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The Top 100 Most Damaging Wikileaks (so far)

March 13, 2017 Winter Watch 0

8 March 2017 MOST DAMAGING WIKILEAKS — This list contains titles, links of proof, quotes from the links, and commentary from Reddit. These are just SOME of the thousands of leaks exposing Hillary Clinton’s corruption, and mainly comprise […]

HIV Cause of AIDS, Fact or Fraud?

March 10, 2017 Winter Watch 3

Too many people are making too much money out of it, and money is much stronger than truth. One of the most powerful video documentaries of our time boldly reveals the modern medical-industrial complex’s dire […]

Vault 7: The Crime Syndicate Wins Great Victory

March 9, 2017 Russ Winter 3

Yesterday, limited hangout operative Wikileaks released 8,761 CIA documents detailing the agency’s hacking and spying of smart phones, routers, computers, and even televisions and automobiles. This revelation, called “Vault 7,” reveals unimaginable dystopian violations of […]

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