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UK: Whites Blamed for Nonwhite Crime

IMAGE: via The New Observer

8 December 2017

THE NEW OBSERVER — White people — in the form of so-called “institutional racism” — are to blame for the fact that far more nonwhite youth than whites are arrested by police in Britain, rather than the fact that they commit more crimes, the controlled media and anti-white establishment has announced.

According to reports, the “campaigners” (in fact just nonwhite professional ethno-activists) want to “raise [the] alarm” over what they say are “appallingly disproportionate” numbers of “black and minority ethnic children being arrested.”

Basing their hysteria upon a report compiled by the Howard League for Penal Reform, data obtained through Freedom of Information law shows 26 percent of all child arrests are youngsters from minority ethnic backgrounds — a figure, they say, is more than double the proportion of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) people in the population as a whole.

Leaving aside the fact that the BAME proportion of the UK population is much higher than 12,5 percent, and actually over 20 percent — a deliberate deception on the establishment’s part — the arrest figures indicate, the “campaigners” say, not that this group commits more crime, but that there is “appalling disproportionality in the justice system.” […]

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