New Underworld Order Oligarchs Build Underground Compounds, Hoard Precious Metals


Stories of the super wealthy building underground compounds (aka arks) has made it into the mainstream media. There is even speculation that “large entities and wealthy individuals” are vaulting silver. I would go a step further and add to the list gold, ammunition, medicines and perhaps children for the pedos among them.

They have invested in property that is either deep enough underground or on an island separated from the rest of society. LinkedIn founder and chairman of the board Reid Hoffman estimates that half of the Silicon Valley billionaires he personally knows have already purchased what they call “apocalypse insurance.”

From Forbes, we learn bunker owners are at Code Red in preparing their families for at least six months in their hideouts. They are not worried about nuclear wars or asteroid hits at the moment. They are primarily concerned about civil unrest. Some have safe rooms with escape hatches leading through a tunnel to their bunkers, while many others have underground bunkers hidden on their extensive land holdings, away from their main residence.

Gary Lynch, at Rising S Bunkers, a Texas company that specializes in underground bunkers and services, says business is booming with over 2,000% more inquiries from possible buyers worried about their future.

One popular site is Indian Creek Village, a small island in Florida known as “Miami’s billionaire bunker.” Its most famous occupants include billionaires Carl Icahn, Norman Braman, Edward Lampert and Jeffery Soffer. More recently, Ivanka Trump and her husband purchased an empty lot on the island for $32 million.

CNN reports that fortified structures are designed to withstand a nuclear strike and come equipped with power systems, water purification systems, blast valves and nuclear-biological-chemical (NBC) air filtration systems.

Most include food supplies for a year or more, and many have hydroponic gardens to supplement rations. The developers also work to create well-rounded communities with a range of skills necessary for long-term survival, from doctors to teachers.

But that’s only half of the story.

My model for analysis and focus centers around ultra-rich New Underworld Order plutocracy, so that is where I would look.

For example, I would characterize “wealthy” more precisely. Small stackers can have marginal effect, as can the 1% — but billionaires rule. It is well known that Warren Buffet likes to play the silver market.

I don’t get the memos, but I smell the presence of U.S.-based oligarchs or even groups taking advantage of artificially manipulated prices. They operate without any transparency and under the radar.

Silver is likely stored in compounds within underground facilities or arks, now favored by kleptocrats. Although stories about this are widespread, the names involved aren’t.

I am always suspicious when individuals start building unusual things that are never named, like underground bunkers. When not, it means only one thing: To quote the late George Carlin, “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.”

On the futures market, the silver positioning is very thin. Managed-money positioning is light, and net longs are unusually low, which is typically bullish. Price support is around $22. Caveat: no guarantees. All markets are highly distorted and manipulated by criminal elements.

The oligarchs are literally getting ready for a self-contained, neo-feudal, domestic, Mad Max, bug-out system replete with their own private security forces [see “The Neo-Feudal Masterplan“]. These forces, or goons, developed their craft, their feudal and Cheka skill sets, in the Iraqi genocidal occupation, resulting in 1.7 million terminated by violent death, 2.9 million from deprivation and 1 million missing.

The Most Expensive Underground Bunkers

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  1. RW,

    Great thread! Will need to come back later, as I am short on time; however, I wanted to add two things (opinion / no data due to time):

    Seed prices have jumped in organic, heirloom varieties especially, and seed vault systems are far larger than anyone would imagine (it ain’t just Scandinavia). The rise in prices is outpacing other, tradable, commodities. If anyone is interested, it is worth a look just for the fascinating aspect of the lawn gnome’s (my name for Greenspan) famous term “irrational exuberance”.

    It has that “man plans, God laughs” feel to it when I think of the seeds; yet, I can be quite silly, so maybe it is just me.


    Began this text: The Minimal Self by Christopher Lasch, which does a very good examination of where we currently are by virtue of the fact that we have been traveling to this point since the 1970s (at least) – talks about Americas fascination with “doomsday” and preparation for survival in very interesting ways.

    RW, as you are aware, I tripped over Mr. Gore Vidal’s series on Empire and have now dug in, so I put the Minimal Self, back on the shelf until the autumn. Wanted a little more fiction (although not all that much from Mr. Vidal) in what is remaining of my summer.

    Hope everyone at WW had a good August 23rd!

    All my best,
    Simple Citizen

  2. I hope these people have a self contained breathing system, because we’ll be staking them out. They will probably ultimately be gutted by their own security pigs because why should a Ukrainian merc be loyal to Jeff Fucking Bezos?

  3. Maybe these bozos should watch an apocalyptic early 60s sci-fi movie, “World Without End” about astronaults leaving Earth in the 60s or 70s, getting caught in a time warp and wind up back on Earth in 2500 or something and seeing cemetary plots filled with bodies dated the year 2188 when a nuclear war happened and those above ground are mutants…while the elites live in an underground bunker and since they can only breed with each other become weak over time…meanwhile, the mutants are breeding more and more normal humans and one normal girl from these mutants helps the undergrounders to come back to the land…
    In other words, these bunkers likely won’t help the elites survive anything real. The Book of Revelation also has something to say about this…I’ll let the reader figure this one out.

  4. God is a pretty legendary bunker buster. Not to mention man’s inability to cope with each other’s annoying personality traits for longer than a few months, maybe a year? What is Bill Gates going to do after six months or so being stuck in a bunker? These clowns will just kill each other out of pure boredom or out of uncontrollable megalomania. Don’t fear or envy these people. Everyone gets what’s coming to them in the end.

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