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  1. I believe Judaism is a scam, just the sub-cults it has spawned like Freemasonry, etc.

    DNA-testing reveals that modern-day Jews are not descendants of the Biblical Hebrews and not even Semites (while the vast majority of Palestinians are, making the Zionists the true Anti-Semites) but rather they are of Eastern European descent, more precisely from Khazaria (modern-day Ukraine.) This must mean that Judaism was instilled in at least two different and completely separate peoples in two different eras. Some unknown entity must have established Judaism among the Biblical Hebrews (and other ancient Jewish peoples who later became Muslims or Christians) and then done so once more in Khazaria. There are also other clues to Judaism being a scam, such as that there’s no evidence of a Jewish exodus from Egypt nor is there any evidence of the Biblical Greater Israel empire.

  2. There seems to have been a stirring of awareness in the 80s of who actually control the world and what kind of people they are. I came across this song by Björn Afzelius, known as “Sweden’s Bob Dylan” which clearly calls out “The Chosen Ones” and their minions as responsible for the ills and evils of society and the world and deftly describes the nature of the “flying monkey’s” making the “Chosenite” agendas a reality in exchange for wealth and status.

    “Medan Bomberna Faller” (“While the Bombs Fall”):

    Lyrics (translated):

    Come heretics, come sinners
    With weaknesses and faults
    But still dares to stand for who you are
    I confess myself to you tonight
    I seek myself to you
    I always want to dare to say what I see

    I am a man with shortcomings
    But I search for the Truth
    And that’s more than one can say about the prevaricators
    So as the bombs fall
    Over Palestine’s children
    In tent encampments in Southern Lebanon
    Then I stand in the church
    And ask the hypocrites
    Who’s next to be burnt by the Chosen Ones

    And tell me of the harlots
    Who everyone denigrates
    But who only charge for what they give
    And what about the moralists
    Who brag of their virtue
    But themselves lay flat for rank and style
    Should the tramp point her nose
    Towards the ground in her shame
    There are worse sluts than she knows
    Yes, a refined socialite lady
    Is a costly bed warmer
    As she expects a carefree life of luxury
    And when the embers have burned out
    And the bazaars take hold
    The provider must turn to the whore for a kiss

    Take a look at the journalists
    At society’s scroungers
    Who fritters away their powers
    Yes, what do I get from the cowards
    Who stain the columns
    With village gossip and other trivialities
    Whose only ambitions
    Are a byline and a pay check
    And a patronage among the finer people
    While others break their backs hunting for truths
    That scare the crap out of a terrified news desk
    Yes. to the latter I will say
    Before the silence takes hold
    That we need people who understand their mission

    Come look at old friends
    Who has started giving way
    To carping of the times of “unpoliticality”
    Yes, perhaps it’s trendy now
    With huggable words
    With softies and “objectivity”
    But how can a worn out miner
    Strive for “quality of life”
    How can a single mom “realize herself”
    No, politics is no fad
    No “cool and trendy thing”
    For most it’s a necessity of life
    And the the twits who can afford
    To “bet on themselves”
    Don’t give a crap about the rest of our humanity

    Come you who occupy
    Factories and offices
    As they tear the very bread out of your hand
    And come you who dare to chain yourselves
    Along the railroads
    To stop the use of toxic pesticides
    Come you who demonstrate
    For disarmament and peace
    Come you who fight for day care rights
    And come you who has the strength to fight
    For the next generation
    In a time when one’s afraid to procreate
    Yes, to you we want to say
    This song is for you
    Because you are the only heroes that we have

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