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Jackals Close in for the Trump Topple

PHOTO: via ZeroHedge

The New Nationalist (TNN) has contended from the get go that Donald “Red Queen” Trump will be taken down as a role actor in a Trojan Horse operation. We also have stated numerous times that the “far right” would be set up for a major demonization attack.

The ultimate irony is that the final trigger for this was Trump’s fair and balanced statement about the troubles at Charlottesville. Incredibly after a year of non-stop red queening weirdness and setting up the country to be looted, suddenly the snakes in his own pit turned on Trump with righteous pontificating. Amazing. Once again you decide for yourselves where this one ranks among Trump’s bizarre streams of consciousness. Not very high is TNN’s verdict.

Among the parasite guildists to set the stage for the Trump end game was (((Jamie Dimon))) and the members of the President’s CEO Strategy and Policy Forum. They signaled their final outrage with Trump’s C-ville “racist” stance by disbanding. The parasite guild and lugenpresse are adopting all the Anti-Fa code words and smear script.

Talking head and empty suit (((Larry Summers))) came on CNBC with this little gem: “President Trump is endorsing white supremacists,  he is ‘uncomfortably close’ to white supremacists… our President is supporting racists.”

Oy vey —  Ivanka’s rabbi “deeply troubled” by Trump’s Charlottesville’s remarks.

Cohn at left- “Disgusting I tell you, just disgusting.”

Trump advisor, former vampire squid and Goldman Sachs minion (((Gary Cohn))) was on stage rolling his eyes like a crocodile and “looking appalled” as Trump bantered about who was next on the replacement of history list — slave owners George Washington and Thomas Jefferson? (((Sources))) further confirmed ol’ Gary was disgusted.

With the jackals closing in, Teflon Mike Pence called off his tour of Latin America to return to D.C. during this manufactured crisis and buildup to civil war.

Trump job approval falls to 35%. 

TNN has surmised the Red Queen will say or tweet something to blow up the markets. It could be that is being arranged behind the scenes with or without the Red Queen. Hardly noticed in the faux outrage yesterday were statements from the Federal Reserve:

  • Warnings of “elevated vulnerabilities” from high asset prices.
  • Balance sheet to begin reduction starting in September.

16 Comments on Jackals Close in for the Trump Topple

  1. Whilst media attacks on him escalate, Trump has increasing lustre as a hero to a core 1/4-1/3 of the USA, fuelling future civil war fires … And here’s another angle on the ‘Charlottesville car killing’ … that it was provable self-defence, driver ‘James Alex Fields’ in fear for his life, according to even some local police:

    « Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists have long practiced trapping people in cars before attacking them. An eyewitness reported that this was precisely what was being done to James Fields. Some cops reportedly believed that Fields struck the counter-protesters by accident while trying to escape violent attackers. Police at the station initially believed that Fields hit the counter-protesters by accident while fleeing his own assailants. Video evidence shows his car was quickly set upon by a mob wielding bats, who smashed his back windows & would presumably have smashed his skull … clearly self-defence. »
    – James Kirkpatrick / Patrick Howley

    « “Police say the car was covered in dents prior and apparently hit by a bat … Several police officers at the station here think the guy running people down wasn’t malicious. They said the driver was scared … His car was being swarmed by protesters and some of them were violent »
    – (Ms) Taylor Lorenz


  2. Interesting about the car and Fields. Of course it’s possible. What was he doing there anyway? One of the few genuine participants. The core of the heritage protesters should have realized something was up when their permit was suddenly approved again last minute but seriously, nothing prevents Soros from assembling a rag tag gang of c grade actors and letting them appear to attack each other while carrying all manner of banners, insignia, and shields. How can anyone believe any of this stuff. The move to erase history is up and running and necessary because the J are under attack as well. I don’t believe Trump’s approval ratings are as low as stated, you can’t trust stats anymore than you can trust the MSM. More and more comments that I’m reading all over indicate that people are catching to the deceit of it all. That’s a good sign.

      • The neocons and their mercenaries can’t respond because they’d have to explain it. A lot of the Alt right ( that isn’t <>) doesn’t consider this a false flag, they believe it was real, just that the antifa were violent too. People have a terrible time adjusting to the possibility that these events are actually totally fake, staged, with actors. I’ve said elsewhere- it makes the believers look and feel stupid to realize that they’ve been played, so that perspective is resisted tooth and nail by nearly everyone and they find those of us who consistently try to point this out either crazy or arrogant.

  3. The (kike) Protocols…..


    4. NOT A SINGLE ANNOUNCEMENT WILL REACH THE PUBLIC WITHOUT OUR CONTROL. Even now this is already being attained by us inasmuch as all news items are received by a few agencies, in whose offices they are focused from all parts of the world. These agencies will then be already entirely ours and will give publicity only to what we dictate to them.

    ***It’s all a big hoax. Entertainment for the sheeple.

    Get it??
    Got it??

  4. OT but classic TNN … Aangirfan on her site has already begun covering the ‘false flag’ aspects of the deadly ‘terrorist attack’ in Barcelona today, white van ran into people outside of a kosher delicatessen AGAIN … and a passport was found in the van AGAIN

    The cabal is laughing at us … Passport / ID documents found at terrorism attack scenes:

    (1) – 11 Sep 2001 passport found in NYC towers rubble tho aeroplane had ‘turned to vapour’
    (2) – 7 Jan 2015 Charlie Hebdo, passport in car in front of Paris Jewish deli where Mossad meets
    (3) – 13 Nov 2015 Bataclan Paris passport flew from body ‘after killer exploded his suicide vest’
    (4) – 14 Jul 2016 Nice France lorry attack ‘passport found’
    (5) – 19 Dec 2016 Berlin Christmas market lorry attack ‘ID found’, after 24 hours of searching lorry cab
    (6) – 22 May 2017 Manchester UK ‘suicide bomber leaves ID’ at scene amidst another ‘terror on 22nd’
    (7) – 17 Aug 2017 Barcelona deadly terror attack by white van, ‘Spanish passport found in van’

    Catalonia has the highest Muslim concentrations in Europe & was planning to build one of the largest mosques in the world … About a half million of Catalonia’s roughly 7 million residents are Muslim … they were actually largely invited by Catalonia, on the theory they could be ‘taught Catalan’ … Catalonia wished to avoid the typical migrants in Spain from Ecuador & other South American countries, because of their speaking Castilian Spanish, and Catalonia thought it might be better to bring in Muslims from Pakistan etc instead

    • Why would someone going to die take their government ID? It makes no difference to them. Amazing how it dupes so many people.

    • You forgot Martin Bryant and the Port Arthur Maasacre
      From the Port Arthur Massacre wiki
      Bryant also claimed that the guns found by police were not his, but admitted to owning the shotgun that was found with his passport back in his own car near the toll booth.

      Btw, re one of the victims, Anthony Nightingale
      From the above link, –
      44-year-old Anthony Nightingale stood up after the sound of the first shots, but had no time to move. Nightingale yelled “No, not here!” as Bryant pointed the weapon at him.[12] As Nightingale leaned forward, he was fatally shot through the neck and spine.[12]

  5. The ‘Day the Internet Died’ – SJW web-platform shut-downs enter new phase bigly

    ‘Is this the day the Internet dies?’ asked an employee of Matthew Prince, Co-founder & CEO of Cloudfare, the utility most sites need to be protected from DDOS cyber-attacks, as Prince decided to start exercising political / moral judgements as to websites that ‘deserve’ to be left vulnerable to destruction … starting with the Daily Stormer

    With gory details about the drawn-out Daily Stormer shut-down – how China & Russia both denied them a host too – Profound reporting by Anatoly Karlin, on how all major internet / funding platforms, are well-begun in choking off numerous websites & people from having a voice, via their universal adoption of the ‘Social Justice Warrior’ censorship agenda, pro-gay-&-LGBT, pro-migrant, ‘anti-racist’, ‘anti-anti-Semitic’ etc …

    Having started with shut-downs of alt-right voices, the controlling internet firms are now moving, as a united goliath, toward shutting down & destroying all websites violating their ‘moral standards’ … ‘The Cville Cyberpurge’, by Anatoly Karlin

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