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Mind Control Used for Carrying Out Psychopathic Agendas

How does one spot the difference between a fraud and a real event? Yes, in the real world — as opposed to the Hollywood cartoon world that America is fed — I do believe there might be real — “not insane” — radicals who use violence. But under such an assumption, my hypothesis is that they would go after high-value targets, not little old church ladies , parade watchers, or lower and middle class Brooklyn subway riders.

All morning I watched CBS news. They stated the perp wore an orange vest. Then it is revised to green four hours later.

All morning the narrative was that perp threw smoke bomb into the subway car. Four hours later the story is that he was sitting in the subway car when he opened up.

Incidentally another wash, rinse and repeat- the surveillance cameras weren’t working in Brooklyn. Nothing to see here, move along. Yet New York City sends surveillance violation traffic tickets in the mail. No wonder the so called perp is at large.

Brooklyn Subway Shooting Doesn’t Add Up

Then there were the special care trouser bombs at the Boston Marathon:

Read “The 9/11 Tale of the Pentagon’s Disabled Security Cameras”

In a separate category from straight fakery, is it also possible that Americans have become so culturally sick and satanic that people are acting out in insane ways, such as randomly killing people? There could also be copycat triggers. A few years ago there was a rash of stabbings involving “carrying out orders” from a pseudo-paranormal character called “Slenderman” [see “Who is Slenderman?“]. This is more cult-of-death, evil, B.S. pushed onto popular culture by the psychopaths running the show.

If so, this is far beyond what some new gun laws could curtail and demonstrates a massive social and cultural pathology. If American society is that pathological, then Winter Watch would advocate that thinking, decent people own guns or arms for protection. Winter Watch  would advocate awakening less compromised local law enforcement personal, who are being employed to carry out the deconstruction of American civil liberties and the psychopaths’ agendas.

If you are a proto-psychopath working within the system, you need to realize you are expendable to that system — just look at the bloodbath of questionable characters after the JFK assassination. Winter Watch would advocate that you bail out and save yourself, if nothing else.

Even though the mainstream, control-grid media is doing a good job of wrecking its own credibility, more work needs to be done to take them down. Winter Watch advocates for exposing their methods and lies at every opportunity. Promote and support good alternative media. Winter Watch would never advocate sacrificing yourself or committing a violent act.

Targeted zombies can easily be programmed to kill or carry out other missions. Jared Loughner, who attempted to assassinate Gabby Gifford, for instance was heavily into the topic of mind control. Sirhan Sirhan says he has no idea why he was where he was on the day he killed RFK.

Read “William Joseph Bryan: Sirhan’s Handler and Set-Up Miastro Extraordinaire”

Timothy McVeigh was very disoriented on the day he was said to have bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City, and he was likely involved in other covert missions. In prison, he was visited by one of the leading mind-control experts in the U.S., who eventually went on to work his craft at Gitmo.

Read “Hidden in Plain Sight: The Truth About Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City Bombing”

James Holmes, the alleged Aurora shooter, was actually in a special neuroscience (DARPA) program at University California Riverside. While drying out in jail, Holmes said, “I’m in mind control, help me.” This is a long but fully packed interview that discusses the whole issue. At one point, I listened to about four hours of his psychiatrist’s interview and my observations are here.

So mind control is not some far-flung theory. When Congress was more responsible, they investigated such CIA programs, including MK Ultra and Project Monarch. As we have seen with Pedogate, just because state media outlets like CNN and MSNBC cover it up by not covering it at all, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

If you don’t think that by 2024 the control grid psychopaths haven’t advanced these covert control methods tremendously, then you are truly asleep. I use the generic term “MK Ultra,” but that is an older-generation’s technique. What do you think Gitmo is really about?

Just like all the other theories on these subjects, there are campaigns of disinformation and misdirection that are designed to discredit truthers.

Understanding Mind Control Techniques

Have you ever asked yourself why Americans lack basic critical thinking skills? Is it the fault of the education system, or have Americans been drugged and brainwashed into believing what the sistema tells them to believe?

In the general population, there is epidemic use of psychotropic drugs, either prescribed or self-medicated. Those who use them might show signs of cognitive dissonance. A report from Medco shows that one out of five adult Americans are taking at least one legally prescribed psychiatric drug. Among women, the statistic is one in four.

Then there is the uncounted self-medicated population. This dulls the population into a trance-like state while creating huge profits for big pharma. These are heavily administered to foster and institutionalized youth. Then there is the use of neurotoxin fluoride. The media bombards drugged viewers with neuro-linguistic and symbolic programming designed to counter critical thinking.

Getting back to more extreme applications of these methods, the fodder for the more seriously mind controlled individuals is immense. For instance, right now there are tens of thousands of young homeless Latin American and Middle Eastern children deliberately being led across the borders, where they become wards of the state in makeshift camps. It’s a breeding ground for a Fabian-like army. There are literally tens of millions of children all over the world living on the streets or are institutionalized. This has been the case for decades.

These children are exploited by psychopathic criminals for all types of purposes, from labor and sex slaves to special assignments. There are dozens of accounts from survivors of these programs, but their stories are typically dismissed and, of course, unreported by Crime Syndicate-controlled media. Just go to Youtube and enter the phrase “mind control survivors” and you will see dozens if not hundreds of accounts.

The best subjects for mind control operations are those who are intelligent and have Asperger syndrome, a form of autism. They are very mechanical individuals and, as such, are perfect for these programs. They are given a trigger or template in their conditioning. Of late, it seems to be something in the Joker or Batman genre. Notice how this keeps coming up, as with the “Millers” in the Las Vegas Walmart shooting and with James Holmes at Aurora.

The psychotropic or control drugs used today are state of the art and nasty. There are up to 700 drugs listed in the documentation, but advanced synthetic drugs are only known among the Deep State or intelligence community. Drugs like baradanga, scopolomine and tranquility are serums that make people willing to follow any command and not remember a thing.

Read “Is Scopolamine (Devil’s Breath) a Widespread, Undetected Threat?”

There is an array of amnesia drugs. Even the strongest-minded individuals can be worked over enough to destroy their free will. Not all operatives need to be directly involved carrying out the acts. They can also be planted in key positions to obediently carry out orders and compartmentalized cover ups. Have a look at the effects of “flakka.”

people high on flakka insanity drug incidents compilation

I actually think that the late Wayne Carver, the much-maligned, strange coroner at Sandy Hook is such an individual. He was probably worked over (sure looks it) and compromised but, as a stronger person, still had the presence of mind to try and sabotage this hoax. Some just think he is extremely goofy, but I think not. Decide for yourself.

SANDY HOOK: It’s going to crash on their Head – H Wayne Carver

25 Comments on Mind Control Used for Carrying Out Psychopathic Agendas

  1. Not sure that insane-looking, swiftly-disappeared Jared Loughner was *really* the shooter in Arizona in 2011 – early stories had witnesses talk of multiple shooters when Gabby Gifford was shot & wounded, whilst her companion, US Federal Judge John Roll was actually shot & killed, only a few days after he rendered a key court ruling against the Obama regime

    Mainstream media focused on wounded Gifford, barely mentioning the murdered USA national federal judge … making it clear that killing the judge was the real target, a message for other judges more than for the public

    Seems Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia ‘forgot’ this message, making an anti-Obama-gov decision like Judge Roll, then was quickly dead with a pillow over his face, now-a-corpse Scalia then hit with alt-media-seeded paedophile stories to defuse truther enquiry … Trump’s praise for Scalia, & Trump’s bold talk re biased judges, is an intriguing hint he knows

    USA cabal’s most aggressively-hidden truth is that USA has no independent judiciary, US judges are picked by the cabal for pliability … and then directly murdered if they go off the reservation … Hollywood movies & TV & Google sell the fake US court image, tho US fed Appeals judges admit they automatically reject appeals by anyone not from ‘high-powered’ (i.e., cabal) law firms … & the cabal’s US Supreme Court rejects even hearing or discussing 99% of all cases submitted

    Curiously enough, there is something in human nature, that even the cabal’s hired psychopaths & tools yet at times seek to redeem themselves by occasional brave – foolish acts of integrity, e.g., JFK changing & shot dead, Nixon changing & fake-impeached, Bill Clinton balking on bombing Serbia & fake-impeached, Judges Roll & Scalia having bold ‘justice’ moments & getting killed … even the cabal can’t trust anyone LOL

      • Giffords husband is the astronaut Mark Kelley
        Marks twin is the astronaut Scott Kelley

        Gabby Giffords Hoax – Faking A Speech Impediment for Gun Control

        Giffords ( and Laughner ), pretty much kicked started the whole crisis actors thing, thanks to the ‘research’ of the infamous Ed Chiarini aka Dallas Goldbug of
        He then put out complete crap, and somewhat muddied the waters

        • Yes, Stephanie Sledge did some excellent work on this–but this one still confuses me. I actually think it was part real and part hoax.

          I actually think the real target was that judge who got killed, but the MSM never talks about him (I don’t even know the name), and only talks about Giffords. Yet I’m not convinced that she was even shot–the bullet supposedly went through her head (either back to front or front to back), yet there isn’t even a small scar on her forehead (I have more of a forehead scar from chicken pox than she does from a freaking bullet). I’m highly suspicious of her part of this, especially given that she’s married to a supposed astronaut.

          Here’s more from Sledge that I just stumbled across (new info for me–makes me wonder what else was part of the agenda from this operation–maybe bumping off the judge, more calls for gun control, and setting a precedent for forced drugging):

          This particular (Loughner) shooting set a precedent that made it legal to torture prisoners with mind-control drugs, against their will. A glimpse into a real life example of a Stalin-style Purge in the United States.

          According to Arthur Clemens,

          “There was one thing Loughner did, according to official court records, which indicates to us he was in fact competent before he was forcibly drugged every day for several months.

          There was a hearing conducted on June 14, 2011, at US Medical center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Missouri, where he had been transported after his initial arraignment in Tucson, AZ, for “observation”, and possibly to send him far away from any potential witnesses which might be called to such a hearing, or otherwise to aid in his defense.

          The purpose of this hearing was to determine whether or not he was to be forcibly drugged each and every day for the foreseeable future.

          The hearing was presided over by a psychiatrist representing the interests of his profession, Dr. Carlos Tomelleri, and not a judge.

          Loughner was not allowed to have an attorney present or call witnesses. Instead, he was allegedly represented by a prison stooge with no legal training, John Getchell.


          The hearing was held by the authority of 28 CFR 549-43, which is not a federal law passed by the elected members of Congress, but a regulation devised by the same people who enforce it, and it negates the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

          Loughner’s response to this hearing was to do what little he could to barricade himself inside his cell, and whenever they asked him a question he would say “I plead the Fifth.” – Arthur Clemens, TGR

          In addition:

          “Another power of the Supreme Court is to refuse to consider a case, thus letting rulings of the lower courts stand. In the Loughner case, nobody appealed to the Supreme Court, so rulings by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals stand as they are.

          Those who study the Loughner case, and previous precedents leading up to the Loughner ruling, must be concerned with the growing power of the psychiatry profession, and the acceptance by the Courts of psychobabble and mumbo jumbo has for all practical purposes cancelled out the legal protections the Bill of Rights affords citizens. It can be clearly seen these precedents make possible a purge, or political prisoner roundup operations by the government, similar to those conducted by the Soviet Union from 1953 until the Soviet Union officially ended.”

          Author’s note: How is it Attorney, Judy Clarke, who has represented many high profile cases, did not appeal to the Supreme Court allowing the lower courts to set a precedent to forcibly medicate prisoners without legal representation and a psychiatrist, not a judge, preside over his hearing? It appears the same communist brand of psychiatry infiltrated its way in to the states. Also, why was it the nation was not allowed to see any real footage or photos of Jared Lee Loughner during his court hearings? All we were given from the lying media was courtroom drawings and photo-shopped photos.

  2. “But under such an assumption, my hypothesis is that they would go after high-value targets, not little old church ladies.”

    This, x 1000. This is my main awakening for the terrorist, lone nut hoax or ISIS scares. Why waste time planning for months on some plot? Why not steal a car and mow people down? The narrative falls apart at that.

  3. Russ, on the Slenderman note. I can speak about its creation as I was present and a small contributor to it.
    I was a paying member on from 2008-2010 before I was permabanned for thread shitting, a term for being too far off topic. There was a thread shortly before Halloween in 2009 about posting scary images as there were many forum members talented in graphical arts. Some people posted images of photoshopped ghosts, misty dark streets, demons etc. It became a dump for scary images and ghost stories posted from elsewhere. One person started posting black and white images with a tall faceless guy in the background as one of those, “ah where is the ghost in this picture” memes where you examine a picture to find the inserted scary element. Slenderman wasn’t named or characterized at first and was just an element in a picture in line with the forum thread. People started liking the work and asked for more like it and other posters started contributing their own takes on it. Eventually, someone named it Slenderman. Over a few days and weeks posters created a made up back story about Slenderman to go along with the myth. I myself contributed a Slenderman encounter story and a cheap image (i suck at photo shop) to the thread and commented on it as well. If you message me somehow I can share my user name from back then and you can read my posts from the original archived Scary Images thread on Somethingawful from 2009.
    My small claim to internet fame as a witness to a meme creation. is a whole another story in itself in the dark depths of the internet. Murderers would commit crimes and then post on there. Trolls would harass and goon rush other websites and their owners to a point some of them committed suicide or got arrested. There also was a lot of creativity and humor generated there too. Something to talk over a beer.

    • As a believer in Christ I actually agree with you. I don’t do religion, because religion is full of man-made doctrines that have nothing to do with what Christ actually preached or taught. Noticed on the linked article a pix of Hagee, who is indeed one reason Christianity has been inverted. the early apostles also knew that the religion would be inverted and even before 70 AD it was already being inverted. Hagee is just one of many herding “the sheep” to the slaughter.

  4. Those with Asperger’s Syndrome are indeed likely to be considered prime candidates for mind control programs. The historical record of the use of patsies, though, demonstrates the selection of a different psychological type- the runt.
    Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan and the Underwear Bomber, Umar Abdulmutallab were all runts- skinny little dudes with an inferiority complex.

    • One reason I stopped using Brave last year…I use Opera…it is Chromium-based, but I love the ad blockers.

    • Use Yandex, if Brave isn’t working. Don’t use Duckduckgo, firefox, or any main steam browsers. Otherwise Brave is pretty good on security.

  5. “Have you ever asked yourself why Americans lack basic critical thinking skills? Is it the fault of the education system, or have Americans been drugged and brainwashed into believing what the sistema tells them to believe?”
    It is both.

  6. I was a victim of this program outside of USA and I’ve been trying to expose it and other crimes made by jews and their goons publicly.
    It seems they failed to program me completely but they still insist in this Batman symbolism all the time with their idiotic freemasons and other imbeciles. Also they continue to sabotage my life discreetly, including illegal spying.

    • Cointelpro is still alive to this day, and their control and manipulation of the Internet allows them to turn their brainwashed dupes into voluntary members used to ostracize and deny you your basic human rights.

  7. A timely re-post and update. Staged vs Real Event? There is, of course, a fog of war element to real events – preliminary reports are later shown to be incorrect. But perhaps a useful heuristic is paying attention to just how narratives change. You have not mentioned that the presence of “undetonated explosive devices” was included in the initial msm narrative on Tue morning, then dropped – without further explanation. I will never forget on the morning of “9/11” talk of “explosions” in and from the basement of WTC filled the local NYC TV news reports; multiple bystander accounts aired; then, about 11 am local time the national networks took over coverage – local talking heads no longer seen – and the very word “explosion” was not mentioned ever again by anybody. In retrospect, you could almost hear the stage machinery creak and groan as the perpetrators scrambled to get control of the narrative … Dan Rather, et al, not “in” on it – had to be summoned – get his make-up on – the local crews had to be shut down and coached…. etc…
    Does anyone expect an eager, young “investigative reporter” to take up the issue of just WHY the surveillance camera’s failed; was the MTA aware that they were not functional; if not, why not – what is the normal resolution time for such failures; what is the expected failure rate – mean-time-to-faiilure – data on functional/non functional rate system wide ? and on and on … hell! – is the term “investigative reporter” itself ever heard anymore? More “stage machinery” creaking – or not, in this case. “Malfunction” – PERIOD – and on to “Crack down on crime” … I haven’t found anything by way of just where the shooting victims are being treated – (Dr Leana Wen – answer your phone!) – nine years less three days after Boston Marathon bombing, by the way –

  8. Didn’t Holmes park in a Parking Lot outside and enter through a Fire-Escape in the dark with his Backpack to kill people in the theater. Why don’t they ban Fire-Escapes, Backpacks, & darkness if they’re used for mass-murder?

  9. I’ve been a mind control target for at least twenty years and can confirm that scopolomine is definitely used by the perpetrators of such evil (I’ve been attacked with it at least twice, once in Mexico and once in the UK); as are sex drugs, poisons, hypnotism, honey traps, voice to skull technology, ‘street theatre’, 24/7 surveillance, remote computer manipulation, hacking and ‘gaslighting’, but it doesn’t stop there. Gang stalking and social, economic and professional sabotage are also big parts of the program. It is a full spectrum assault on the individual with the aim to destroy them by ultimately forcing them to commit murder, rape or suicide and/or having them declared insane.

    In the early days of my stalking/mind control I was first profiled Scientology-auditing-style (whilst travelling in Australia) and then covertly stalked by a succession of former military personnel (from the FVEYs countries and Israel), who, among other things, tried to get me to watch rape porn, visit brothels with them and even try to get me to cross the Lebanon/Syria border to “go fight Assad”. It is these former military personnel (working for intel agencies or private military contractors (PMCs), or both?) who were the first to start targeting me with voice to skull tech around 2003/04.

    The extent and intensity of my stalking/mind control was only possible because I travelled a lot in my 20s and 30s and, as a result, divulged lots of personal information to random people i met along the way. What concerns me most about the progression of such evil interference is that today these scum don’t even need to meet you in person or have a conversation with you to find out what pushes your buttons or whether you are worth targeting – people are identifying and comprehensively profiling themselves through social media.

    MK Ultra morphed into what has become known as the ‘Targeted Individual’ phenomenon, which is MK Ultra X10.

    Even if a target survives the Hell they are thrown into their lives will be irreparably and permanently damaged by the process, which is, of course, the intent.

    Given that large parts of the program are orchestrated and conducted by (former) military personnel for the intel agencies and PMCs against civilians, individual cases can be defined as War Crimes and, when considered as a whole program, nothing less than a crime against humanity.

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