(Henry Makow) “Vagina Monologues” – Communist Jews Destroyed Valentine’s Day

Henry Makow | Feb. 13, 2023

“The Vagina Monologues” presents a sad picture of life at the dead-end of feminism. It is an anguished cry for male love by a generation of women deceived by feminism, who now have choice but to become lesbians.

For women who are literally starved for love, the play provides a steamy experience of sexual intimacy and initiates them into lesbianism.

Based on “interviews” with women, the play purports to rescue the female genitals from “cultural neglect.” For example, the play describes a workshop in which women examine their pussies with hand-mirrors.

“It reminded me of how early astronomers must have felt with their primitive telescopes,” says author, Eve Ensler, a Jew. They give their vagina nicknames, dress it up in imaginary outfits, and imagine what it would say if it could talk (e.g. “Where’s Brian?”).

At one performance at the Madison Square Gardens, 18,000 women were whipped into a frenzy of shouting “cunt” over and over.



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  1. Every US Embassy has a kitty to sponsor vagina monologue NGOs spreading LGBT among the natives. And of course under personal supervision of the jew/jewess ambassador.

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