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‘The Netherlands is a narcostate 2.0’

Barrels of chemical waste, suspected by the police to be waste from the production of synthetic drugs are scattered along and in a stream in the Netherlands in 2019. PHOTO: Politico/Marcel Van Horn/AFP/Getty

The enormous quantities of drugs coming in and out of the Netherlands have created a parallel economy, which permeates the entire Dutch society. ‘It undermines democracy,’ says Jan Struijs, chairman of the Dutch police union.

4 August 2022

SVT — Jan Struijs, president of the police union, has claimed for years that the Netherlands is a narco-state. That is, there is a parallel economy that competes with the official economy. This has led, for example, to higher housing prices, to legal companies being taken over by criminals and to money being laundered in large quantities.

“I call the Netherlands a narcostate 2.0 because the drugs pump so much money into the legal economy that it takes over. It undermines democracy but also the economy,” says Jan Struijs.

Another consequence is that more and more people are threatened, pressured or exploited by criminals. Everything from local politicians, entrepreneurs, civil servants, journalists and lawyers.

Murder of journalist and lawyer

An example of this is the events surrounding the so-called Marengo trial, where 17 people from the so-called Mocromaffian stood accused of six murders and several attempted murders. The crown witness in the trial was attacked in such a way that his brother was murdered, his lawyer was murdered and finally also the journalist who helped him when the lawyer had died. […]

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  1. Speaking of the Netherlands, Narco-State/Proxy terrorism. Take a look here, Russ. They have had what resembles an extension/lineage leading back to the tactics of the Doutroux case in the US, and they just found a treasure trove of Brownstone throw-over. An entire map of ‘the syndicate’ in this guys hard drives – all ‘pre pubescent’ to add to the sickness

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