Gaza Re-erupts After the Pause

Despite restraint urgings from the US ZOG, Israel bombed targets in the crowded southern half of the Gaza Strip on Saturday and ordered more neighborhoods designated for attack to evacuate. At least 200 Palestinians have been killed since the fighting resumed Friday morning.

Separately, the ministry announced that the overall death toll in Gaza since the Oct. 7 start of the Israel-Hamas war surpassed 15,200. 7000 more are missing and can be presumed dead under rumble.

Some 2 million Palestinians, almost the entire population of Gaza, are now crammed into the southern half of the territory.

The IDF has now ordered a large swath of south Gaza to be evacuated. This encompasses the densely populated Bani Suheila and Abasan al-Kabria neighborhoods. Khan Yunis is obviously also a dangerous genocide zone. Since much of these residential areas are relatively crowded, but previously unscathed, we will now witness more genocidal exposure of the Gazan population to out in the open winter conditions.

The weather forecast calls for colder, rainier and windier conditions starting Saturday, Dec. 9. This should coincide with intensified combat in south Gaza.


The Israelis didn’t wait long before flattening a residential row of buildings in this district.

The aftermath of this carpet bombing.

In preparation for the genocide on southern Gaza, the IDF has begun publishing a whack-a-mole map (good link). This farce is intended to “warn” Gazan residents ahead of strikes and ground combat operations in the south as that front opens up. I suppose the warned residents then have a couple hours to pack up their rudimentary tents or crawl out from the rubble and head to the next whack-a-mole location.

Those Gazans living in the rubble hovels might be able to clear out- that is if they had wifi and cell phone service.

There are reports that US ZOG delivered one hundred bunker buster bombs to the Get Some Zios. These heavy ordnance bombs will level whole city blocks.


In north Gaza where Hamas is dug in and seems reinvigorated the IDF is bogged down. It is defending against a pop up ambush strategy including an intense defense at Beit Hanoun. Here is new footage of Hamas operations.

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  1. i would never be so presumptuous nor arrogant to suggest i know exactly what’s going on currently in this region of the world; however, it has been abundantly clear to me – and, moreover, corroborated recently by alt news/msm – that a significant number of the videos, reports, victims, hostages, etc., etc., etc. that have been invoked over the course of said interval of conflict are a manifestation of CGI; file footage; crisis actors; etc.; etc.; in a word – or two: faked! [or what Baudrillard referred to as the, ‘hyperreal’ (see his essay, ‘The Gulf War Did Not Happen’)] That is all! RGB-Y3 out!!

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