Richmond, ‘Capital of Confederacy,’ Braces for Battle Over Robert E. Lee Monument

This Tuesday June 27, 2017, photo shows the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee that stands in the middle of a traffic circle on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Va. The French artist's statue of Gen. Robert E. Lee arrived by train in Richmond in 1890, thousands helped haul the enormous pieces to what is today the city's grandest boulevard. PHOTO: Washington Examiner/Steve Helber/AP

By Paul Bedard | 14 August 2017

WASHINGTON EXAMINER — The capital of the Confederacy is bracing for the next fight over Civil War monuments and bronzes of southern generals, with a confederate heritage organization seeking to rally next month at the city’s Robert E. Lee statue.

Just a month after Saturday’s deadly clash over Civil War statues in Charlottesville, Va., just 70 miles from Richmond, the group “Americans for Richmond Monument Preservation” has applied for a rally permit for Sept. 16, according to reports.
It has already sparked an online protest to kill the application, but a group associated with the preservation group claims it will go on. […]

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  1. A virally popular current social media posting in China … just after the news of the USA beginning its new large-scale political censorship & destruction of historical sites & statues:

    Some Chinese Communist Party cadres were able to contact the ghost of Chairman Mao, who asked to be updated on what had occurred in China since he departed … here is part of the conversation the cadres reported –

    Chairman Mao – ‘Do the people have enough to eat?’
    Us – ‘There’s so much food we have weight loss programmes!’
    Chairman Mao – ‘Are there still capitalists?’
    Us – ‘Chinese are leading world business now!’
    Chairman Mao – ‘Do we produce more steel than England?’
    Us – ‘Tangshan alone produces more than all of America!’
    Chairman Mao – ‘Did we beat the USSR?’
    Us – ‘They dissolved it themselves!’
    Chairman Mao – ‘Did we smash imperialism?’
    Us – ‘We’re the imperialists now!’
    Chairman Mao – ‘And what about my Cultural Revolution?’
    Us – ‘It’s now taking over America!’

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