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Was John Wayne Gacy Connected to a Ring of Homosexual Sadists, Murderers?


UPDATE: Netflix is running a documentary of the John Wayne Gacy murders. We rate it strong not so much for workable theories but for the interviews with the people directly involved. It focused mostly on Gacy’s apprehension and the corpse excavation of 29 young men and boys in his residence’s crawl space. Much of what we cover in our post was omitted from the Netflix show.

The documentary told part of survivor Jeffrey Rignall account and pointed out the detail that Gacy was charged for this shortly before his arrest. The documentary skipped over Rignall’s claim that another person was in the house while he was being tortured.

Other close calls that we cover, such as the kidnapping, torture and then release of Robert Donnelly were not covered by Netflix. The notion that Gacy had flying monkey accomplices and sometimes practiced catch and releases was not even addressed in this documentary. The documentary acknowledged Gacy’s political connections and social activities but never drew a nexus to a wider ring that Gacy procured for. Instead it pursued a lone wolf theory. Narrative was that Gacy himself was a liar for the sake of lying and played cat and mouse about a ring – hinting at it, but refusing to snitch.

An eight-part docucast “Candyman and the Clown” has appeared that provides considerable extra color on the theories I offered in my original post on John Gacy — namely, that the Gacy-Norman-Paske operation may be the early genesis of what evolved into the current-day Pedogate conspiracy and possibly even the Smiley Face cases.

Of note was Episode 4, which details the pederast mob infiltration of a New Orleans Boy Scout troop. This is similar to other pederast aka “boy lover” -mafia infestations we have addressed on our pages.

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Children of the Snow: Michigan’s Pedophile Child Killer and Pornography Ring

These are flying-monkey networks that share notes on methods and M.O.s. Gacy copied Dean “Candyman” Corll’s method right down to his torture board.

The Netflix documentary has new recordings with his defense team. The docucast contains rare recordings of private Gacy conversations conducted from prison. There, Gacy reveals that he had knowledge of the John Norman Delta Project and a key figure in that operation, his employee, named Philip Paske.

The full eight-part docucast can be heard on Apple podcasts or on the “Programmed to Kill” YouTube channel.

The narrative on serial killer John Wayne Gacy (1942-1994) is that he operated as a lone wolf to lure and kill at least 33 young men on the Northend of Chicago in the 1970s. Although he was the most prolific killer, evidence points to him being just one of a number of underground predatory criminals operating in the region. He described his killings as being a god-like experience in which he is “the judge … jury and executioner of many, many people.”

In his married life, Gacy was the dominant controller and a swinger. He would openly invite friends and colleagues to have sex with his wife. Such skills would clearly be useful for someone involved in human trafficking networks.

He was an effective recruiter for Jaycees in Waterloo, Iowa, where he was described as ambitious and persuasive. One of his “persuasions” was organizing recruitment stag parties with prostitutes at a local motel. He was elected Jaycee VP.  In terms of our larger theory about compromise and control, this begs the question about the character of those these lodges recruit.

When arrested in 1978, Gacy mentioned accomplices immediately. Incredibly, it just wasn’t taken seriously. He told officers, “Who else do you have in the station? There are others involved.”

He was asked, “Directly or indirectly?”

“Directly. They participated,” Gacy said.

He was asked, “Who are they?”

“My associates,” he said.

It was documented (but not in the Netflix) that Michael Rossi was driving a car belonging to a missing person who turned up in the crawlspace, John Szyc. David Cram admitted being given items by Gacy that belonged to “dead people”. Cram drew a map of John Wayne Gacy’s crawlspace and admitted he had been working down there. Rossi admitted to digging there, too.

In 1991, FBI profiler Robert Ressler interviewed Gacy, and he was adamant that others were involved. He continued to be ignored. This begs a question: Was Gacy himself more than a serial killer but also a procurer for the power elite? Gacy frequently fraternized with other precinct captains. Gacy’s wife Carole later stated she got bad vibes from many of these people.

In recent years, criminal defense attorneys Robert Stephenson and Steven Becker, who are partners in a Chicago law practice, said they re-examined the circumstances surrounding the disappearances of some of the victims. Their conclusion: The so-called “killer clown” had at least three accomplices.

In prison interviews, Gacy stated that charges should have been brought against three others. He pointed to Michael J. Rossi, David Cram and Philip Paske. There are indications many others were involved at a more indirect level. Strangely, as in the Franklin case, police never followed up on the larger network or accomplices.

Gacy’s wife Carole stated Gacy was nocturnal, “he was in and out. It’s like Grand Central Station, all night long.” She stated she spotted him with young boys at night.

Interviewer: Michael Rossi drew a diagram of the crawlspace. Did you think he had something to do with bodies being there?

Carole Lofgren: There was no way John could uh, with John’s weight um, and the way he was built and stuff, I, I, maybe he was in there crawling but, as far as digging, I don’t think, he probably would get somebody else to do that, that—. I’ve been saying that through this whole thing and anybody I talk to, I said you talk to Cram and Rossi, they can give a lot of information.


Gacy was never a loner or lone wolf type. Besides a Jaycee VP, he was a Democratic precinct captain and a birthday party clown. He was sociable, a good businessman and many liked him. He was a known entity around town. He held large barbeque events at his infamous residence. He actively sought out like-minded people and this most likely extended to perverts and degenerates.

Like other serial killers and pyschopaths he would have relished commanding a pack of flying monkeys committing evil. He proclaimed in the Netflix documentary that things had to be done his way.

The Chicago Tribune ran a series in May 1977 — before Gacy was arrested on Dec. 21, 1978 — calling Chicago the center of a national child pornography and trafficking ring. A Senate committee ran an investigation into it. As we will discuss, the odds of Gacy not being a part of this ring are nil.

Gacy’s killing methods of killing were not original. He told police he got the idea for his “torture board” from Elmer Wayne Henley, a Texas serial killer. Henley was an accomplice of Dean Corll’s, who killed at least 28 boys and young men. Henley killed Corll and is now serving a life sentence. Gacy also copycatted a killer who used accomplices and may have procured for others. We suspect that in the internet age, a sophisticated Corll-Gacy template is being played out in the Smiley Face killings.

Read “Sadistic ‘Candyman’ Killer Dean Corll: Involved in a Nationwide Child Kidnapping, Rape, Trafficking, Snuff Film and Pornography Ring”

Accomplices played the role of submissive flying monkeys, procuring for money victims to be used for dominant masochists and sometimes assisting with various aspects of torture, murder and body disposal. They all had the goods on each other, so no one squealed. Some say Gacy would give them all up in prison. The truth is that he did but always in an odd and cryptic manner. Blatantly snitching on accomplices is frowned upon in criminal circles and can get one shanked. Gacy frequently bragged that he was connected to some type of Mob.

The use of accomplices was Gacy modus operand (M.O.) from the beginning, even before his rampage. One of Gacy’s abuse victims was Donald Voorhees, the son of a fellow Jaycee. On Aug. 30, 1968, Gacy persuaded one of his employees, an 18-year-old named Russell Schroeder, to physically assault Voorhees in an effort to discourage the boy from testifying against him at an upcoming trial. The youth agreed to lure Voorhees to a secluded spot, spray mace in his face and beat the youth. Schroeder did so with the promise that he would receive $300.

In early September, Schroeder lured Voorhees to an isolated county park, sprayed the mace that Gacy supplied into the youth’s eyes, then beat him all the while shouting that he was not to testify against Gacy at his upcoming trial.

Gacy sought out and “employed” his minions in his construction business. Gacy’s turned his home into a flophouse of degenerates. On July 26,1976, he employed an 18-year-old named David Cram. On Aug. 21, Cram moved into his house.

Afterward, Cram put forth claims on how it all went down. He states that he was a victim, which is the standard M.O. for psychopaths. Even Gacy depicted himself as a victim in bizarre prison interviews.

Allegedly, Gacy conned Cram into donning handcuffs while the targeted youth was inebriated. Gacy swung Cram around while holding the chain linking the cuffs, then informed him that he intended to rape him. Cram, who had spent a year in the Army, kicked Gacy in the face, then freed himself from the handcuffs as Gacy lay prone.

Then we are asked to believe the stupid tale that one month later, Gacy appeared at Cram’s bedroom door (in Gacy’s house) with the intention to rape him and said, “Dave, you really don’t know who I am. Maybe it would be good if you give me what I want.”

Cram resisted Gacy’s attempts to assault him, and Gacy left his bedroom. After this incident, Cram moved out of Gacy’s home and subsequently left PDM Contractors, although he did periodically work for Gacy over the following two years. Gacy claims he still had keys to the house.

Shortly after Cram vacated Gacy’s residence, another employee of PDM Contractors, 18-year-old Michael Rossi, moved into Gacy’s house. Rossi answered the door when the Des Plaines police showed up for a look around in 1978. Rossi was related to one of the most powerful political figures in Chicago.

In August 1977, a clue emerged in the disappearance of John Szyc. Rossi, who had “bought” Szyc’s car from Gacy, was arrested for stealing gasoline from a service station while driving the car.

When in March 1978 survivor Jeffrey Rignall was abducted, upon entering the car, the young man was chloroformed and driven to the house on Summerdale, where he was raped, tortured with various instruments, including lit candles and whips. He was repeatedly chloroformed into unconsciousness. Rignall was then driven to Lincoln Park, where he was dumped, unconscious but alive. Eventually, he managed to stagger to his girlfriend’s apartment. Rignall was later informed that the chloroform permanently damaged his liver. Police were again informed of the assault but did not investigate Gacy.

In Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder by Dave McGowan):

One of the surviving victims who testified against Gacy had a rather interesting story to tell. Under oath, he told of having a meeting with the police and the assistant state’s attorney not long after his initial complaint was filed; at that meeting, he was not allowed to sign any complaints against Gacy and he was bluntly informed that no action was going to be taken.

Rignall was adamant that at one point during his abuse and torture, a young man with brown hair, kneeling before him, watched his abuse. When this youth realized Rignall had regained consciousness, he was again chloroformed into unconsciousness. Rignall also informed police that as Gacy was raping and assaulting him, a light was switched on in another part of the house.

Another survivor’s story has shades of Smiley Face killer waterboarding and more non-existent policing. On Dec. 30, 1977, Gacy abducted at gunpoint from a Chicago bus strop a 19-year-old student named Robert Donnelly. Gacy drove Donnelly back to his torture house, raped him, tortured him with various devices and repeatedly dunked his head into a bathtub filled with water until he passed out, then revived him. Other victims were also water board tortured. How this all could be done by Gacy alone is a serious question.

Donnelly later testified at Gacy’s trial that he was in such pain that he asked Gacy to kill him, to “get it over with,” to which Gacy replied, “I’m getting round to it.” After several hours of assaulting and torturing the youth, Gacy drove Donnelly to his place of work, removed the handcuffs from the youth’s wrists and released him. Donnelly reported the assault and Gacy was questioned about it on Jan. 6, 1978. Gacy claimed Donnelly was his “sex slave” and insisted everything was consensual. The police believed Gacy, and no charges were filed.

The Des Plaines (not Chicago) surveillance team that were following Gacy in the end apparently saw him meet with two employees (unnamed but presumably Rossi and Cram) in which one is quoted as saying, “And what? Buried like the other five?”

When Gacy was finally taken down, Rossi and Cram were brought in for questioning. They both revealed information about the scene at Gacy’s house and about the crawlspace under it, where Gacy had placed the bodies of his victims. The Des Plaines police let the two young men go but not before they admitted to digging holes under Gacy’s house and spreading lime around to suppress the smell, and to having brought young men back to Gacy’s house for work or parties. Rossi remarked upon Gacy’s insistence that he not deviate from where he was instructed to dig. Cram stated these trenches were 2-feet (0.61 m) wide, 6-feet (1.8 m) long and 2-feet (0.61 m) deep- effectively shallow graves.

The pressure and clout to release Rossi (and Cram) is described by Detective Dorsch in the following clip.

Delta Project

In one interview, Gacy stated this three-man crew (and maybe as many as six) were in possession of keys to his house. One of these employees was a young man named Philip Paske, who is known to have been a close associate of a man named John Norman, who operated a nationwide sex trafficking ring known as the Delta Project, which at the time operated from Chicago. Paske was the co-founder. At least two victims believed to have been murdered by Gacy, Kenneth Parker and Michael Marino, are known to have last been seen alive close to where Norman resided at the time of their disappearance.

Profiler Ressler asked Gacy on tape if he knew Norman. Gacy was evasive and said he’d have to see a good photo of the man from the 1970s.

Dallas police had information associating Norman with the ring that helped procure some of the 27 boys murdered in Houston in 1973 by Gacy’s inspiration, Dean Corll. Material from Norman’s Odyssey Foundation was found in Corll’s home.

Lt. Harold Hancock of the Dallas police arrested Norman in March, 1973 on charges of contributing to juvenile violation of state drug laws. Hancock told The Tribune he confiscated from Norman more than 30,000 index cards listing clients around the country, some of them prominent people and some of them federal employees in Washington, D.C.

Shades of the Franklin Scandal: “I felt that some federal agency should get the cards, and I contacted the State Department through the FBI, I think it was,” Hancock said. “All the cards were sent to Washington [D.C.], to the [U.S.] State Department, and that’s the last I heard of it.”

The U.S. State Department confirmed to The Tribune that it had received the cards. Matthew Nimetz, a counselor for the State Department, said officials there determined “the cards were not relevant to any fraud case concerning a passport” and therefore destroyed them.

Nimetz was unable to explain why the State Department looked at the cards only from the standpoint of possible passport irregularities, or why it had not turned them over to the FBI or postal inspectors.

Gacy was well aware of Paske’s connection to Norman — or it should be said that Paske was well aware of Gacy’s Delta Project connections?  Paske was one of the men who operated the nationwide child porn ring after Norman was arrested and in jail. The paper trial on the case revealed that there were three “pay stubs” from Gacy to Paske for undisclosed services. Paske himself was arrested for serial murders a few years after Gacy. One of Paske’s victims was to testify against Norman in court.

According to Chicago police, Norman also ran organizations called The Norman Foundation and Epic International. He was also likely connected to the Guyon Society, a pedophile organization founded in Europe whose members believed in establishing regular sexual contact with children prior to eight years of age.

After charges were levied against Norman in Texas, he fled to Chicago where he formed The Delta Project. His vision for this organization was expanding upon a network of child sex slaves across the U.S. who could be called upon to service men. His plan involved establishing “dormitories” designed to house three to four children and monitored by one or more adults. It’s unclear how far Norman got in his plans before being arrested by Chicago police in 1973; however, Chicago police said Norman’s ring was active in Chicago, Dallas and Los Angeles.

Upon his arrest, authorities discovered a new list of 5,000 clients, contacts and subscribers to Norman’s self-published pedophile magazine titled “Hermes.” It was one of three known boy-love newsletters published in the U.S. at the time. The other two were benignly titled “Better Life Monthly” (California) and “Broad Street Journal” (Colorado). The list of subscribers to these publications, too, has disappeared.

Norman somehow continued to publish the magazine while in jail, and he also enlisted the help of Paske, an inmate he met while in prison. Paske was released prior to Norman, and Paske took up publication of Hermes. The Chicago Tribune eventually discovered that Paske was employed by the City of Chicago as a local swimming pool attendant, and he was fired. Paske subsequently served prison time for criminal conduct.

Norman was re-convicted of molestation in 1988 and convicted of distributing child pornography in 1995 and 1998. In 2008, at the age of 81, he was released from prison in San Diego.

The Chicago Ripper Crew also ran in Gacy’s circle

Robin Gecht was the ringleader of what is known as The Chicago Ripper Crew — another S&M murder ring that included three flying-monkey psychopathic associates: Edward Spreitzer and brothers Andrew and Thomas Kokoraleis.

A prime motive for these reprobates was satanism. By sheer coinkydink, Gecht had worked as a construction subcontractor for Gacy during the 1970s. He said little about this connection except to express serial-killer “professional” disagreements about Gacy’s body-disposal methods under his house.

There are debates and rumors that Gecht played some roles in dirty deeds for Gacy and Project Delta. However, The Ripper Crew’s M.O. was different and didn’t focus on homosexual young men but rather women. They killed at least 18 women between May 23, 1981, and Oct. 8,1982, which is after Gacy was arrested. So their involvement with Gacy was likely more peripheral odd jobs, as part of a murderous like-minded community.

Two others who probably should have been investigated were Donald Morrill and Ronald Rohde, friends of Gacy’s who deliberately helped shield him during police surveillance.

Did Gacy Procure Victims, Provide a Killing Site and Offer Disposal Services for a Larger Network of Psychopathic Killers?

Gacy claimed he was not around when 16 of the tortures and murders took place and that some of the victims found in his home were not killed by him. He insisted that other people had murdered victims in his house while he was out of town.

For at least one of the murders (Robert Gilroy), authorities confirmed via airline tickets that Gacy was out of town when the person disappeared. The time frame of another makes Gacy’s involvement doubtful. The victim’s disappearance was at around 10 p.m. and authorities confirmed Gacy was in Michigan at 6 a.m.

Gacy was known for using a rope and a board to strangle his victims, but autopsies on Gilroy and Nelson showed they died from asphyxiation due to suffocation rather than strangulation, WGN TV reported.

And new DNA evidence has led investigators to believe some of the bodies found beneath the Gacy rancher-style home by police were warehoused there on behalf of the so-named Delta Project. Also in the final phase, Gacy and his minions were dumping victims in the Des Plaines river.

There is also evidence of other burial sites around Chicago. Gacy told Chicago detective Bill Dorsch, who was a social acquaintance before his arrest, that he was a “caretaker,” including at an apartment near where Dorsch lived. In the following Ed Opperman interview, Dorsch describes going down his alley at 2 a.m. and encountering Gacy coming from behind the apartment with a shovel. Dorsch asked Gacy what he was up to.

Gacy replied with a grin, “The work never stops.”

Years later, Dorsch arranged to have the site scanned with ground-penetrating radar and disturbed areas were located. But the lead was never properly pursued by authorities.

Gacy loved cruising and prowling around in the middle of the night. Besides searching for abduction and murder victims, he would have gotten off on 3 a.m. body-disposal expeditions. Winter Watch theorizes there may be a number of these sites, including the one mentioned by Dorsch. But no one is looking, as Chicago police are even ignoring the Dorsch possibility.

Excerpt is from a March 6, 1979 interview with his defense counsel, Sam Amirante. Seems to point to alcoholic black outs or dissociative state:

John Wayne Gacy: Sam, you know when I was cruising, you know, when I was cruising, I was picking up broads, too.

Sam Amirante: Mm-hmm.

John Wayne Gacy: ‘Cause I can remember this little black headed one named Tina. She gave a good blow job. She was down at, at Wilson and, uh, [UNSURE OF NAME]. I think she came out to the house ’cause I woke up in bed with her, you know?

Sam Amirante: You don’t remember–

John Wayne Gacy: It was, you know. Then there was another foreign broad that was out there.

Sam Amirante: You don’t remember any of the broads being dead, though, right?

John Wayne Gacy: It’s possible, but I don’t know. I remember finding broads clothing in my house. Panties and stuff. You know.

Sam Amirante:  Why did you bring one guy to the woods? Why didn’t you put him in the crawl space?

John Wayne Gacy: I don’t know. I had his identification, too. Took his wallet from him. I don’t know if he was in the army or, or what he was. About 24 years old. 24, 25 years old. It was almost daylight. I just drove to the woods and, and dumped him in the woods.

Sam Amirante: Were you afraid of being seen by anybody?

John Wayne Gacy: No. I had such a hangover, I don’t remember.

Gacy had a black book with a number of names that were inexplicably marked with the letter “H.” Did that stand for homosexual? Was this an aspect of his S&M services business? In addition to sadistic recreational killing, were he and his flying monkeys running a procurement and body-disposal operation for others, including the power elite in the Delta Project?

Winter Watch Takeaway: The Gacy-Norman-Panske operation may be the early genesis of what evolved into the current day Pedogate conspiracy.

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  1. I thought I knew the Gacy story until I read this post. This, and the Franklin post, do an amazing job connecting the dots and illustrating how hidden, nationwide, far-reaching crime networks operate. With advances in technology and greater access to worldwide travel, I imagine that such networks have truly gone global and are bigger than ever and harder than ever to expose and prosecute.

    • There is a series on You Tube based on this book. In going through some I am amazed at how many involved one dominant sadist killer surrounded by obedient flying monkeys. See Douglas Clark & Carol Bundy Sunset Strip Killers:

      These crews often seemed to be involved in nefarious activity for the rich and famous. Way too many have military backgrounds- product of MK experimentation? The lugenpresse is always portraying them (misdirection?) as lone wolves.

  2. Yes its a pretty fascinating article. I also thought I knew the story of the JWG murders but there is way way more to the whole thing.

  3. I 100% believe he was. I am studying psychology and will graduate soon and what gacy said before being executed I believe is what it meant. “you cannot hope to enjoy the harvest without first laboring in the field” i think he said this to the fbi agent (i forget exactly, the man investigating it) and what i think he meant by this is “do not claim your fame for me…because god knows I am not the only one”…he said “best wishes and good luck” and gave him a painting.

    I think he hoped that to haunt him as he found all the terrible people. however, instead i feel this group only grew and probably branched out into new and different groups.

  4. The Chicago Tribune claimed that Chicago youth division police Sgt. Ronald Kelly was told by “Dallas police”, that Dallas “had information associating [John] Norman with the ring that helped transport to Texas” the 27 boys murdered in Houston by Dean Corll.
    But many of Corll’s known victims lived in the same Houston Heights neighborhood where Corll’s candy shop was located, they were not ‘transported’ there from out of state. If you have evidence that any Corll victim was not a resident of Houston, or Texas, at the time Corll lured them & killed them, please publish it.
    It’s not impossible that John Norman could have met a Corll victim, when Norman lived in Texas, but Corll’s victims weren’t “transported to Texas by a ring” run by him, or anyone else, because they already lived there. Or am I wrong about that?

    Also, I believe that sloppy reporting by Chicago Tribune or false assumptions by some witness at the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation hearings, (Guy Strait?) has caused people to mistakenly believe Hermes journal was John Norman’s “Delta project” newsletter supposedly “published from prison”. Its possible that Norman claimed Hermes to be one of his ‘operations’, also – but Hermes was published and printed by Elden Wake with help from his pervert buddies Townson and Berta. I’m not sure why those last two men are described as “involved in Norman’s operation”, by Chicago Tribune, but Hermes existed for years prior to Norman’s stay in Chicago jail.

    Wake had worked in a children’s home and children’s summer camps in Illinois, through which he met foster parents and Department of Children and Family Services involved in abusing boys in their care, like David Welch. Welch allowed David Berta and Dr Lloyd William Lange to film 19 year old John Bell in sex acts with Welch’s 14 year old foster son. Lange had previously filmed child sexual abuse images that he sold to Lollitots and Lollipops distributors, as well as 3 reels labelled “John Bell’s trip to Michigan”. Bell and his brother owned a campground in Hastings, Michigan, and it may be there that 3 commercially published films of Bell sexually involved with 14 year old and 10 year old Michigan residents, were made.

    As far as I can tell, John Norman had no involvement in these, although he certainly produced many child sexual abuse images himself. Did Norman or his perverted sidekick Paske supply boys to Gacy? Certainly possible.

  5. You have to stop embed links to Opperman Report posts. I don’t care how relevant his guest is to the topic at hand. He is naive, whiny, puerile, and almost completely uninformed when it comes to his guests’ body of work or point of view. He doesn’t listen either, just unashamed ignorance. In another clip, he misspells Nick Bryant’s name in the giant script in video backdrop.

    Another MoronReport posting on your site was one in which he kept repeatedly poking the Franklin Scandal author for “any other names you have,” namedropping Hunter S. Thompson to try and grease the wheels. Eventually the author tires of this, telling the idiot, listen this story is about the assault and abuse of these children first and foremost, not celebrity gossip. The moron host’s transparently superficial appeal to the fact that he also has a daughter and understands and appreciates the author’s distinction is eventually forgiven by the author in a conciliatory gesture.

    In sum, this guy’s just dumb. In the clip above, you’ll hear him asking his guest about cases in “Illin-oiz.” Plus, he’s a private investigator who obviously hasn’t had any clients yet or he’d be dead from his very first stakeout.

      • It’s not the interview, it’s the interviewer I’m talking about, and I really should have posted that spew wherever the Franklin author’s interview posting was. I think it might’ve even been linked in a response you made to a reader’s comment He was being such an ass in that one. The linked interview above doesn’t really illustrate what I was talking about. I’ll look around for the right one….

  6. Another fake event. Spook markers galore just like with the Manson, Dalhmer and Bundy hoaxes. If you know where to look it doesn’t take much time to see the answers.

  7. Just been watching the Netflic doc but found this site when the number of crawlspace victims sounded high for one man and looked into it. Anyone else notice that the possible 3 accomplices 1st names spell PDM ? Gacys construction company. Philip Paske, David Cram & Michael Rossi..

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