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World Wide Wrestling’s ‘Polarization Nation’ Division Performs at Berkeley

There was a bruhaha in Berkeley on Saturday. It squared off the Antifa Anarcho-League Provocateurs against the Alt-Right League Trumptards.

To be perfectly honest, this featured quite professional-level, semi-realistic, quasi-fighting action. Added to the staged aspect was a crowd of gawkers and milling-around types.

The New Nationalist (TNN) evaluated the footage and came away fairly impressed with its entertainment value. The almost fights and use of dumpsters, seemingly procured and utilized out of nowhere, was especially gripping. Yet, ultimately, we fail to see a convincing non-World Wide Wrestling blow laid anywhere. As usual, when appraising this cartoon world, TNN asks you to decide for yourself.

The highlight came when the camera “suddenly” swung left to catch a male Trumptard Nathan Damigo cold cocking a 5’1″ SJW Louise Rosealma (aka “Venus Rosales”), an aspiring soft-core porn actress specializing in the hairy-crotch fetish genre.

Before the show, Louise had proclaimed on her social media page that she was down for “taking a hundred Nazi scalps.” No, you can’t make this stuff up. This is being called by the cartoon watchers as “the blow heard around the world.” These theatrics can be viewed in the main photo/gif at the top of this post. Note the “Jesus Will Judge You” inscription on the curious yellow jacket of an individual within the camera’s angle. What a nice touch.

Polarization Nation “sportscaster” called the “moments of the game” at the staged Berkeley riot (aka Trumpster Dumpster Bowl) — an absolute-must viewing.

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