Twitter Files: Who Are the People Claiming RFK Jr. is “Disinformation”?

The Disinformation Chronicle | July 18, 2023

During several trips earlier this year to Twitter’s San Francisco HQ, I ran across internal emails claiming that Robert Kennedy Jr. spews disinformation. Instead of trying to adjudicate these claims—which would likely be impossible—I decided to ask few obvious questions:

Who are these people?

Who funds them?

How did they become “disinformation experts”?

In one example, Twitter employees took action on several accounts after a shady, dark money group called the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) released a report alleging that just 12 accounts produced the majority of anti-vaccine disinformation on social media. “There isn’t any evidence to support this claim,” Facebook responded in a statement dismissing CCDH’s report.


3 Comments on Twitter Files: Who Are the People Claiming RFK Jr. is “Disinformation”?

  1. Being a victim of HD ( homeland defense ) , nsa , cia , etc .. Freemason (s ) included ( as they are the ground troops ) , including their children ; a victim for over 20 years . Retaliation for story I wrote , FORCED ILLEGAL ADOPTION of CHILDREN ; by military couple here in the USA , state of Indiana . There is something referred to as Gang Stalking , in which there is about 50 times more information about this which is DISINFORMATION , than there is credible testimony ; but there is some credible information .

    This is Satan’ s dominion to create kaos – Freemason ] , confusion , disorder , etc… appearing to be as scripture has foretold . With Freemason ( s ) , most likely associated with the MARK of the BEAST , REVELATION 13 : 17

    Please see HEALTH IMPACT NEWS , here there appears to be some incredible amount of information about VACCINE DIS INFORMATION .

    William f Draper at skiff dot com

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