J6 Committee Hires Another Television Producer To Dramatize Show Trials

The Federalist | July 22, 2023

The House Select Committee on Jan. 6 hired another television producer last month to elevate the drama of its summer show trials which concluded Thursday. Season two will debut in September.

In June, the committee hired Dan Przygoda, an Emmy-nominated news producer whose résumé includes stints at Bloomberg, ABC News Nightline, and Good Morning America, to help stage the theatrics for the panel’s series of televised hearings.

Przygoda joined former ABC News President James Goldston to assist in the televised production, after Goldston’s hiring was reported in early June. The committee had already held three out of eight of its summer hearings by the time Przygoda announced his role.

The committee’s employment of television news producers to dramatize its proceedings showcases how the partisan probe has approached its work of persecuting political opponents in a public forum absent a legitimate defense. The panel’s series of summer hearings possesses all the hallmarks of the Soviet-era show trials in the 1930s where regime dissidents were dragged before the public courts and declared guilty without fair representation.


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    • I wish I had a link to include here, but unfortunately, I wouldn’t even know where to start as far as locating it within my files – it’s been a couple of years. However, I came across compelling information, written in a blog by a person I’ve followed for a while who knows way more than I do.
      I’ve come to the same conclusion as you and I’m sure there is evidence to support that this is correct – any trial that is televised is nothing more than a show trial. This would also include this Murdaugh debacle they inundated mainstream tv with for weeks, only for it to now be a distant memory.
      I think some stand out as more “fake” than others and people likely get sucked in when it is people who are not “famous”. I like how they made it out to be this Murdaugh family was this big deal for a century – maybe locally? I’d never heard a damned thing about them prior to this – and of course I never believed any of the silly story, the very little of it I paid attention to. I just want to know why after he was “sentenced”, they started showing him in a photo with jump suit but he now has a smooth, bald head – it doesn’t even appear to have been shaved, it’s just BALD as if his hair fell out. I’m being sarcastic – obviously it’s a bad CGIed photo, just like the photos they use for all of these “lone White male gun mans” – JOKE. Disgusting really.

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