REVEALED: Trans activist behind lie that Charlie Kirk called for ‘lynchings’ is a serial hoaxer

Human Events | March 16, 2023

TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk’s talk at UC Davis on Tuesday was marred by violence and vandalism courtesy of Antifa and trans activists who believed—because they were told to believe it—that Kirk had called for the actual lynching of trans people.

Kirk’s statements that men should stand up for women in keeping entitled trans-identified males out of women’s bathrooms were misrepresented by Erin Reed, a trans-identified biological male who is one of those who feel entitled to women’s spaces, women’s language, and advocates for child sex changes.

In a tweet, Reed said “Charlie Kirk, CEO of Turning Point USA, is openly calling for the lynching of transgender individuals. Says that trans people should be ‘dealt with’ like men did ‘in the 50s and 60s.’ He’s the latest major conservative calling for violence against us.”



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