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[Alleged] Former Nazi Camp Guard Deported from US to Germany

Students from Rambam Mesivta–Maimonides High School protest outside the home of Jakiw Palij in Queens, New York, on April 24, 2017. President Donald Trump’s administration has ordered the former Nazi labor camp guard to be deported to Germany, 15 years after officials unmasked him as a possible collaborator. PHOTO: Mike Segar/Reuters

Jakiw Palij, 95, suspected of war crimes in Poland, expelled as German minister says there is no cut-off point to justice

By Kate Connolly and Erin Durkin | 21 August 2018

THE GUARDIAN — A 95-year-old former Nazi concentration camp guard has been deported to Germany from the US after years of diplomatic wrangling over his status.

Jakiw Palij in a 1949 visa photo.
Jakiw Palij in a 1949 visa photo. PHOTO: The Guardian/Reuters

Jakiw Palij, who lived in Queens, New York City, landed at Düsseldorf airport on Tuesday morning.

Palij is accused of having lied to gain entry to the US almost 70 years ago, claiming he was a Polish farmer. Almost 20 years ago the US authorities determined that he had been a member of the SS, the elite corps of the Nazi party, and had worked at the Trawniki concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Poland. The camp trained soldiers to round up Jews for extermination.

His US citizenship, which he had been granted in 1957, was revoked in 2003. In 2005 a judge ordered his expulsion.

But German authorities resisted taking him, saying the crimes he was alleged to have carried out took place on foreign soil. The US was unable to prosecute him for the same reason. Both Poland and Ukraine (in which the part of Poland where Trawniki was located now lies) refused to take Palij, claiming he was Germany’s responsibility.

For years American diplomats have been leaning on the German government, claiming it had a moral Image result for "Jakiw Palijresponsibility to accept him.

Meanwhile, Palij continued living in the two-storey, red-brick home in Queens, which he shared with his wife, Maria. His presence outraged the Jewish community; there were frequent protests over the years, including chants such as: “Your neighbour is a Nazi!” […]

5 Comments on [Alleged] Former Nazi Camp Guard Deported from US to Germany

  1. US authorities determined that he had been a member of the SS, the elite corps of the Nazi party, and had worked at the Trawniki concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Poland. The camp trained soldiers to round up Jews for extermination.

    No they didnt.

  2. Interesting new historical take on the hidden ‘real reason’ Nazi leader Rudolf Hess flew to Scotland on 10 May 1941, the basis of Germany’s ‘economic miracle’ under Hitler in 1933-39, and the current world cabal structure as an alliance between Rothschild etc bankers and a USA-centred elite, from Sylvain LaForest on Oriental Review with an interesting theory that the key driver of World War 2 was a secret US-British conflict

    People ponder over Nazi Germany’s ‘economic miracle’ of 1933-39, reducing German unemployment from 30% to 4% and performing much more successfully than the USA in its slow recovery from the Great Depression … It is common to argue that Germany’s sudden wealth and success resulted from, repudiating the ‘reparations’ debt, ‘jettisoning the Rothschild banks’, using ‘debt-free money’ and similar

    LaForest points to the evidence that, in fact, Germany under Hitler was flooded with outside investment, both from UK-Rothschild banking interests and the City of London, and also from USA Wall Street, the Bush family etc helping finance the Nazis … The Rothschilds classically profit from financing multiple sides in a war, as in the time of Napoleon

    LaForest says that in the 1930s, the USA pretended to work together with Britain, to set up Germany as its proxy army, to destroy the European continental powers, such as France and Russia, in order to favour an Anglo-American world domination axis … This explains why in the early stages of the war, Germany took over France, destroyed the French naval fleet etc … but let the British army escape at Dunkirk

    LaForest says the USA secretly persuaded Germany to cancel the British side of the deal, hence the Battle of Britain and the preparations for invading Britain … Hitler had become the USA agent not only to destroy France etc, but to destroy Britain too, so the USA would be on top

    But with pressure from Russia, Hitler had Rudolf Hess fly to England with a ‘deal’ … LaForest says that Hitler offered to stop working for the USA, to stop attacking Britain, and in fact to vacate Western Europe leaving it to UK dominance

    LaForest says it was the Hess trip, that made Roosevelt & Wall Street realise Hitler was no longer working for them, and that the USA had to enter the war itself to achieve its goals. Within some mere days after the Hess trip, the USA changed from non-intervention talk to aggressive war rhetoric, making preparations against both Germany & Japan, the US entering the war less than 7 months after the Hess flight

    LaForest says WW2 ended with a new arrangement, the Rothschilds partnering with the USA Illuminati, whilst the ravaged UK with a declining empire, had now become a more junior partner of the more dominant USA

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