ABC News Reporter, Who ‘Debunked’ Pizzagate, Faces Life in Prison for Child Rape

The People’s Voice | Sept 27, 2023

James Gordan Meek, who had worked for ABC News for nearly ten years until an investigation into his child sex crimes led to his arrest, was convicted on federal charges of transporting and possessing child sex abuse material in July.

Federal prosecutors are recommending that Meek receive a minimum of 15 years in prison. reports: The prosecutors detailed Meek’s actions in court papers that were filed last Friday. In them, prosecutors Zoe Bedell and Whitney Kramer wrote, “He clearly sought out individuals across the internet for the specific purpose of sharing (and expanding) his [Child Sexual Abuse Material] collection for his sexual gratification.”

They noted that Meek sent and received pornography of “infants and toddlers” as well as content “depicting sadistic and masochistic abuse of prepubescent children.”


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  1. Well, since I know the US govt frames people who expose their crimes (e.g. Schaeffer Cox accused Alaska and federal officials of drug trafficking and child prostitution and ended up targeted by the FBI, then a rigged trial and now in prison; ex CBS news reporter Sharryl Atkisson said they threatened to frame her husband with child porn), I did some digging:

    FYI he exposed the Army’s LIES with respect to Green Beret casualties in Africa.

    James discusses the documentary 3212 Un-redacted. He shares details from his reporting of the Army set-up of four elite U.S. Special Forces soldiers in Africa.
    The Tongo Tongo ambush or the Niger ambush occurred on 4 October 2017

    James Meek, the journalist who knew too much about the war in Ukraine
    Rolling Stone magazine published an article on the disappearance of ABC journalist James Gordon Meek at the end of April [1]. This case had not been reported on so far.
    Meek had served as Senior Counterterrorism Advisor to the House Homeland Security Committee. He seems to have had a double professional life as a journalist and an intelligence agent. In any case, he was well introduced into this circle at a very high level. When he went missing, he was writing a book on Operation Pineapple Express that unfolded during the U.S. withdrawal from Kabul [2] .
    He sent out his last tweet on April 27, basically reposting a tweet by a former CIA agent captioned “Facts.” The agent’s text reads: “Actually, it started long time ago. We learned this between 2014-2022. Not just now. It was a lab experiment on Russian TTPs [tactics, techniques and procedures]. On the EW [electronic warfare]. On everything. This is why Ukrainians (with our advice/assistance) are doing so well. Ask those in the IC [Intelligence community] or the UW [unconventional warfare] communities. We learned a shit ton.”
    After posting this tweet, Meek abruptly resigned from his job at ABC. According to his friends and colleagues, he gave no explanation, but it seemed like the sky had just fallen on his head.
    His home was the target of a raid witnessed by neighbors, who saw black cars and an armored vehicle, such as those used by the FBI, surrounding his house. He was allegedly searched by armed men, but it has not been confirmed whether he was home at the time. In any case, no one saw him leave, nor has he been seen him since.
    The authorities are keeping the story under wraps.

    Seriously, do you really think the US govt went after this guy for child porn when the US President right now is a freaking pedo, when they use pedophilia to blackmail politicians and when they ignored reports of sexual molestation of the US gymnastics team?????

    They do this to someone who has evidence of THEIR CRIMES!!!!


    And on another note , Aliens ..?… i have been going over my story more than 600 times , so that the listening ears ( drones and satellites ) tracking some of us more than others , know what it is all about ( pertaining to some of us ) . I speak of the lower paid people working in Homeland Defense and CIA , that make all the evil possible for our people
    of status and privilege , WHO COMMIT HORRENDOUS CRIMES ; they are listening to everything we say , giving information to FIELD OPERATORS and their SUPERVISORS .

    The people who adopted my wife , were they aliens possibly? , i say this with very high suspicion that such could be the case ( aliens and demon possessed ) , but how else could they have let her go about from the age of 8 to 20 , with an injured foot ( some broken bone ) , from falling off the Balance Beam . We got this taken care of the 2 nd month of our marriage .

    I do know they were Freemasons, of course only by reverse engineering of all that took place .

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