The Highwire| Sept. 28, 2023

What if the world learned the omicron strain was manufactured?

An emotionally alarming video has just been posted. A man in a suit stands alone on a busy Japanese street, trying to get the attention of people passing by. He is Japanese professor Takayuki Miyazawa from Kyoto University. A top virologist and associate professor at the university’s Institute for Life and Medical Sciences. The Japanese language clip of Professor Miyazaawa’s warning has over 8 million views on X at the time of this writing.



  1. I havwasale suspected trumps “china virus” was projection, the virus was the work of fauci & co. There is form to that statement, trumps blunt assertion that US was in Syria for the oil (a few tankerloads of oil is really nothing) was meant to hide the real reason, the satan has bases there to protect the formation of a nascent kurd puppet state from the Syria Army.

    • Or it was a rebranding of “The Flu.” Somehow it just disappeared as right as “Covid” showed up. “The Flu” being caused general ill-nutrition exacerbated by seasonal Vitamin D deficiency during winter (due to lack of sun light.) Supplementation of ~100 micro grams of Vitamin D + ~200 milligrams Vitamin C and ~25 milligrams Zinc per person per day is literally all it takes to get rid of “Flu/Covid Season.” Add in Magnesium, B vitamins and Vitamin E and cut out heavily processed and toxic foods and most all illness would be prevented or even go away.

      Germ Theory is a fraud, including virus and and vaccines. Our ill health is all by design.

  2. There is absolutely no evidence of the existence of the “covid virus” nor of “viruses” in general. It’s pure science fiction. Poor immune systems and toxins make people ill. I used to get colds or “the flu” often and sometimes for weeks but since I improved my diet, started taking vitamin/mineral supplements and started avoiding poisons like canola oil and flouride I’ve barely been sick at all. Viruses are an imaginary concept based on engineered public mass ill health.

  3. T H A N K Y O U ….. for the article ..

    Now something that really is a DISEASE …. and very CONTAGIOUS …

    THE EVIL OF FREEMASON …… Everywhere i go , i try to talk to people about the evil of Freemason ; and seldom find a listening ear , instead i see that i am offending most of the people ( that is how it seems ) ; And nobody willing to help . If i am offending MOST of the PEOPLE , then the numbers of actual Freemasons have to be at least about 50 , 000 , 000 today ; does that sound ridiculous ; ABSOLUTELY ! I am out of my mind , or am i ?

    • The Masons are, since about 2 years ago, deconstructing and reconstructing my home town into a WEF 15-Minute City. They tore up large parts of the town as well as roads in a matter of weeks and have since been very slowly reconstructing it with halved roads and streets, with the rest of the former streets and roads to pedestrian/bike/power scooter traffic. Former wide city streets are now mostly sidewalk with a paved strip for bikes and power scooters. The motor vehicle part is about half of its former width. They’re taking a looooooong time with the reconstructions to maximize the sabotage and drive up costs for us and profits for them. Several sites have been demolished and then left like that for weeks before any work commenced. Once work has started it’s generally just for a few days and then it’s left again. I even observed how they dug up a street then filled it in and repaved only to dig it up again a couple of weeks later.

      Outside the Masonic Lodge the sidewalk has been largely barriered off for over a week for no apparent reason other than that a few concrete plates have been ripped up and left on the sidewalk by the hole where they layed. No work seems to have been done at all, except it was orginally tree plates, then later they tore up another one. Clearly a show of mockery and contempt against the people by the Masons organizing and profiting from this sabotage and fraud. Little do they know they’re helping build their own open air prisons for the true rulers.

      Masons really are useful idiots. They’re told fairy tales and given benefits to serve masters they don’t know and an agenda they aren’t told about. Masters and agenda so vile and terrible that knowledge of them have to be guarded by taking an oath on your life and guarded even from their own members of lower ranks. They blindly, greedily and stupidly serve out of self-interest and possibly belief. They’re also more than likely tiny, useless people who need to join a power cult to be and feel big and powerful.

      Truly the lowest of the low, they are. And dumb enough not to realize that an organization that needs it’s secrets heavily guarded cannot possibly be up to any good. Also dumb enough not to realize that once they’re no longer of use the masters will drop them down into the open air smart prisons they helped make possible along with the rest of us.

      Masons are true Untermench, unwittingly or wittingly, taking humanity down through their ignorance, stupidity, greed and hubris.

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