Dove Produces Ultra-Woke Ad To Change Beauty Standards In Video Games?

Zero Hedge | May 19, 2023

For those wondering why so many major corporations are jumping onto the woke advertising train in recent years despite the fact that they tend to lose customers and money as a consequence, it’s important to understand that the world of business is fundamentally changing.  A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that companies are “bending the knee” to woke activism – But this is not the case.

Rather, it is the corporate world as well as government institutions that are actively fueling woke activism.  If these institutions were not funding and promoting far-left ideology, it would quickly die as it should.  Instead, they are keeping it alive and are attempting to force it into the collective consciousness of the population.  Corporate elites and far-left governments are the source of the woke mind virus, not the victims of it.

You will see companies like Bud Light take a massive profit hit after jumping into an ad partnership with a man that thinks he’s a woman, and then see a competing company like Miller Light make a similar woke mistake.  They are doubling and tripling down on their failures and it’s not going to stop unless they go bankrupt.  This is because they are no longer operating as businesses, they are now centers for activism and social engineering.


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  1. Ts the synagogue of satan stupid, the 3% support from LGBT aint enough, if the goyim can be split into 18 genders, the percentage of dumb goyim roped into/beholden to the synagogue may be increased.

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