In maps: half of northern Gaza’s buildings wrecked by war | November 20, 2023

Israel’s military has laid waste to much of northern Gaza, badly damaging more than half of the buildings and large swaths of entire neighbourhoods during its 42 day offensive, according to analysis of satellite data. Videos from social media, television reporters embedded with the military and from the IDF itself show a devastated landscape, with the wreckage of once-busy streets, marketplaces, schools and mosques largely devoid of Palestinians. The full extent of that damage has been estimated using radar signals collected from the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-1 satellite. Corey Scher of the CUNY Graduate Center and Jamon Van Den Hoek of Oregon State University used algorithms to calculate how many buildings have sustained damage to at least 50 per cent of their structure since the war began.

Map and chart showing percentage of buildings damaged across the 5 districts of Gaza. More than 50% of buildings in the two northern districts are likely to have been damaged since October 7


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