A State Official Refused To Release Water For West Maui Fires Until It Was Too Late

Honolulu Civil Beat | August 15, 2023

With wildfires ravaging West Maui on Aug. 8, a state water official delayed the release of water that landowners wanted to help protect their property from fires. The water standoff played out over much of the day and the water didn’t come until too late.

The dispute involved the Department of Land and Natural Resources’ water resource management division and West Maui Land Co., which manages agricultural and residential subdivisions in West Maui as well as Launiupoko Irrigation Co.Launiupoko Water Co.Olowalu Water Co. and Ha’iku Town Water Association. 

DLNR delayed releasing water requested by West Maui Land Co. to help prevent the spread of fire, sources familiar with the situation said.


3 Comments on A State Official Refused To Release Water For West Maui Fires Until It Was Too Late

  1. This was a total land GRAB and so tragic! It boggles the mind an island in the middle of the ocean, water all around yet the children stayed in their houses and burned to death. The notion and the whole incident seems absurd, ridiculous, and yet it did happen. Why they do not have
    a Boat or ship the pumps water from the ocean back onto land is a big question? The water to put out the portside and waterfront town is right there, right beside them why don’t they just pump sea water onto the land?

  2. So Hawaii is at last hit by the liars that be-all this time one could think the talmudics as being Hawaii-ist (as in ‘racist’ etc).

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