8 Comments on G-Man, James Fetzer and Russ Winter Go Through the Fuckery of the Day

  1. Yeah the zios found a copy of meinkampf hidden in the MRI tunnel at al-Shifa Hospital. It proves what the talmud has always said, goyim are dumb sub human cattle, especially western whites easily fooled by big eared neanderthal hagari.

  2. Outstanding podcast and insights!

    Both you and Giuseppe, as always, brought very substantial analysis to the table. Fetzer is insightful on many topics but regrettably his outright delusional take on Trump, a piece of garbage ZOG puppet, boggles the mind. That Fetzer has still not been able to see through Trump, whose perfidy was evident to the discerning well before 2016, greatly diminishes his credibility.

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