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The Liquidators Have Set Up Shop and Are Chomping at the Bit

Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) data shows “somebody” is aggressively piling on bets against (short) stock market volatility. In effect, they are gambling that the VIX, or market volatility, will move even lower than the near-record lows it now sits at. To a thinking person, this is totally counter intuitive. Many well-known market commentators have addressed this anomaly. This is manifested with 14 straight days in which the principal stock market S&P average changed by less than 0.3%. This has never occurred going back to 1927. Laughable? Ask yourself if we really are living in such serene, calm times.

In my view, to carry out this scam, the Crime Syndicate would have to have a patsy, like a whale or whales, to take on this sort of offside bet. I would surmise it is someone in the depleted Aunt Millie pension complex discussed below, or possibly in the captured corrupted Japanese financial system. The Swiss central bank may be involved.

The boyz have showed up with bribes, girls and drugs to ply on the patsy whales. I picture this as pure unadulterated sleaze. Without a doubt, some compromised individuals have been compelled or forced to make these excessive and absurd VIX bets. It won’t end well. You can see the betting has been in place for over a year. Only criminals on the inside will get the memos on timing, but this is the fault or slip line for a financial earthquake.

There is now a $1.8-trillion pension deficit (conservative estimate) in state and municipal obligations alone. This number is based on the enormously inflated stock- and bond-market bubble currently in place. Once that bubble bursts, the pension deficit will be many multiples higher. Additionally, National Association of State Budget Officers data indicates state revenues are starting to decline as funding needs — related to massively underfunded pensions, rising education costs, etc. — continue to skyrocket.

Into this perfect storm comes Trump and his band of “Larry the Liquidator”-type corporate-raider cronies, who will deal with national bankruptcy via massive austerity, disassembling and privatization a la Soviet Union to Russia 1991-1998 gambit.

If you don’t understand what the Soviet Union’s dismantling was all about, then you have no interpretative framework whatsoever to grasp what’s in play. For those who have to be constantly entertained, the following short trailer from the old movie “Other People’s Money” is illustrative, at least in terms of what a U.S. operation would look like. Pay special attention to Larry the Liquidator’s closer in the back half.

For more our advanced critical thinkers who are willing to drill down, see the following documentary, “Russia: The Rise and Fall of the Oligarchs.” The (((oligarchs))) were also referred to at the time as “The Clan.”

This is classic Parasite Guild method and is very much the reason Trump was elected. It has now been revealed that Trump has ties to these same Kosher oligarchs. Surprise, surprise.

It should be obvious that Trump is going to remove the artificial, cheap-debt-fueled, three-legged stool used to prop up the economy during the Obama administration. A cold-turkey austerity liquidation will be put into operation. These pensions will be nullified.

Nearly every Trump pick is of the same genre, culminating with the assignment of South Carolina Rep. Mick Mulvaney as Trump’s first budget director. Mulvaney would have been a great pick a decade ago, before the carcass had been picked completely clean. Today, his job will be little more than sealing the coffin. He is willing to shut down government to do it and, in fact, led that charge the last time around. Hardcore austerity vultures and Parasite Guilds are on the scene in America. This is the opposite of debt slavery liberation.

At the same time, the oligarchs will be given massive breaks and subsidies similar to the Carrier PPP scam in Indiana. Trump’s tax bracket scheme would be good news for everyone currently in the top two brackets (35% and 40%). These taxpayers would see their effective rate drop down to 33%, by 2 and 7 percentage points respectively. Conversely, the simplification would bad news for the taxpayers in the lowest bracket (10%). These would see their effective tax rate go up by 2 percentage points, to 12%.

My podcast on how the parasite guild system is gearing up is here.

12 Comments on The Liquidators Have Set Up Shop and Are Chomping at the Bit

  1. Trump recently flippantly said during a “thank you” tour that someone made him say “drain the swamp” and that he never liked it, but “it worked!” He doesn’t even hide his intentions or dishonesty anymore, but people buy rhetoric more than logic these days. And it’s not just my (younger) generation.

  2. paul craig roberts is an old fool, stuck in the bush-reaganite 80s, specifically 1982-1984, which under his treasury guidance, gave us the Garn–St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982, the first step in deregulation of derivatives and banking, which gave us the S&L scandal a few years later (drugs, weapons and banking, washed through real estate and americans’ savings).

    the man is completely blinded by his biases and/or senility; his mind is caught in a loop, watching a worn, VHS copy of ‘heartbreak ridge’ over and over and over again….

    • I am not quite so hard on PCR. He does recognize the grave threat of Zionism and neocohenism. But like so many others in the so called alt right he hitched himself to a faux candidate. Being fooled and being a Judas Goat stooge are two different things. The first can be forgiven, but at some point and soon he will need to man up.

      • we have to build real a resistance. not guns, not prepping. they own us like that. i guess guns and prepping have value. but thats living in fear. its atomized living. its what they want.

        real resistance works by talking and sharing information. talking, not yelling. we have to figure out a way to sustain talking.

        trust your survival instincts, look for brothers, even if they dont look or act like you at first. its a tough gig. its not stable. if you want stable, there are lots of ways for you to lock yourself into the system.

        If you want to live, you have to fight. everyday, n your private life. at every level. it takes energy and cognitive resources. but theyre warring on you.

        connectivity is their mistake, flood of information is their solution.

        our response, must be relentless unity in message.

        • has paul craig roberts EVER said anything about the reagan trickle down economic policies which he put into practice? and how those policies which he signed off on, have increased and entrenched inequality in this country? he is nothing but a judas goat. ive been following him since 2005/2006, including when he tried to whine and quit.

          either way, he is NOT a scion. he is flatulence.

  3. US just did air strikes in Somalia, purportedly hitting Al-shabab targets (aren’t we allied with them in another country?). To the mindless dolt this might seem like an attack on turrorists, 3500 miles away. But to the trained eye you will notice that the Somalia Shilling has gained 400% in exchange rate value VS the USD in the past 3 years. Seems some bankers are not happy with that. If I could buy futures on the Somalia Shilling, I would empty my 401k tomorrow.

  4. The stock market’s inherent instability allows it to respond to changing conditions. With ever more convoluted “financial products” – borrowing real world terminology, even though nothing is produced – the markets have become dangerously unstable. It is a vast, parasitic drain on society and the people who genuinely create wealth, the bedrock of that society. Created to facilitate capital flow for business, the stock market now threatens to bring the real economy down with it.

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