Why Is There Such A Frenzy To Buy Up The Properties That Were Just Burned Down During The Fires In Hawaii?

Most Important News | August 15, 2023

Can you imagine calling up a family that has just seen their home burn to the ground and offering to buy their land for below market value?  This is apparently happening in Hawaii right now on a massive scale.  Grieving property owners are being bombarded with calls from very greedy people, and I think that says a lot about the current state of our society.  We literally worship material possessions and financial gain, and the sheer greed that we are witnessing at this moment is absolutely staggering.

Lahaina was hit harder than anywhere else by the fires, and it turns out that property owners in the area have been getting pressured to sell for a long time.

So now that disaster has struck, those that wish to get their hands on these prime properties are in a feeding frenzy.


4 Comments on Why Is There Such A Frenzy To Buy Up The Properties That Were Just Burned Down During The Fires In Hawaii?

  1. Carpet Baggers, yes indeed, you are correct. We should not leave out the Scallywags, the Scallywags were a white Southerner acting in support of the reconstruction governments after the American Civil War often for private gain.

    The contemporary equivalent is the Saboos Goy, the facilitators, enablers, the compliant, complacent and the complicit. Being a collaborator convicts you as culpable. This brings to mind another word. Reciprocity.


  2. I pray the natives keep their land, refuse to sell and that money goes to rebuild their homes. Arson/DEW designed to force people off their land and sell to those that want to build NWO Smart Cities.

  3. Is this all a part of the NEW WORLD ORDER , and what about Freemasons , what part might they be playing in all of this .

    William f Draper at skiff dot com . Only 30 miles away from this area .

    Our house set on fire 9 yrs ago . Insurance money and house then sabotaged .

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