The Curious Case of Evangelist Pat Robertson

Last year, news magazine The Week labeled Pat Robertson as 'Christianity's crazy uncle.' PHOTO: Charles Dharapak/AP

The  Zionist-evangelical back story goes back several decades, with 90-year-old televangelist Pat Robertson being a prime case study.

One of the more notable “coincidences” or anomalies Winter Watch brings to your attention is the image of Robertson on the cover of Time magazine in 1986 — back before the public was red pilled by the Internet –as the pastor posed with a gesture called the Freemason “Sign of a Fellow Craft.”

Sign of a Fellow Craft

The Times’ cover story appeared just as Robertson’s ministry left the launch pad, and it grew rapidly from there. He was also preparing to run for the 1988 presidential election.

His physical gesture on the Times’ cover was a giant dog whistle to high-level Freemasons to support and promote this otherwise rather mediocre tele-minister.

Robertson was then given regular exposure during his presidential bid and ran on a standard Christian values platform. He also became an important ally of the Bush dynasty.

During the next decade following the Freemason dog whistle, his television network, CBN, expanded to 180 countries and was broadcast in 71 languages. In 1988, it was renamed the CBN Family Channel; and later, simply the Family Channel.

Significantly, Robertson in 1991 wrote a bestselling book of some merit: “The New World Order.” Borrowing heavily from Eustice Mullins’ and the great Nesta Webster’s work, in many respects the book played a major role in putting terms like “NWO conspiracy” within the Overton Window vernacular, at least for a period.

Robertson stated, “A conspiracy has existed in the world working through Freemasonry and a secret Order of the Illuminati, a group combining Masons and Jewish Bankers.”

For further reading:

He described American policy with accuracy as a “behind-the-scenes establishment” with “enormous power” for which the “principal goal is the establishment of a one-world government where the control of money is in the hands of one or more privately owned but government-chartered central banks.”

Without naming the 8,000-pound elephant in the room, he pointed out Jewish bankster Paul Warburg’s role as the “true draftsman” and “catalyst” of the sinister U.S. central bank — the Federal Reserve — in 1913.

He calls The Economist an independent magazine that once had a Rothschild as its chairman, or “the Rothschild publication.”

Other notable quotables: “The money barons of Europe, who had established privately owned central banks like the Bank of England, found in war the excuse to make large loans.”

In his book, Robertson exposed a conspiracy that includes such elements as the Illuminati, the New Age Movement, the Freemasons, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.

Robertson further claims — and we would suggest accurately — that the rise of this one-world conspiracy is being guided by Satan to fulfill the predictions of millennial Christian eschatology, viewing it as a sign that the end times are nearing.

Listen to “Tim Kelly and Russ Winter Discuss Sabbatean Frankism’s Impact on the World”

The Talk? Afterward, Robertson Turns into a Hack

When the book was published, Robertson was subjected to the well-worn one-trick-pony epithets of “antisemitism TM” and labeled a “conspiracy theorist.” But that didn’t stop the sales and distribution of “The New World Order” in the least.

Despite getting relatively close to some fundamental truths, it seems that shortly thereafter someone had “the talk” with Pat. Perhaps it was the same such “talk” given to Alex Jones before he turned into a hack. Winter Watch reported particulars of “the talk” as it related to the downfall of the British National Party in which Jewish interests tried to pay off that party to demonize Muslims and refrain from critiques of bankster interests. Anything else BNP espoused was fine.

William Randolph Hearst financed the first three years of Billy Graham’s crusades. The Van Duyn Illuminati family in California also helped Billy Graham’s ministry get started.

The Nation of Islam’s Louis Farrakan revealed, with some humor, what he called the Jewish plutocrat Edgar Bronfman’s talk and treatment in the sermon below. Unlike Robertson and others, Farrakan wasn’t buying.

Par for the course, after “the treatment” or “the talk,” Robertson hit the personal financial jackpot when his Family Channel network became part of the Big Media consolidation and was sold to News Corp. in 1997, which renamed it Fox Family. A condition of the sale was that Robertson’s show, “The 700 Club,” would run twice a day in perpetuity, regardless of any changes of ownership.

Jews DO Control Media - A Jew admits in "The Times of Israel" - Radio IslamThe channel is now owned by Jewish-managed Disney, which in turn is under the late Sumner Rothstein (aka Redstone’s) Viacom empire. How much independence does Robertson have today, even if he sought to go back to his pre-talk world view?

Apparently, he now tows the party line — even cheerleading BLM, and making police brutality and burying Chauvin “under the jail” important talking points.

Regardless of what exactly transpired, Robertson soon became an ardent Christian pro-Israel Zionist and supporter of neocon Middle East warmongering. He is also a purveyor of clash-of-civilization propaganda.

Robertson said that Islam is “a violent political system bent on the overthrow of the governments of the world and world domination.”

He elaborated, saying that “with Islam, you’re dealing with not a religion, you’re dealing with a political system, and I think we should treat it as such, and treat its adherents as such as we would members of the communist party, members of some fascist group.”

He could regularly be called upon to suggest that his audience apply pressure toward Zionist objectives. Additionally, Robertson’s former 1991 rhetoric on banksterism is toned down considerably.

At 90, Robertson is spry, ageless and rarely misses a beat.

Of late, and in a manner typical of controlled opposition, he claims that a homosexual or lavender Mafia dominates media, entertainment and has infiltrated government, religious institutions, and academia. In general, Robertson is dismissed on this and simply referred to as a “religious bigot.”

At Winter Watch, we prefer and put forth an evidence-based debate that focuses on important questions, such as these:

1. Do homosexuals have undue influence relative to their numbers?
2. Are homosexuals pushing an agenda and, if so, what is it?
3. Is that agenda beneficial to humanity/broader society?

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  1. It’s been approximately 1990 years since Christ was resurrected. For the first 1850 years there was a common understanding of the biblical narrative (excluding Catholicism). For the last 170 years that narrative was turned on its head by a basket of beliefs known as dispensationalism. Today virtually all churches in America follow this strain. As readers of this blog know Sabbatean Frankists knew they were working towards their Zionists state and they needed help. Enter Scolfield and his Bible which was loaded with notes skewing towards the dispensationalist strain.
    Today Christianity is a managed theology towing the line of its corporate masters in order to save their 501c3 status.
    As a testimony to my allegation please consider that Wesley, Tyndall, Barnes, Calvin, Luther, and including Iraneaus and Hippolytus have no commentaries about Pre trib rapture, future nation of physical Israel, a third temple, or the Jews being Gods children anytime after the resurrection.
    There is an excellent ministry out of Texas, where in the online library you can read a 60 pages booklet loaded with data on these events. It is titled wanna hear a whopper? The guy taught Hebrew to undergraduates at Berkeley and is a straight arrow .
    So it is that the Christian church which was supposed to be the salt that seasons the culture has failed because of laziness and spiritual deception, of which Robertson has been a generational leader. People that believe in Christ are saved, but they don’t fight for their freedoms or anybody else’s because of this cloud of deception.

    • Great post.

      On this part, I do think you end in a U.S.-centric generality:

      “People that believe in Christ are saved, but they don’t fight for their freedoms or anybody else’s because of this cloud of deception.”

      Many Christians around the world have been and still fight for freedoms. During the Cold War it was Hungry and Poland. In the modern era, I would look into uprisings in Central and South America as examples.

      Is this resistance perfect? No, but think of what they are often up against. When your are fighting Goliath who can now fly a robotic airplane over your home to fire missiles at you, while the operator (they are not really pilots) sips on Starbucks in an air conditioned suite somewhere around Las Vegas, is it really a fair and honorable fight?

      Also there are a few way in which Christians in the United States have tried to fight for freedoms during Conjob-19, but most have been met with force from either the actual government and / or by government / corporate proxy groups such as ANTIFA and BLM.

      Overall, I still think you had a great post here.

    • Thank you, Rodolfo! The “church” (which used to mean ‘the Body of Christ’ and now means Christianity, Incorporated…down with 501-C3!) is so corrupt….all major groups (Catholic, Protestant denominations, even Orthodox ones, likely) are corrupt with man-made doctrines…no wonder folks like KOBK are constantly ridiculing Christians, aka “Jesus freaks” (the comment I got on my blog says it all about this dude…but hey, he or she or whatever has the right to free speech, right? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahah!)

      • Maybe shh, but we as individuals do not need to be corrupt in our spiritual beliefs and practices. Therefore when KOBK, a sane and mental genius (just look at the older threads and you will see it oozing from this individual) decides to label other folks “Jesus freaks”, it does seem a out of line. Perhaps a “Jesus freak” is someone who simply follows the principals of Christ, prays at home, bothers no one and follows the outlines for living provided by the Holy Bible. Should this individual be called out by the GENIUS KOBK?

        That is certainly not my way, and from our previous conversations, I doubt it is yours either.

        As for KOBK, I would suggest sending a good thought (assuming an atheist or agnostic participant at WW) and / or a prayer (assuming a practicing member of a spiritual principal or set of principals at WW) to this individual by everyone here. It must be such a burden to be the only sane person ever visiting this blog, and we should all be (even though we are all insane by KOBK’s standards) sensitive to this little buttercup’s plight.

        Hoping all is well with you in and yours in the Lone Star state.


    • This is the western blindspot, as if the “Holy Roman Empire” by the Franks of Charlemagne (which also took over Gaul and other former Orthodox Christian countries as the aristocracy) – the history of Christianity is not with the west. Its eastern. Its Orthodox, as we see only Serbia, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Greece has survived thousands of years of persecution – with not ONE change of dogma, not ONE break in continuity, and not One perversion of the Body of Christ – millions have removed themselves in their heresies – especially the Roman See in 1054, which was solidified in the 1200’s after the massacres of Orthodox during the Crusades. The Photian Council showed the Latins, the Franks, perverted dogmas, and continually change, and change, and change. Luther then saw the errors, but refused the Orthodox Faith, “the Faith of the Apostles, that which Christ taught, the Apostles Preached, and the Orthodox kept” (St Athanasios).

      The longest empire in all of history is the Orthodox Christian Roman Empire – of the east. There is no “spiritual body” – there is the Body of Christ, and He is the Head of the Church – and unless you eat His Body and drink His Blood, you have no life. This is a hard saying – there is no Christianity outside of the Orthodox faith. This is centuries of apostacy coming to its rotten fruits. May Fr Seraphim Roses’ intercessions help you.

  2. Robertson was never my cup of tea, and neither was Graham… So-called big names like these guys for me is very transparent, but believers were “trained” to believe bigger is better…

    • Well if we are in fact all insane, then why keep showing up here from time-to-time?

      Surely since you are obviously not insane, you must have better things to do; more pressing matters to attend to.

      We would not wish to taint your fine mind and effervescent personality in any way with our insanity.

        • KOBK- please enlighten us all as to what you believe, instead of bagging on the beliefs of others. I’m sincerely curious. Commenting on the stupidity of one belief is rather pointless unless you counter it with something you believe to be better, my sentiments.

          • I’m not interested in “beliefs” and frankly it’s none of your business. The problem however is I see people all the time shoving their bullshit beliefs in others faces and the christinsanity here is no exception.

            I no longer “believe” in live and let live either because the christ retards are destroying us with this insanity.

            I have no issues with good folks coming here (or any site exposing jewish criminality) but shut the f-up about christianity.

            If the White race ever does really go down it will lay at the feet of christianity.

            If that doesn’t do it for you fine, but shut up about christianity and I’ll stop pushing back. Deal ? Probably not because you freaks as as bad a vegans.

        • Again, I am at a loss.

          Why come here at all, if the website / blog seems to upset you so much? You obviously must have better things to do, as you are sane and can apply your mental faculties to making life so much better for yourself (at a minimum) and the people you care about (more of a maximal expression).

          Coming back time and time again to waste your mental gifts at Winter Watch does beg the question of what your particular brand (I choose the word carefully) of sanity is? Is the practice of returning to a place that you obviously do not enjoy an activity that you are directed to do, or does this activity indicate that you simply cannot find another place in the WORLD WIDE (notice the implied size) web that will provide you and your sanity with any attention? Are we simply the only dupes who happen to even notice when you show up?

          This reminds me…some months ago you seemed quite proud of your acronym or moniker (KOBK) and what it is supposed to indicate. You were evidently offering to let some thread participant know what it means, in quite a serious manner. At the time, Mr. Winter interceded and I simply let it go since you were not addressing me; however, now that I think of it, I was game to engage you then and I remain game to do so now. As a simple citizen, I would be extremely thankful if you could enlighten me as to what the name (KOBK) means. Now I realize I am not as intelligent and / or gracious as you; however, I am willing to listen if you wish to educate me.

          Oh yeah, as most of our friends at WW are aware of, I am in Washington, District of Columbia. This is ours / your nation’s Capitol. To my knowledge the Israeli Embassy is still between the Military Road and Connecticut Avenue, near the University of the District of Columbia.

          Hey, anytime you wish to show me how much of a sane genius you really are, why don’t you let me know that you are coming to town to give them a “piece of your mind”, and I will come join you over there to learn from an intellectual master. We will ring the entrance bell together and you let them have it! I will observe and learn from you.

          Then maybe I can follow you to K Street (which is literally a street named to include the letter “K”) and “J Street” (which to my knowledge is a section of the Golden Triangle). Perhaps you can show me how a sane person might approach the entirety of the Israeli lobby (groups who solicit our government and elected and / or non-elected officials) and their influence in that section of town.

          Let me know a sound plan, and I shall declare you my leader and help you “take the hill”. What will be our objectives? How do you intend for us to achieve said objectives? Should we select an asymmetrical approach or simply use conventional tactics? I wait with bated breath in the hopes that a sane person, such as yourself, can enlighten me as to a proper course of action.

          Well, I shall look forward to your response. If you skipped over anything in this message and ended up here, then I would kindly ask you to go back to make sure that an insane person such as myself, a “Jesus” freak, has not left anything out in coming up with a few ideas that may assist you in finding relief from the rest of us by:

          1. leaving WW any time you wish, unless instructed to stay here for “professional” reasons, in which case let us know and we will still welcome you here to “get paid”, but will go back to ignoring you on the whole

          2. going to visit the Israeli Embassy and showing me how a sane person “takes care of business”


          3. facing off against the lobbyists with a clear and achievable goal in mind, then accomplishing said goal.

          Please do not fret, I am still going to pray for you, no matter how you might think or feel about me, and whether you respond to this message or choose not to.

          In Christ,
          Simple Citizen

          • This website doesn’t bother me, christians and their bullshit do.

            SHUT UP about christianity and we’ll get along just fine. You do you thing in your own home and I’ll do so in mine.

            Bad as vegans though .. just can’t do it.

            • Well now, that is the reply of a sane genius if I have ever read one.

              “SHUT UP about christianity and we’ll get along just fine.”


              Hey weren’t you part of that invasion of Grenada in the 1980s, Operation Urgent Fury? Rough day and a half of fighting that was. Bet you got yourself a pretty ribbon and a tan. You mentioned something about your amazing experiences on a past thread, but since I don’t really like speaking with you (unless I feel compelled by the Holy Spirit) I tend to just ignore you on the whole; today was your lucky day since you decided to switch feet between your mouth and your ass.

              “This website doesn’t bother me, christians and their bullshit do.”

              Well perhaps your presence at this blog actually bothers some of us. Since you are obviously the smarter and more sane party (based on your own description), why don’t you move along and find a website that is befitting your rational and sane perspective.

              By the way, you never did answer my question. What does that acronym or moniker stand for. Spell it out for me. Write it. Let me see it in plain English.

              No, I did not think so; you want to avoid that one like the plague. Useless keyboard warrior.

              My bet is that if you are lucky, your employer is either U.S. or Israeli. I would venture a guess the latter and that you could be IDF. Now if you are lucky (again), I am going to opine you are based in Tel Aviv, in which case, I will now ask how the olive groves are doing under Bibi’s shutdown? Will there be good olive oil yields this year, or is it all a wash due to the nation’s lock down?

              Alternatively, it could be the former in which case, I have to wonder why come to this little part of the web at all. Don’t you have bigger sites to go harass? Breitbart, CTH, GP, AC, and Big League Politics would probably love a sane genius such as yourself, with an equally sane acronym for a name, to grace their websites with such wonderful ideas and superb prose. Have at it big fella…show them what you are made of. Your bosses will probably give you a bonus if you can really stir it up over at those sites!

              Assuming that you may, unfortunately, be close to what you claim to be, then:

              You profess your love of the white race, but your abhorrence of Christianity; however, you must be so intelligent to have disregarded the notion that Christianity inspired the white race to achieve great feats in art, architecture, civility, literature, music, physical culture, societal structure, spiritual culture, and theater (some, but not all examples).

              Further, when a church body headed in the wrong direction, it was often the underlying Christian spirit of a great thinker, a philosopher and/ or a scientist who challenged church doctrine in order to offer up new ideas, as well as innovations (consider how we spin on this sphere around a star — first there was an ignorant church that forbade such an idea, and then there was a challenger from within the faith).

              The fact that you can sit wherever it is that you dwell and espouse such great pride in white nationalism, is in part due to the accomplishments made by Christians, both in this nation and abroad. Yet, you know all of this, because you are a sane and rational genius. WHAT WAS THAT NAME AGAIN, K– O- B- K—–, yep, sounds perfectly sane to me?

              As for vegans, gosh you do enjoy obsessions with very specific topics and repetitive messages (perhaps you are AI). So are you receiving the direction to “stay on point” from a U.S. employer or am I right about those olive groves?

              May God Bless You and Keep You! Even if I am completely wrong, and your life is truly as grim as it seems (as opposed to just being a paid participant or Mr. Roboto on a rotation), I am still praying for you, and I speak with confidence in saying that the Lord loves you.

              • funny how anyone who doesn’t buy into this christinsanity and says so is automatically an agent or a shill.

                Nope, can’t be as simple as just not buying into the big psy-op.

                Grenada ? White Nationalism ? What the hell are you talking about ?

                You sure do fill in a lot of blanks out of thin air. Wait … that’s exactly what jesus freaks do. Now it makes sense.

                • You actually think you can come on a forum like this and make blanket low quality slurs against Christ and not take some shit. I’d come after you myself for your stupidity except I actually avoid religious arguments.

                  I second Simple Citizen, we aren’t here to humor you. Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

                  • Thank you.

                    BTW, I really liked the thread overall; I just got sidetracked with this little dialogue. Yet, I did not wish to leave without stating that the thread was well done.

                    Even the odd time then I saw Robertson on the television, I would have to check to make sure my wallet was still on me.

                    = )

                • KOBK- Asking people to shut up about what they believe on a comment board is somewhat counterintuitive, isn’t it? And not sharing what it is that you believe is silly, seeing as we’re all here anonymously, and it’s also hypocritical since you constantly comment like you have things figured out. So then let us take the things that we know you believe to get a feel for you, since you have already shared a few, but now play coy:
                  1. You’re triggered by Christianity.
                  2. You blame the Jews for the current state of the world.
                  3. You espouse concern for the white race.
                  So basically you have at least two broad brush beliefs that tell quite a bit about you already, and it becomes easier to group you into a demographic. Only problem is that some of the beliefs largely contradict each other, i.e. numbers 1&3, unless you’re some kind of Wodenist, which are pretty rare in my experience. 1&2 also don’t typically go together either. So hopefully you can understand why someone might take you as operating as a “strawman sockpuppet”, which is defined as follows: “A strawman sockpuppet (sometimes abbreviated as strawpuppet) is a false flag pseudonym created to make a particular point of view look foolish or unwholesome in order to generate negative sentiment against it. Strawman sockpuppets typically behave in an unintelligent, uninformed, or bigoted manner and advance “straw man” arguments that their puppeteers can easily refute. The intended effect is to discredit more rational arguments made for the same position.”
                  It seems that your comments work to discredit other commenters here that are in fact concerned for the white race. Potentially hasbara, if you will. Kind of like the minorities of various types who draw swatztikas on synagogues or university campuses. If the internet gets clamped down upon more tightly and this site gets in the crosshairs, the adl and company could use your comments alone to justify shutting it down. Also, if you “weren’t interested in beliefs”, why spend the time and effort denigrating someone else’s? No combinum on multiple levels.

                  • BTS,

                    Whoa…powerful response. Poweful response indeed.

                    the first part, which made me laugh:

                    “… i.e. numbers 1&3, unless you’re some kind of Wodenist,…”

                    Pure genius.

                    The second part which was succinct and an excellent support of WW overall:

                    “It seems that your comments work to discredit other commenters here that are in fact concerned for the white race. Potentially hasbara, if you will. Kind of like the minorities of various types who draw swatztikas on synagogues or university campuses. If the internet gets clamped down upon more tightly and this site gets in the crosshairs, the adl and company could use your comments alone to justify shutting it down. Also, if you “weren’t interested in beliefs”, why spend the time and effort denigrating someone else’s? No combinum on multiple levels.”

                    Well done!

                    It would not matter if this individual was from Mars, the fact remains that we see very odd posts, that may seem contradictory, but always tend to find an end in taking a part WW.

                    We have a place to come and talk, share ideas and learn from one another. We do not need anyone who would wish to tear that down. Certainly RW and Torchy deserve better from their “house guests”, as we know that the content alone is a massive amount of work, and much appreciated by us all (or most of us in this case).

                    If we do not speak this weekend, please be well. You and your are in my good thoughts and prayers.

                    All my best,
                    Simple Citizen

                    • RW&SC- Hat tip… Since KOBK didn’t humor you and explain his acronym I thought I would explain it likely means “Kill Or Be Killed”. It’s popular with the online gaming communities. Perhaps this indicates he’s a young pup in terms of age and/or researching conspiracy, maybe just a few years down the rabbit warren, and as such has adopted rather simplistic solutions to complex problems. Lord knows I’ve done that in the past. That’s why I mentioned Wodenism, although tongue in cheek, I have heard those types talk like that before. Often it takes people years, sometimes decades to work through the mountains of black propaganda heaped upon Christianity. I reckon the constant malevolent media exposure is designed to get people to throw that baby out with the bathwater. So we can hold out hope he’s just relatively new to all this and will come around.

                    • IP is from northern Ontario mining country, so doubt if it is Hasbara. Your theory is likely correct. Still I don’t have patience with this type of 4chan like trolling.

                      The older trolls like to critique my method, split hairs, nitpick aka gaslight beliefs of regulars, rag on and Monday morning QB what I focus on and what I should focus on. This is more of a peanut gallery. I think it is just grouchy negative old fart personalities. I sort of get it, but still don’t care to subject myself to it and snap at it. Thus about a half dozen of them have been ban hammered. KOBK has joined them. Who needs the aggravation.

                      Often it takes people years, sometimes decades to work through the mountains of black propaganda heaped upon Christianity.

                      Yep- Hence my timely Friday post on religion and the flat earth canard.

                • Listen Buttercup, if you were to look at the entirety of everything I have seen you author over 8-9 months on WW (yes, I am technically still new here), you would see the following:

                  1. A Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde approach that might indicate a mild form of schizophrenia or two people (maybe more) authoring under on name

                  2. A wanna be key board bully, who thinks nothing about the website as a whole, new folks who may wish to participate and / or the overall goal of helping one another out, instead of ripping folk’s ideas and intentions to learn a part

                  3. An individual who espouses a pride in (presumably) being white and having pride in a heritage, yet having such a myopic idea of what that heritage might fully encompass

                  4. An idiot who literally steps into a room and calls every single one of us “stupid” (or something close to it) on a regular basis and then proceeds to often argue with Mr. Winter, when he is in fact your host and you are in his house

                  5. An individual (it occurred to me if you are IDF, you are more than likely female, since those tech units are predominantly female) who often will author a complete sentence in one post and the will offer fragments of thoughts in another that amount to complete drivel

                  6. An individual (or AI / or partial AI) who never actually offers any answers, beyond surface statements, that would contain the depth of a serious seeker of truth and additional knowledge


                  7. A stoic whatever (individual, robot, and / or ?) who never offers event he slightest interest in community at WW. We may not always agree (at least those of us who are more frequently here), but we do try to respect one another in community. If I make a mistake, I apologize, look again at what a friend is trying to tell me / help me with, and then move on in the spirit of WW being a good place for us to help one another out in our journeys through life and learning.

                  This just isn’t you, no matter how hard any of us have tried to soften your “bull in a China shop approach”. You still come in here and simply hurl insults, as well as orders, yet in real life I would opine that you wear many faces, and some of them ain’t too pretty (lipstick on a pig).

                  There are other friends at WW who are not Christian, some are simply spiritual, some (I would opine) may be Jewish with a desire to help find truth, I think WW gets atheists / agnostics, and I would venture to guess one leans toward Buddhism / eastern philosophies. Now do you know what separates them from you?

                  Easy, we are all nice to one another. In fact, we are overly accommodating to one another to ensure that we all prosper in our desire to have the resources we need to understand our world better, and we lift one another up in the process. None of us truly cares or worries about the other’s spiritual practices. We simply wish to use the root of good fellowship (which anyone can have) to help one another out. Plain and simple!

                  “You sure do fill in a lot of blanks out of thin air. Wait … that’s exactly what jesus freaks do. Now it makes sense.”

                  And you leave the door wide open with misleading statements and a lack of an author’s memory over their own words, which is deceptive. Grenada was a jab / joke because you (on a Saturday morning in the U.S.) indicated that you had a military background; however, current you seems to forget this point.

                  If you wish to be an effective KOBK, then go back to all the threads since you (or your team) started at WW, and read what you wrote. Then the role may suit you much better. If you should get a bonus from your employer, due to my suggestion here, then please consider donating half of it to a local food bank on WW’s behalf.

                  Thanks. Good luck, God Bless, and as Mr. Winter stated:

                  “Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.”

                  • This one is meant to follow the final posts from BTS and WW; however, we are getting so long that I find myself under one of my own responses.

                    All I wanted to say is that I appreciate WW and I am glad to speak with you both.

                    BTS, I did elude to his acronym and that I understood it (yet I still appreciate you confirming it for me); I just wanted this sane person say it for us,,,I was hoping that under the pressure of the thread it might incur deeper thought and maybe reflection if it was said both in script and in the head as it was typed in this context (assuming that this could still be an individual).

                    Still I am deeply appreciative of you both and I honestly learned quite a bit from the both of you in these last responses (since I do go long, I will leave it at that).

                    RW, please know that the main folks who show up are extremely glad that you, Torchy and Mr. Mueller are willing to keep coming back day in and day out to offer us new paths toward the truth and something to think about, even if we disagree with a point here or there.

                    THANK YOU!

                    Now onto Flat Earth…I have been so excited to actually have a quiet moment to get over there.


                    • BTS,

                      Oh yeah, I do not mind sharing this one with you…I am such a geezer that my favorite game on the family player is actually the board game RISK. Since I am the only one who enjoys it, I just play the AI over and over again.

                      It does have some fun voice overs, but overall it is pretty static. Hey, we like what we like.


  3. Robertson is a boomer by meme (so to speak) even if he’s too old to be one by age — since the Civil Rights era he’s experienced 24/7 ‘racism’ indoctrination like everyone else — also Christian Zionism (‘God’s chosen people’) augmented by ‘Holocaust’ guilt-mongering for at least half a decade — all of that will rot nearly anyone’s brain — typically the elderly become not only physically infirm but also psychologically infirm — it takes a LOT of emotional energy and psychological strength to constantly go against the mainstream — he’s probably running low on all that now — anyway, as a personality he’s largely irrelevant today — they allow him on MSNBC to mock/expose aging white Christian America to ridicule — I guarantee you they do not take him seriously.

    • >they allow him on MSNBC

      This is the kind of shit MSNBC goes for (link) — this is America, some attention-whore faggot – with 75 followers on twitter can get a CEO fired by parading around in public in a dress and harassing random ppl, daring them to say something — “Do I disgust you? Do you think I look gross?” — no, i just think you look like an idiot — BOOM – fired from your own company

      In headlines about this the kid is called a “teen” — but it’s a gay male high schooler (WTF!?) wearing a dress, apparently to attend a HS prom with his boyfriend (barf) — seems he decided to provoke some older guy and film it — the older guy took the bait, and although his comments were pretty mild, the board at the company (Visuwell) where he was CEO fired him — right now the entire web page of Visuwell is nothing but a bizarre, groveling apology (link), where they seem really happy about canning him:

      “We unequivocally condemn the behavior exhibited by Sam Johnson in a recent video widely circulated on social media. After investigating the matter and speaking to individuals involved, the VisuWell Board of Directors has chosen to terminate Mr. Johnson from his position as CEO, effective immediately. Gerry Andrady, our President and COO, will lead the company through this important time. … “In response to those asking for additional clarity on Sam Johnson’s termination as CEO, we can confirm that Mr. Johnson is no longer employed by VisuWell in any capacity.


      But man it’s great how you can say faggot on Gab and not fear losing your account.

      • “But man it’s great how you can say faggot on Gab and not fear losing your account.”

        To think that our “modern” society was pitched to us (1980s and 1990s) as providing more freedom through a communications tool that was created and once owned by our government. After sharing with academia (a controlled body in the U.S.) they turned it over to corporations and permitted monopolies to form. Now we are left with electronic fascism. What a shame.

        Yet, I am glad that you found an outlet that will permit you to express yourself freely.


    • Very nice link there. A well laid out page of great reminders that does not deviate from the core message.

      Many thanks!


    I am placing the links in reverse order to bring up the concert first and then the “movement”. As follows:

    Please do not forget to look down at the poster in order to see the “special guests”.


    So here we have some new “build back better” and “great reset” ideas marketed as bringing us all back together. Couple that with the “superheros or whatever” hedge fund that formed in 2020 with the help of the Rothschild family and the Vatican, and we can really get a picture of our coming enslavement, including all of the marketing that will sell it as a good idea.


    • Oh yeah, I forgot the recovery plan and five pillars:

      The highlight was to give the kid the jab, then feed them the GMOs, then force educate them to be “workers”, then prohibit them from travel due to carbon emissions and finally claim all of these actions were racists since other children in the world did not have the same “GREAT” opportunities.

      • Well this was accidental. Taking a break and having an iced tea, while surfing around a bit and I hit on this other (COMPLETELY OTHER) event that is sort of the counterpoint to my posts above:

        The Lord God is truly great (and no, I am not referencing the poser in this thread, just my own belief that there is always a balance)!

        • I remember watching Pat Robertson in the late 1960’s, he had a UHF station where we lived in Southeast Virginia. We kids used to laugh at him, watch him for laughs, because he would shake his head insanely while talking. It was extremely weird, and most Christians around those parts believed it was evidence of demon possession. But to us it was just funny.

          Robertson had gotten that UHF station illegally, meaning the FCC gave him the license even though he was nowhern near meeting the requirements, meaning capital. He mentions that in his book Shout It From The Housetops. Wrote that the FCC guy told him straight out, you do not meet the requirements, but we are giving you the license anyway. Robertson called a miracle.

          A more likely explanation is that Robertson’s father, a U.S. Senator, chaired the committee overseeing the FCC.

          Now this father, this Senator, was a powerful man in the Byrd Machine, which ruled Virginia for two generations. It was totally Masonic. You couldn’t be anyone in Harry Byrd’s Virginia unless you were a Mason. So I would suppose Brother Pat was already a Freemason during his time at Yale.

          Robertson went nationwide in the late 1970’s via cable tv. Built a huge audience during the early 1980’s, by which time he had overcome his crazy head shaking.

          Robertson was in the club during the Reagan administration. Top people were always on his 700 club show. Even in 1985 he was still greatly favored.

          It was actually when he decided to run for President that they turned against him. By the end of 1986 he wad oit of favor. In 1987 the feds had literally hundreds of investigators full time at his CBN HQ, they had various investigatoons going on.

          Do from 1986 till at least 1991, when he released his New World Order book, which was actually written by Gary North and edited somewhat by Robertson, that Brother Pat was at enmity with ZOG.

          But as you mentioned, Brother Pat at some point, got the talk, and came back into the fold. He should have remembered the wisdom of the Apostle Paul, that if you wish to attain Heaven, you must keep the good fight, you must petsevere until the end.

          Finally, thanks for this excellent post on the curious case of Pat Robertson. He is curious indeed.

          • Sorry about the typos in the previous post. Typed it out on my phone going 80 on I-64. Is that even legal?

  5. Thank you for the post. I remember reading about Schuller and how he sought out the Freemasons for help financially to start his ministry. Further his good friend Vincent Peale was a 33rd and all this Bull about the power of positive thinking? O good grief? Couldn’t stop laughing when his son took over and was now preaching to empty benches in the Cathedral? Why empty benches? His son was preaching Christ Crucified meaning he was doing the work of lifting up Christ and hoping that will draw all men to him? A message not to to everyone’s liking. The elder tried to take over the ministry and return it to its former glory? Ha, ha!

    One needs to read and listen to Dr. Walter Martin a true theologian.

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