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Staged Deception: Melbourne Car Attack Summarized

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The narrative of the Jan. 20 car attack in Melbourne, Australia, involves one 26-year-old Dimitrious “Jimmy” Gargasoulas. Par for course, we have yet another individual self-describing himself on Facebook as “Greek Islamic Kurdish.” The media apparently didn’t get the Muslim demonization memo and called him a “Greek-Tongan Australian.” There was the standard mental-health narrative as well. In the days before the attack, Gargasoulas is said to have posted messages on Facebook about “religion, God, Satan, heaven and hell.”

Reports claim Gargasoulas car was driven into pedestrians in the CBD of Melbourne. Six people were allegedly killed and at least 30 others wounded. The perp was arrested.

There are far too many of these staged-deception incidents nowadays for even my readers to spend much time on it. The following clip is a solid analysis and runs 29 minutes. But a condensed version of this black-magic strangeness is about all you need to see in order to grasp what transpired.

  • Start at 1:30, view Gargasoulas driving donuts in the intersection as a crowd and police gawk. Police do nothing. For some reason, three gray unmarked police cars are present and as if choreographed eventually give chase.
  • Notice at 2:20 that a man in blue shows up and begins signalling and directing.
  • At 2:40 and in the midst of this craziness, a skate boarder and other pedestrians cross the street without a care in the world.
  • You can stop at 3:10 and skip to 7:25 for the “low-speed chase.”
  • At 8:00, the “mad driver”enters the pedestrian footpath where the casualties allegedly occur. Focus especially on CCTV footage starting at 9:45 and go to full screen. The footage of him driving through the crowd is at 10:00. End at 12:00. Do you see anybody being hit by the automobile, let alone six fatalities and 30 more with injuries? Looks like stunt driving. 
  • See end of the line and wrecked car at 20:00, including oddly enough a smashed car roof. At no point is any footage whatsoever provided of pedestrians being hit by the vehicle. All known footage on Bourke Street-TNN verdict: A fraud beyond the pale.

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  1. After this “event” Peekay Truth noted for making investigative videos on staged deceptions and a resident of Melbourne is paid a visit and warned by homicide investigators. The next day he is hauled into a station in a paddy wagon. He was then instructed to report to a hospital for a mental evalution. Finally he appears in court and is given an “intervention order” in regards to some undetermined individual or individuals. This guy is normally a cool cucumber but sounds quite stressed in this interview.

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