Vampire Squid Alum Gary Cohn May Get Ax Over Charlottesville as Fellow Tribesmen Head for Exits Amid Bubbly Market

Donald “The Red Queen” Trump now reportedly hates his economic adviser and Fed chair pick (((Gary Cohn))), “according to two people with close ties to the White House.” The premise for this World Wide Wrestling Federation-esque drama is that Cohn criticized Trump’s balanced statement after the Charlottesville staged deception. Cohn wants a crackdown on fictitious “neo-Nazis.”

Dual U.S.-Israeli citizen, former Israel central banker and current U.S. Federal Reserve Vice Chair Sidney Fischer also announced his sudden departure, scheduled for Oct. 13. (((Janet Yellen))) is scheduled to be replaced in January, so The Red Queen will have to offer a new name right into crash season.

Yesterday, chief chrome dome of vampire squidom and Goldman Sachs CEO (((Lloyd Blankfein))) said the markets are too bubbly.

“Things have been going up for too long,” Blankfein proclaimed. “When yields on corporate bonds are lower than dividends on stocks, that unnerves me.”

Markets too calm for Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein from CNBC.

He joins a chorus of money-guru mucky mucks, including Warren Buffet, who are echoing the same sentiment. Last week, Bank of America Merrill Lynch said the Bitcoin bubble is no outlier and that bubbles are everywhere, including London property.

“Seeing signs of bubbles in more and more parts of the capital market,” warns Deutsche Bank’s John Cryan.

(((Jacob Rothschild))) revealed in his fund’s most recent financial report that US assets were greatly reduced.

In July JP Morgan’s CEO (((Jamie Dimon))) warned that unwinding QE could “catch investors by surprise.”

No doubt these “geniuses” have also noticed that beyond extremely stretched valuations, algos (aka quants) programmed like reptile brains conduct 70% of the trading on Wall Street. It’s my belief that they have the same reptilian brain auto-pilots programmed in. One wonders just how many of these tripwire algos Goldman Sachs designed themselves.

One of the gambler’s annotated bubbles is Bitcoin, which has scam and Ponzi written all over it. Chinese authorities have moved against this tulip first by banning initial coin offerings (ICO). The “market” on this mania came right back after a short term drubbing, so Friday China closed down local exchanges.

Back in June so as to create some plausible denial for a market rout, the mucky mucks at the privately held Federal Reserve Bank went through the motions of warning human market participants. A key tenet of Luciferian types is the “foreshadowing.” That way they can wash their hands of the carnage.

At the time San Francisco Fed President John Williams said the stock market “seems to be running very much on fumes” and that he was “somewhat concerned about the complacency in the market.”

Now departing Fed Vice-Chair Stanley Fischer was more direct, suggesting that there had been a “notable uptick” in risk appetite that propelled valuation ratios to very elevated levels.

Finally, Fed Chairwoman Janet “Yellen Wolf” offered her standard wishy-washy take: “Asset valuations, by some measures, look high, but there’s no certainty about that.”

That didn’t cool the animal spirits, therefore the privately owned Federal Reserve has been hinting that it will being reducing its balance sheet starting in September. Now we have yet another “Yellen wolf” moment. Perhaps the potential fallout explains why Stanley Fischer has to beat it to the exit door and Lloyd Blankfein, et al has covered his ass. The U.S. dollar has been very weak and gold is quite strong, yet the financial conditions index remains extremely frothy. These moves are long, long overdue.

Holders of gold and silver should now be aware that speculators have made extremely lopsided bullish bets. In fact in my experience following the CME commitment of traders (COT) data I have never seen so few managed money shorts. Again many of these so called managers are trading quants and not dedicated or strong gold holders. There are also large spec bets against the Dollar. During debt liquidation cycles there is a perverse shortage and demand (more accurately a squeeze) for Dollars.

Insurance companies will need to reduce holdings to pay claims from the disasters. Most flooding losses are picked up by the Gubnut, which will need to borrow.

8 Comments on Vampire Squid Alum Gary Cohn May Get Ax Over Charlottesville as Fellow Tribesmen Head for Exits Amid Bubbly Market

  1. Well, re « fictitious “neo-Nazis” » as said above. the 4 million visitors per month to Andrew Anglin’s ‘Daily Stormer’ site before the cyber-purge began, were pretty significant numbers … Tho in his new, more sober mode, Anglin suggets that the ‘Nazi’ memes are just clever, attention-getting marketing, to help focus in issues such as ethnic Jewish mafias & ethnic conflict & friction

    Andrew Anglin & his Daily Stormer, are back on the regular web for the moment, on – appropriately enough – a web address in Austria, the home country of Adolf you-know-who:

    If that link goes down as have so many others since the cyber-purge began, Anglin’s website floating on Tor nodes, can nonetheless be consistently viewed via a regular web browser – no Tor needed – by one of the Web-to-Tor links pioneered by the group including ‘suicided’ hacker Aaron Swartz, as here:

  2. Re Charlottesville, a key theme Russ has noted, is the naiveté of the alt-Right groups, who thought the police were their secret allies & would at least maintain neutrality & respect for order … the alt-Right seemed to have no clue that the police would actually help the AntiFa goons, as happened … For the alt-Right folks to digest this is very important

    In fact there is a lesson here that USA whites can learn from USA blacks, who have long experienced the US police & justice system as it has really been … Estimates are that at least 100,000 of the USA’s 2.3-million-plus prisoners are innocent, the majority of them minorities

    But now more USA whites are feeling the boot of the power of the state, tho of course many whites have also been victims of the system as well … tho the majority white population either never knew or never quite believed the stories of USA legal & police injustice that pop up around them … or they believed that somehow these stories were odd ‘outliers’ & would never apply to THEM … the white illusions are now crumbling … black people could have told anyone, ‘That’s how it is, brutha’

    • Maybe it’s time for a radically different approach in general by not only the alt-Right, but the entire USA dissident community

      – Focus on the brutality of the USA regime in its brutal, jailing-of-the-innocent, asset-confiscatory, life-destroying police, prison & court apparatus, & the corrupt USA mafia lawyer culture that feeds off it & maintains it, a million legal-police-judicial mafiosi long mauling many white lives (more by financial destruction) as well as black ones (more often mauled by criminal charges) … Unite ‘the People’, not ‘the Right’

      – Treat the alt-Right-obsessed immigration question as just one more abuse of law by the Powers That Be … Many minorities in fact will join in common sense re immigration

      – Recognise that a large part of the ‘problem’ in America’s cities, is:
      (a) A drug trade fostered by the US Deep State & government itself
      (b) A decades-long selling of perverted ‘role models’ for black people sold by Hollywood & media, from the ‘Blaxploitation films’ to the ‘Gangsta’ fetish, trading on the human inclination to imitate
      (c) A progressively escalating police & judicial mauling of average black people, leading to many black youth feeling that they have a high likelihood of getting arrested & going to jail even if innocent, so might as well have a little enjoyment before then ‘You’re gonna do the time, anyway, so why not commit the crime?’

      • One thing both whites and blacks have in common is faux leadership. Blacks have had much more control, and resources to handle their own education. But their Crime Syndicate placed leadership” has failed them. Black academic achievement is almost non-existent.
        And the few that excel are pumped into a Marxist hell, to be spit out only to drag their race down further. You see this in Rep. of South Africa as well. We can debate who has influenced this bad culture, and the items you point out are a larger measure of it. But ultimately blacks need more tough love and Tommy Sotomayers. Instead extreme tolerance is pushed. Until that ends I have little in common with their rabble- avoid!

  3. Anyone have any thoughts on the Equifax breach? Pretty scary/intriguing at the same time. Inside job, real event? Did the 3 top company managers sell their stock before the breach or shortly thereafter? Did they know ahead of time? Insider trading? Apparently the Equifax help site requires the concerned citizen to accept arbitration in lieu of lawsuit. Not surprising. Will Experian and Transunion be affected as well?

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