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Letters from Union Pacific Police to DA’s Office Reveal Real Reason Why we Have Massive Sea of Stolen Packages Laying on Railroad Tracks Around Our Country – No MSM Coverage

By Bruce Hoenshell | 15 January 2021

USA SUPREME — As we reported yesterday, a video showing multiple packages reportedly looted from Los Angeles trains has gone viral with over 2 million views.

CBS 2 photojournalist John Schreiber shared on Thursday showing what he discovered at the Lincoln Heights train tracks.

He captioned the video: “Keep hearing of train burglaries in LA on the scanner so went to Lincoln Heights to see it all.

Video below:

This opened package from REI destined for Bainbridge Island, WA was taken off a train. Typing in the UPS tracking number and it obviously lists it as “delayed.” We found lots of opened packages bound for the Northwest along this section of tracks – Schreiber tweeted.

Responsibility for policing the railroad right of way falls on Union Pacific Police… not local agencies like LAPD. We did see Union Pacific police chasing two people today off the tracks and keeping an eye on things, Schreiber tweeted. […]

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