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Oakland Bicyclists Targeted By ‘Dooring’ Attacks Leave Two Hospitalized

Editor Note: Victims are white- umh who would do such a thing?

Zero Hedge | Feb. 18, 2023

Several bicyclists in the San Francisco Bay Area’s East Bay have reported being the targets of a group of drivers who are pulling up beside them and quickly opening their doors in an attempt to hit the riders.

The so-called “dooring” incidents have left two riders seriously injured, according to members of the East Bay Bike Party, who say incidents occurred last Thursday through Saturday in Oakland, Berkeley and Emeryville.

In two incidents, the suspects swerved directly into the bicyclistas opposed to using their doors.

According to KTVU, Oakland PD is investigating a Friday night collision in which a cyclist was involved in a crash.

In another instance, bicyclist Ellie Mead suffered a serious head injury, but was told by police to “call back later” when she tried to open a case.


2 Comments on Oakland Bicyclists Targeted By ‘Dooring’ Attacks Leave Two Hospitalized

  1. I’ve been hearing others in my area say they would hit anyone on a bike they politically disagree with, guess who rides a bike and disagrees with them….?
    Be careful.

  2. While taking my silly little bike rides around the hood for the last 20 years, my paranoia warns me to trust Christ when side by side (either side) of a vehicle…

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