Nordstrom to Close Both San Francisco Stores amid Rampant Crime

Yahoo Finance | May 2, 2023

Nordstrom will close both of its San Francisco stores amid rampant crime making it dangerous and difficult to do business in the city.

One location is in the Westfield mall, which will close at the end of August, and another is a Nordstrom Rack downtown, which will close on July 1, the San Francisco Standard reported.

The company’s chief stores officer notified employees in an email that “the dynamics of the downtown San Francisco market have changed dramatically over the past several years, impacting customer foot traffic to our stores and our ability to operate successfully.”

Crime and homelessness concerns were not cited as the precipitating factors, but they have been afflicting San Francisco for many months. The owner of the Westfield mall, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, told the publication that the department store’s exit from the city “underscores the deteriorating situation in Downtown San Francisco.”


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  2. The downtown Nordstrom has 5 stories. I remember going there as part of a vacation. They had a cafe where we would drink champagne. The last year we were there they had a stupid gay pride parade which was just a freak show. So sad.

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