The Taking-a-Knee Divide-and-Conquer Distraction


When I first got wind of player national anthem protests at NFL games, I thought perhaps at last this was the beginning of an anti-war movement a la 1960s, or 2003 at the time of the Iraqi invasion. Perhaps these players were speaking up about U.S. involvement in the wanton destruction of Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen. See 26 photos of Syria before and after war. That would be a cause getting TNN’s full support. Incidentally, where is the anti-war movement? I see little inkling of it from the left or the right.

But alas the “protest” was another useful-idiot divide-and-conquer race-psyop concerning real and imagined “racial injustices.” Never mind that the protesters, the majority of whom are black, are among the highest paid and most privileged people in the country. It is not entirely clear to me how the white mechanic — or for that matter the black mechanic — from Kentucky earning $40,000 a year is supposed to react to this. No, there is zero reason to be impressed.

Naturally, Donald “The Red Queen” Trump felt the need to insert himself like a combustible into the controversy. As soon as he did so, the “protest” expanded and morphed into an “all about Trump” drama-queen shit storm. That’s all part of the plan.

At this juncture, are we witnessing the NFL self-imploding? Hope springs eternal. Actually, all U.S. professional sports are in decline. The country is sports obsessed. One of the reasons I personally got off of Facebook was that sports was about all my relatives and friends talk about. Obviously, I am of a different mindset.

So this may be a blessing in disguise. Former sports fans with new-found time on their hands can come to TNN, start going through the videos and articles and get a wake-up call about what’s transpiring in the world. Or maybe they can get involved with anti-war activism. Or get off their fat asses, get outdoors with their kids and actually play touch football, half-court basketball or softball themselves.

Boycott of NFL should be part of other boycotts for which we have called. But this one will get the public used to the idea.

NFL players: 68% black

NFL audience: 78% white

NFL owners: 34% Jewish

Turn it off: 

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  1. Stopped caring for pro and sports in general about 3 years ago. Big waste of time and mental energy when more important things going on.

  2. 2019 was my year for getting over sports, esp. NFL. And only 34 percent Jewish owners? I’d have thought the number would be closer to 100 percent. And, as any NFL fan ought to know, Chabad Lubavitcher Robert Kraft owns NFL Commish Roger Goodell. And, oh yeah, Kraft Foods are loaded with GMOs…

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