The Battles in Ukraine Revealed Up Close and Personal

In terms of our war coverage Winter Watch is not for delicate flowers. And in terms of understanding the nature of war it is my belief that the reality is now being revealed through the GoPros of the combatants- not Hollywood or Lame Stream Media. We have presented this throughout the Gaza combat.

I have come across even more stark 4K real time war footage of the Ukraine-Russian war. This is the official YouTube channel of the Ukrainian 3rd Separate Assault Brigade (Azov) which has put up field combat footage throughout the war. There are English captions.

Regardless of your views on this proxy war, after watching the footage I came away with an admiration for the fighting bravery and grit of both sides. This war is a waste of the manhood of these Slavic nations.

The parties need to settle and make concessions including the cessation of Russian populated areas of Donbass and a future non-aligned neutral Ukraine. It is apparent that western and eastern Ukraine as currently constituted are separate entities. Western Ukraine is fundamentally a European country and this should be acknowledged. But there is benefit to having good ties with both sides. The alternative is the slaughter going on now, with an estimated 400,000 Ukrainians KIA so far.

The core of the Russian leaning parts of Ukraine are already held by Russia and they are dug in and draining the Ukrainian forces – who keep attempting offensives. This is illustrated in the videos of the 3rd Assault Brigade.

In the first video we see an offensive assault on the Russian trenches. Unfortunately for Ukraine, Russia has not only defense in depth but field spotting surveillance technology. In the film we see the Ukrainians push up to the Russian forward trenches where they get pinned down, but then heroically manage to push to a town called Andriivka. A wounded Russian major is captured. The final scene shows them raising a Ukrainian flag over what exactly, some ruins.

A Marine reacts to this sequence.

The second video we see the Brigade in their own trenches and subjected to Russian artillery fire. The Russians appear to feign a substantial tank and infantry assault that forces the Ukrainians out of their trenches. An attempt is made to get them out of the area with a troop carrier, but the vehicle bogs down and the Ukrainians are forced to make a break for it in an open field hammered by artillery. In an especially harrowing scene a number of them are KIA and wounded. Spoiler alert: In the final scene an officer radios asking if anybody is still alive. There is no answer although the caption says the GoPro cameraman survived.

Mud filled trenches and foxholes- face to face with the enemy. Second half is intense, radio command using drone surveillance directs them through trench labyrinth and contact with Russians. At 21:40- we get glimpse of the actual non-cartoon world as the Ukrainians are there to evacuate wounded Americans.

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    • Threat? Hence forward I will post the following on all threatening language- rather than simply put in trash.

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      • Obviously the person posting the all-caps garbage has mental issues, but even if the IP you posted is not a routed one … i.e. it’s the one directly from his home, then it’s only indicates a given area. That is, that IP would come up for thousands of other people living in the area. Now, the “authorities” could obviously locate the exact location with further information from the internet provider, but generally the IP that you see is from a general area.

    • To understand the full depth of the current aggression and the stakes in the game, it is worth remembering one often forgotten fact. 
      Russia is a historical bastard and an impostor in royal robes. Having once stolen our history, this rascal has always been afraid of Ukraine’s claims to the historical heritage of Kievan Rus. And although for our ethnic group it was only a stage of development – after all, the Trypillia and Scythian cultures and the Kyiv era were essentially Ukrainian, – the Muscovites, having conquered Ukraine, saw their chance to join the European historical highway. To transfer, so to speak, with a fake ticket from the route “Moksha Swamps – Asia” to the train “Rome – Europe”. Pulling on someone else’s clothes along the way. Not realizing that in the compartment they will be recognized by smell.
      That is why the myth of the ‘cradle of three fraternal peoples’ was invented. For centuries, our national elite and language have been destroyed, documents forged, overwritten and burned. The archives have remained closed for over 300 years. That is why millions of rubles were poured into the monument to Prince Volodymyr in Moscow.
      That is why they are ready to give away the vast Far East, Asia and the Baltics, but not Ukraine.
      Because in it, as in a mirror from which the dust of age-old lies has been wiped away, their ugly muzzle will be reflected – of a small swamp-born tyranny of Muscovy, which emerged on the fragments of the Golden Horde and since then constantly invading neighboring lands, eventually swelled to one-sixth of the earth’s land. But they never became part of Europe, so they came to hate everything European, noble, freedom-loving, although they tried to ape it. For them, a free Ukraine is a verdict, torn masks and a burst bubble of their greatness. THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO LOSE.
      That is why today’s war is even more than defending Europe. It is a battle of Good and Evil, Truth and Lies, Light and Darkness. The mad dwarf and all his ruling elite are well aware of this. We must be ready. Everything is just beginning. Britain, USA and Europe gave us a tremendous help with modern arms and political and humanitarian support. With truth and free world on our side our victory will be like a lightning. Glory to Ukraine. Glory to Heroes.

      • CHABAD LEADER, MESSIAH MENACHEM MENDEL SCHNEERSON ON HIS PLANS TO DESTROY SLAVS.- First of all, we will divide the Slavic nations (of 300 million, half of them Russians) into the small countries with weak and severed connections. For this, we will use our old method: Divide and conquer. We will try to pit these countries against each other, and suck them into civil wars for the sake of mutual destruction.Slav, Russian, can be destroyed, but never conquered. That is why this seed is subject to liquidation, and, at first, a sharp reduction in their numbers.As for the history, there is nothing to say. We will give our own history to the cattle, and show that the entire human evolution was moving towards the recognition of the God’s chosen nation of Jews to be masters over the entire world.

      • Знаешь, почему у вас разваливается страна и вы в такой ж@пе, хохол? Потому что вы патологически безмозглы – врете сами себе и сами же верите в свое вранье. Как собаки-дворняжки – все какую-то породу в себе найти пытаются, а когда не получается – пытаетесь принизить окружающих) Выглядит жалко и убого, как и вы сами.

      • Do you know why your country is falling apart and you’re fucked? This is because you Ukrainians are chronically brainless – you lie and believe your own lies. You are like mongrel dogs – feverishly trying to find some kind of breed in yourself.

  1. Best of white Christian men being killed off on both sides.. Jewish perfidy maneuvers them into these killing fields and benefits?

  2. There is no region of Ukraine that was close to majority rushin in 2014 with the exception of Crimea and that was stolen from the Crimean tatars who were genocided and exiled by stalin in ‘44. Many , including you, frequently conflate a people ( rushin) with the language they forced upon their subjects , often brutally . Until rusha invaded in 2014 there wasn’t anywhere near enough support in Ukraine for joining nato. The people of Ukraine know well that the narrative of Ukrainians oppressing russian speakers is a complete inversion of reality (which you document well in regions of the world you know more about but appear to totally miss regarding the rushin narrative) . My family on my fathers side was largely from Donetsk and some remain . That so many Ukrainian patriots or nationalists clung to the rushin language until the increase of hostility in ‘22 is something that irritated me greatly . Many Ukrainians are only now grasping the fact that by continuing using the rushin language,their minds likewise continue being colonized . I wish the west would finally get over indulging rushin brutality and badly misplaced “both sidesism “where there is a clear right and wrong .

    • It’s not just the language in eastern Ukraine it’s the politics, culture and ethnic makeup. Not sure where the boundaries are placed, but if there is a question or dispute hold a plebiscite under agreed to international neutral monitors and let the chips fall where they may.

  3. If Russia had earnest intentions with this war they would and could have launched a full scale assault to quickly conquer all of Ukraine. This is obviously a fake war meant to drain Slavic lives. Zelensky and Putin are both Jews and puppets of the Globalist (Talmudic-Masonic) Oligarchy and they are orchestrating a staged and scripted “war” designed to cause maximum carnage and destruction for the puppeteered Goyim combatants on both sides as well as civilians.

    • Exactly Thomas, it is so refreshing to read the comments of someone else that gets it. Anyone who has read Sun Tzu’s Art of War knows that you need to end a war as quickly as possible, the same is true of a street fight. The longer the conflict goes on, the more damage you will take, and in a street fight the risk of a catastrophic injury rises sharply.

      Now if you and I know this how is it that Vladimir Putin and the Russian generals don’t know? Russia could have steamrolled Ukraine in a couple of weeks if they wanted to, yet this conflict has gone on for nearly 2 years? Yep, I agree, the conflict seems staged, Putin is not what he appears to be. Everyone is talking about the genocide of Gaza but forgets a White genocide is occurring in Ukraine, the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Russian and Ukrainian men! Smh

      • The reason they went in as they did is because they are inept , corrupt and have long been drunk on their kook aid that all slavs are rushin and that they’d be welcomed with flowers . The rushin state has a long ago compiled list of people who were to be arrested , tortured and murdered . The “conservatives” who are averting their gaze from todays horrors committed by their hero ,the malignant dwarf , are direct ideological descendants of the liberal/socialists that made such useful idiots for the soviets. The american state has always allied with the rushins against Europe.
        Many readers of this site will be aware of this . Two figures with a good record of accurately predicting this would be William Cooper, who nailed nine eleven several months before hand and also the alliance between the soviets (they’re helpfully flying the soviet flag and rehabilitating stalin for those paying attention) and Anatoliy Golitsyn, the highest ranking kgb officer to ever defect to the west (major) . He is credited with a 95% accuracy rate including when the Berlin Wall would be dismantled . He’d defected as the wall was being completed… The two publicly available books he published were ThePerestroika Deception and New Lies For Old . A good breakdown of these works is available on I seem to recall many John Bircher types warning us of this in the 60’s & 70’s , when the notion seemed much more fanciful but I don’t particularly want to spend the time hunting down old articles that most won’t care about

        • Apologies. This should have been edited better : the alliance between the soviets and americans and not “soviets and Golitsyn.

      • Потому что мы не хотим превращать украину в Газу, вам это непонятно? Хотели бы – уничтожили бы украину за сутки. Но мы стараемся сберечь жизни, а не уничтожить.Поэтому нацистскую заразу приходится вычищать медленно и аккуратно.

    • Both the “Hitler was a Jew” and “Putin was a Jew” grow tiresome, especially when Jewish identity itself is not something well-demarcated and easy to define historically.

      These accusations are generally the result of scholarly laziness and/or confirmation bias. Now, the question of whether someone like Putin serves “Jewish interests” is another matter!

  4. “after watching the footage I came away with an admiration for the fighting bravery and grit of both sides. ”

    I can never admire dumb ignorant men that fight in wars staged by psychopathic, trillionaire elites who never see the battlefield themselves, or send their children to it. I am one of the few people who continuously points out that neither Putin nor Zelensky are fighting on the battlefield yet both conscript(enslave} their countrymen to do the fighting while they sit back and do nothing. Over in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu also sits on his rear end while sending Israeli men to die, I hear Benjamin’s son is safe in Florida, probably living it up, drinking and eating good while banging the hottest women. I also hear the leaders of “Hamas” are living it up in Qatar in a five star hotel!

    I did not watch the whole Tucker Carlson/Vladimir Putin interview, but I’m sure he did not bring up the subject of why Putin is not on the field of battle in Ukraine fighting alongside his men. I definitely would have brought it up if I were Tucker. After all, Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Cyrus the Great and just about every other ancient king took the the field with their men, yet in our modern society men stupidly go off to kill and be killed while the men that send them into battle live in comfort and opulence! How stupid could you be! No wonder Henry Kissinger called soldiers stupid animals, that is exactly what they are!

    Wars could be greatly avoided or minimized if young men would get it through their thick heads that rich power, psychopathic shadowy elites stage these conflicts and then play both sides against the middle often using false flags as cover. Hundreds of millions of lives would have been saved in the 20th century if men were like me and refused to fight.

  5. ⁣“Wars are the Jews’ harvest, for with them we wipe out the Christians and get control of their gold. We have already killed 100 million of them, and the end is not yet.” Rabbi Reichorn, Chief Rabbi of France, 1859.

  6. I used to be a strong advocate for Putin and have taken some serious knocks from members of my own family. If I am wrong about Putin then it is not for the reasons that are on TV (where my family get their ‘news’).

    Nevertheless, Hitler’s SMO into Poland only took three weeks, which is all the London-based jewish capitalists and puppeteers of Halifax, Chamberlain and Churchill required to declare WWII.

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