Battle of Gaza Developments (Updated)

Editor note: Check back to this page as further developments are tracked. This is finally evolving into a war as opposed to just cowards dropping bombs on civilians.

The Israelis so far have advanced in three zones, and including the Hezbollah front have admitted to 19 KIA including a battalion commander. The zones outlined in red on the map are not Gaza City dense urban terrain per se, but more on the surrounding edges of the core city.


The southern zone will likely push to the sea and serve as a blocking move. This is risky as it can be flanked on two sides by Hamas. So far this pincer has been halting.

Update:  Southern pincer has pushed to the coast:

Also notice that IDF infantry is traversing open ground in long columns. This is risky in modern warfare as overhead surveillance can vector fire on these targets. So this begs the question, why isn’t Hamas using fly over tracking? Do they not have it? Or are they setting up traps? This would answer the question of their capabilities. If Hezbollah and IRGC were embedded in their ranks we could expect Israelis to be raked when using their column tactic.

Hamas is also reporting that they can hit out in the open supply depots outside of the Gaza border- which will result in more casualties and possibly large numbers. There have been  numerous videos showing how exposed these staging and supply locations are.

There are bulldozers brought in to level the ground for maneuver, preparing launch camps for the Gaza City combat, and for firing platforms. Notice that these too appear to be right out in the open.

At 0:20 the IDF can be see firing off expensive ordinance as if it were bought from a 4th of July stand. Update: mine clearing explosive.

This footage released by the IDF shows this locale.

The next phase of actual penetration into urban Gaza City- analyst explains how IDF loses it’s metric advantage of air power. No doubt once the zones are fully secured (if possible) the IDF will reinforce-for better or for worse- with ground fighting units.

Elsewhere threats are escalating from virtually all Muslim states in the region. Unclear what Hezbollah is waiting on at this point – perhaps the actual push into Gaza City proper.

Update: Hezbollah puts out teaser on announcement speech scheduled at 3 pm Lebanon time.

UPDATE – The Israeli Defense Forces have deployed additional military units in the north in anticipation of the Lebanese Hezbollah leader declaring war on Israel.

Israel is notorious for surprise preemptive attacks, see 1967 War start 26:20 to 29:42

See: Israel’s Assisted Suicide

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  1. Damn no wonder my car insurance is so expensive, it’s because we are paying for the liability coverage of Israeli tanks doing circles in the sand.

    stolen from ZH:
    ‘the only thing Israel has done for the US is drain the Treasury’

  2. Hey Russ- It was great listening to you on Guiseppi’s show. Wish you were a regular weekly guest on a radio show. Maybe you could go on Fetzer’s show?

  3. Irony of ironies incoming…just wait until the IDF starts gassing the tunnels. Hopefully the “Hamas Boyz” aren’t using wooden doors.

  4. not doubting that there’s something going on in this region of the world; but must admit that so many of the images; narratives; videos; personages; ‘leaders’; etc.; etc.; appear to be fake; fake; fake! This, once again (see Baudrillard’s, ‘The Gulf War Did Not Happen), looks to be more homologous to a ‘Virtual War’ than a Real one! That is all!! RGB-Y3 out!!!

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