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The White Person’s Guide to Surviving Black History Month at Work

Peachy Keenan | Feb. 3, 2023

Identity groups are to the calendar what washed-up celebrities are to the Hollywood Walk of Fame: everybody is gifted a little piece of real estate.

February, of course, is Black History Month; many blessings to all who celebrate!

I know this because it popped up on my iPhone Calendar on February 1st, like all the new federal holidays you can’t delete.

Although I bet Apple wishes it could delete it now. Here’s a fun Black History Month cautionary tale, told in 3 acts.


1 Comment on The White Person’s Guide to Surviving Black History Month at Work

  1. BHMs begin with MLK day. Target displays placards of overweight af/am females modeling underwear. The NHL uses white women to interview & gush over af/am players. The NFL pays millions or more dollars for an af/am female to lead af/am males to mimic masturbation for super bowl entertainment.

    This is the excremental cycle of our Tradition’s demise.

    Bring it on- get it over with -so that an anointed generation will truly defeat evil with Providential righteousness.

    In the meantime shun the nonwhite vomitus whenever possible.

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