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  1. Back in the day I would stop along a country road and purchase fresh picked corn on the cob 12 ears for a dollar. I pushed my dollar thru a slot on a coffee can, filled the bag (provided by the (farmer) and went on my way. We used to have nice things. Now, those days are gone. The traitors in our government are to blame.

      • Only if that race is the “Goyim race…”

        It’s extremely ignorant to think the Globalist oligarchy is serving to empower black or brown people considering all the grave harm they have done and continue to do to them. Remember that they were behind the Transatlantic slave trade, they ghettoized blacks through policies which caused economic depression and the welfare system and they flooded the ghettos with crack cocaine (as well has being behind the entire international drug trade.) Don’t fall for their racial identitarian divide-and-conquer agitprop.

  2. Nostalgia for earlier times is minimal for me due to undiagnosed anxiety & depression within a degree of Asperger syndrome- objectively ,though, it is true that lots of people enjoyed the earlier times one way or another.

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