPress blackout without the stupid and hateful rhetoric. Shorter read, less bullshit.

The Storyline: WordPress Succumbs to Sandy Hook Pressure

Leonard Pozner’s fingerprints are turning up on a slew of recent censorship actions against alt-news sites. For those who don’t know the name, Pozner is the alleged farther of an alleged boy who was allegedly shot and killed during an alleged mass shooting event at an allegedly operational school called Sandy Hook Elementary.

Pozner is suing Alex Jones for publicly questioning the Sandy Hook event, and he has put pressure on Internet companies to remove truther content. But it doesn’t stop there. Posner, according TechCrunch, has been scouring the Internet for ANY and ALL unsympathetic stories related to his son and demanding service providers take them down.

Inevitably, this led to the doorstep of WordPress, which provides both website software and Web hosting services. WordPress is a server for nearly 32 percent of websites and provides content management software for 60 percent of sites on the Web, according to

Pozner figured out that instead of going after individual publishers, he could be more effective by going after their service provider. Initially, WordPress, which is owned and operated by Automattic, stood its ground, according to reports. In response to Pozner’s complaint(s) about copyrighted images of his son, it sent out its standard response.

This apparently prompted Pozner to contact The New York Times (aka The New York Slimes), which ran a hit piece on WordPress/Automattic. The Slimes contacted the company, and the company told the rag that the posts Pozner complained about weren’t in violation of WordPress’ user guidelines or copyright law.

After The Slimes published its shitty article criticizing the company, WordPress apparently bowed to pressure, apologized to Pozner, created a new policy and yanked entire websites offline. I sense there a lot more to this story that we’re not being told. Political pressure? Legal threats? Blackmail? Who knows.

Here’s its new policy:


TechCrunch clarifies that “the policy affects blogs hosted on, not self-hosted blogs using WordPress software.” (Whew!)

Torchy’s View

I’m a strong believer in the general right of businesses to deny services. This is one of my principle beliefs and may not reflect the views of everyone here at TNN.

By this principle, applied in a macro sense, businesses should be allowed to boycott or divest from transactions with Israel or the Israeli government. In a micro sense, a small-town Christian baker should be able to refuse to make a cake celebrating the civil union of a homosexual couple. And a restaurant should be able to deny someone service because they don’t like their politics.

Of course, it doesn’t mean these businesses should be granted protection from criticism for their actions. It should be expected that practicing free speech has social consequences and refusing service has economic consequences. That’s the way freedom works. But these consequences should never ever involve imprisonment, government fines, gang stalking or violence.

In this framework, I believe social media companies and WordPress have a right to decide what content it wants to host. I don’t like censorship, and I wish they wouldn’t do it but, in my view, it should be their right.

As “consumers” of these services (for lack of a better term), we have a right to criticize, boycott and take our dollars and traffic elsewhere. For example, I do my own small part by checking the labels of the products I buy. I quickly put back on the shelf anything “Made in Israel” and give preference to items “Made in the USA.” Similarly, Hollywood has the right to produce garbage, and I have the right not to watch it.

As Internet denizens, we can shun Twitter, Facebook, Google, New York Slimes, WordPress, etc. and support — via time, traffic, dollars — other tech startups that don’t share their policies.

Message to WordPress: There’s a Better, Fairer Way

Dumping ALL of the content of someone’s entire website is a punishment for which no crime was committed. Fellowship of the Minds, for example, published articles about a diverse swath of topics and issues. Dumping the entire website without recourse or warning was a vile, hateful and vengeful thing to do.

A better, fairer way to go about it would involve sending the website owner a notice of discontinuation of service by a particular date. This would allow the author time to backup their website, archive their years of hard work and migrate somewhere else, if they so choose.

Meanwhile, this recent turn of events should be a loud siren blast to all truth writers out there: Consider yourselves warned, back up your work, and take your business elsewhere!

15 Comments on Full-Court Suppression Operation Underway: WordPress Burns Bloggers Who Question Sandy Hook

  1. Torchy’s moving black-pilling above indeed describes a serious situation … ‘First they came for the Daily Stormer …’

    But it’s always darkest before the dawn, and there are some impressive backlash forces building … This is visible in continental Europe with such as Italy’s new government and its co-leader Matteo Salvini, cutting loose on the SJW nonsense … In the opinions of Europeans generally on the street, one can see the ground is shifting quickly here, and governments have begun to follow suit

    And my Trumptardian side thinks there well might be a US gov takeover of the monopoly tech platforms, turned them into ‘common carriage’ vehicles like the telephone or US mail … even the Wall Street Journal is hinting at this … FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai may become the rebel hero no one expected … Torchy’s article may even be helpful to the evidence they are collating for when they act

    • Trump should start his own social media and blogger platforms, a safe space for truthers and disparaged cuckservatives. Government takeover sounds like even greater Orwellian gate keeping. Shudder the thought.

      As late George Carlin once said: “Governments don’t want well-informed, well-educated people capable of critical thinking. That is against their interests. They want obedient workers who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept it.”

  2. Trend note for Torchy – Some in minorities in the USA, egged on by the major media, are now moving on from skewering white men, to denouncing white women as being by their nature rather oppressive, and saying how white women need to step aside

    Even the NY Times is negatively calling white women ‘Beckys’, the name ‘Becky’ firstly in the black community and now in general used for a white-woman-stereotype, apparently originating in the white girls at the start of the 1992 rap video hit ‘Baby’s Got Back’ by Six-Mix-A-Lot … here’s a poster for a Becky-shaming event today

  3. Made in the USA is a coverup as well. Thousands of items are manufactured in China but come to the US 99% complete, and it only takes one tweak or one part added to get the blessing of calling it “Made in the USA”. Same for imported beef and pork products from China and Brazil, the animal can live its life in a foreign country, be chopped up there, but if it is inspected at a USDA approved facility when imported to the country it can claim it is “Product of USA”. When corporations and three letter agencies go frolicking in the field…

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