(Babylon Bee) California Bans Spanish Over Nouns Having Only Two Gender Options

Babylon Bee | July 8, 2023

The state of California has officially outlawed speaking Spanish over the language’s bigoted use of exclusively masculine or feminine nouns.

“The entire Spanish language is literally transphobic hate speech,” explained Governor Gavin Newsom. “Hate has no home here.”

According to sources, Governor Newsom discovered the Spanish language’s use of gendered terminology when attempting to learn how to accuse his housekeeper of stealing his Airpods. “I was absolutely sickened to discover that the entire language is built around words being gendered as either male or female,” said Mr. Newsom. “Not only did Juanita steal my Airpods, she insisted on speaking this intolerant language in my home! Adiós, Anita! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find a new Latinx housekeeper who will never speak Spanish in my presence.”


4 Comments on (Babylon Bee) California Bans Spanish Over Nouns Having Only Two Gender Options

  1. I think all Californians should learn to speak Spanish in order to use those “hateful” masculine and feminine pronouns.

    I didn’t realize that the Spanish speaking population of California was (to coin a phrase from Justin Trudeau) “a small fringe minority” of transphobic “hate speakers”. Good luck with that Gavin Noose’em — a reptile of the “highest order”.

  2. And speaking of speaking Spanish, I have a word for Gavin Grusome–CAYESE! Meaning–SHUT UP! (or two words–“Cayese, pendejo!” meaning shut up, m-f-er!)

  3. There’s no such thing as a “gender.” The concept of “genders” is a Post-modernist (actually inversionist/Satanist) distortion of the actual natural truth of the matter which is that there are two opposite and complementary sexes. There’s no such thing as a natural born homosexual, transsexual. Anything and everything outside of male or female and heterosexual are not “genders” nor sexual predispositions but rather psychosexual disorders.

    Homo- and transsexuals are sick and “accepting” them is not helping them, rather it enables and encourages them to surrender to and fall deeper into their disorders and degeneracy and become even sicker.

    Homosexuality, transsexuality and “genders” are chemical and social constructs created by the anti-human and anti-natural – Satanic – ruling oligarchy as part of their agenda to to disrupt, invert and destroy the natural – divine – order and make themselves into the “gods” they imagine that they are. Homosexuals and transsexuals aren’t “being their true selves,” they’re victims and tools of the ruling oligarchy; tools of inversion, perversion and destruction.

    These induced psychosexual illnesses are also a “gateway drug” to the true goal of the HBTQ movement, which is normalization of pedophilia, which is closely related to homosexuality and much more common among homosexuals. This aim of the HBTQ movement used to be openly declared but has since been hidden, but is now clearly being re-introduced, homo- and transsexuality as well as general sexual perversion having paved the way for it, exactly as intended from the very beginning.

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