Israel’s 1st Trans Officer Helps With Ethnic Cleansing

Shachar Erez is on a US speaking tour promoting Israel’s army as supportive of trans personnel. Erez is involved in the relocation of army bases onto the land of indigenous Bedouin communities. PHOTO: The Electronic Intifada

By Nora Barrows-Friedman | 12 April 2017

THE ELECTRONIC INTIFADA — Queer and transgender activists protested an event featuring an Israeli soldier in Seattle on 5 April.

The event was supported by the LGBTQ Commission, a body that advises city leaders on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues.

Two commissioners resigned in protest just days earlier, criticizing the group’s participation as an act of pinkwashing.

Pinkwashing is a public relations strategy that deploys Israel’s supposed enlightenment toward LGBTQ issues to deflect criticism from its human rights abuses and war crimes and as a means to build up support for Israel among Western liberals and progressives. […]

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