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Elite Oligarchs Build Underground Compounds, Hoard Precious Metals


Stories of elites building underground compounds (aka arks) has made it into the mainstream media. There is even speculation that “large entities and wealthy individuals” are vaulting silver. I would go a step further and add to the list gold, ammunition, medicines and perhaps children for the pedos among them.

But that’s only half of the story. My model for analysis and focus centers around ultra-elite Cabalists, so that is where I would look. For example, I would characterize “wealthy” more exactly. Small stackers can have marginal effect, as can the 1% — but billionaire Cabalists rule. It is well known that Warren Buffet likes to play the silver market. I don’t get the memos, but I smell the presence of U.S.-based oligarchs or even groups taking advantage of artificially manipulated prices. They operate without any transparency and under the radar.

Silver is likely stored in compounds within underground facilities or arks, now favored by elite kleptocrats. Although stories about this are widespread, the names involved aren’t. I am always suspicious when individuals start building unusual things, like underground bunkers are not ever named. When not, it means only one thing: To quote the late George Carlin, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

The oligarchs are literally getting ready for a self-contained neo-feudal, domestic, Mad Max, bug-out system replete with their own private security forces [see “The Neo-Feudal Masterplan“]. These forces, or goons, developed their craft, their feudal and Cheka skill sets in the Iraqi genocidal occupation, resulting in 1.7 million terminated by violent death, 2.9 million from deprivation and 1 million missing.

See the RT interview at Davos is with Soros director and mucky muck Robert Johnson. Sound crazy?  Forbes offers a tour of an underground doomsday facility. They come with large vaulted areas.

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