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Russ Winter Rejoins Don Jeffries to Discuss Cointelpro’s Fake White Supremacist Terrorism

Unfortunately, we lost 60% of our show because of recording and technical issues with the platform. About 25 minutes was salvaged, starting at minute 2:15 (skip 4:26 to 7:35, restart). Conversations with Don Jeffries are always insightful and lively, so the saved portion is worth a listen.

In it, we circle back to Charlottesville again as the fonte of the glowworm cointelpro fake optics setup of the patriot movement in the U.S. and replayed in the January 6th Capitol Hill event. The Jussie Smolett case is not isolated but part of a larger psyop that isn’t always well executed.

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3 Comments on Russ Winter Rejoins Don Jeffries to Discuss Cointelpro’s Fake White Supremacist Terrorism

  1. The statue initiative, which got its big boost with Charlottesville, is a patent absurdity with clear parallels to the Iraq War regime change operation, which was also a publicity stunt. I don’t like, even despise, some of the people in those statues and things taken down. Albert Pike and Cecil Rhodes are piles of shit in my opinion, but villains, evil piles of shit, like Nero and Caligula, have their place in history and should at least be in a museum, with their tenure as historical figures discussed and not turned over to a new Soviet/Maoist (yet Fabian/’Market-Driven’) regime. I don’t think human history would be ‘better off’ if we just ‘didn’t know’ about all the evil leaders or bad people that ever existed. Many/Most of the statues were more grey areas, ethically, which are tough calls, mainly because you can harshly judge any figure in history, in any country, and run around toppling regimes, taking down statues based on this logic- ESPECIALLY if they are culturally backward, ‘undeveloped,’ which is likely the endgame of all this, this puritanical imperialism.

    For example, you can go into some indigenous, aboriginal culture and start toppling all of their Totems because they oppose vaccines and Totems represent ‘Patrilineal Governance,’ and you don’t have to go back far where every culture has some kind of lower class servitude, incest, and what most would consider pedophilia in the sense that they marry/reproduce at much younger ages. Many, if not most, also ban homosexuality, with only a few anomalies, which is now serving as a pretext for this new ‘Woke’ imperialism- go genocide or infiltrate, take over some culture that is far behind technologically, development-wise, based on this rabid LGBTQ Rainbow-Noahide Puritanism, rather than being patient and letting progress take place organically, diplomatically, with conflict also taking place that way. This new ‘Intersectional/Woke Imperialism’ which started with this statue toppling, really with the private security boost, rapid spook recruitment of Obama/Brennan for a new Digital Mockingbird operation (along with the Treyvon/abolish police operation- replacing them w private security), is what is now being used to vaccinate the ‘third world,’ and justify sending in the Military to hoard all of the resources on their land, with the NAC (Natural Asset Class) re-investing in air and water ‘assets’ to justify that as well. No one until this past decade was ever ‘woke,’ so you can use this (pilpul) logic to regime change any culture before that, really, They don’t even achieve their own standards, most times- so they’d topple their own statues. Perfect for superwealthy speculators who want to use constant-chaos to confuse, manage behind ongoing smokescreen (‘avant garde theater’ and ‘nonlinear warfare’).

    All of this being said- have you looked into this new ‘Patriot Front’ thing? Seems like that’s another new one people are arguing about. Funny, because there seems to be more of a push, for whatever reason, that this one ‘isn’t infiltrated.’ Makes me suspicious, because I’m not sure how that can happen right now with out some serious reforms taking place, transformations on higher levels which give legal deterrents to this kind of ‘Chaos’ operations where they aren’t warranted. I see a difference between what is labeled ‘Nationalism,’ historically, and ‘Fascism,’ but a lot of media seems to try and identify the two, false equivalency. Joel on the site ISGP studies does a decent job (I don’t agree on everything- but he makes good points) showing how most Socialist European countries have succeeded best when they had a kind of cultural/ethnic base/quota (i.e. had border policy), but they also weren’t religious/occult fanatics, like Hitler or Mussolini. In recent years many of them have been sabotaged, mainly through international imperialist pressure to absorb the wreckage of pointless wars, facilitate international narco-business. But here’s the sides of that-



    Seems to be the next stage for something, with all the press.

  2. Charlottesville and January 6 are clearly from the same playbook. People should look for different avenues other than protesting to express their grievances because protesting has obviously been weaponized. As was discussed in this interview, one can have a legitimate issue, go to the trouble of organizing a demonstration and garnering support for said issue, and then have their efforts sabotaged and issue vilified by bad actors. Kind of a microcosmic real life example of the challenges that open societies face from their enemies that is rarely tackled, if even acknowledged at all. It makes sense why György Schwartz named his foundation as such, open societies are his target… Being overly inclusive is dangerous at some point and protests often suffer because of this open nature and the fact that the organizers, who usually are interested in maximizing the size and impact of the protest, really don’t control who decides to show up, let alone counter protest. And forget about guarding against saboteurs and true bad actors. If you have security that removes the troublemakers, they will be labeled “Brownshirts” and you a “fascist”. So protesting is a college kid’s pie-in-the-sky idea- it’s ineffective, dangerous and juvenile. I say juvenile because it’s an appeal to the government from a group of people about a problem, as if their government are super smart, morally superior solutions people. They are constantly proving to be closer to the opposite of that description. In my experience, the best solutions are those that people can come to an agreement to themselves, that circumvent the involvement of the government. Asking the government for well thought out, logical solutions to real problems is the epitome of ignorance at this late stage, my sentiments. Everyone who was asleep at the time and scared by the virus psyop clamored for a solution to the problem. And the end result “solutions” the government came up with? Unnecessary crippling of the economy, personal restrictions of all kinds, illegal faux mandates of dangerous experimental medical interventions, a cornucopia of punishments, and the wholesale psychological and physical abuse of our precious little ones and virtually every person in the country. So I’m all filled up on their solutions. We don’t have to have wide ranging solutions for the world or the country, but one solution for us personally is to simply step aside when we’ve identified the deception and allow the faithful government believers to complete their government mandated Buffalo jumps. My two personal solutions are religiously voting with my wallet, meaning not buying from monopoly companies or their many subsidiaries, and doing my best to maintain good health in an effort to stay prepared for being around for another 30 or more years with minimal medical problems. Any other solutions that anyone has, I’m all ears.

  3. Thanks for posting what was salvaged. Would love to hear another, more-lengthy discussion with you two in the near future.

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