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Did the Marks in the Crypto and Token Fleece Learn One of Life’s Lessons?

The marks have lost a still undetermined amount in the hundred of billions via hacks, fraud, busted exchanges and market markdowns in the crypto and token “market’. It should be apparent to anyone with more than a dinosaur brain that the fleecing was conducted by an organized crime network. It is palpable that celebrities were heavily used in this operation.

How much money you would’ve lost if you bought crypto during Matt Damon’s ‘Fortune Favors the Brave’ commercial

FTX Crypto: Tom Brady is In.

Don’t Miss Out on Crypto: Larry David’s FTX Commercial

For the record Winter Watch weighed in on this back in February as the Bubble was being blown up- see The ‘Bored Ape Yacht Club’ NFT Pump-and-Dump Ponzi Scheme.

We wrote,

“All the usual suspects are on board this MoonPay/BAYC pump-and-dump fleecing. The heavy promotion doesn’t seem to bother YouTube in the least. New channels abound. An ape from the Club graced the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

This fleecing is a natural for celebrity culture in that it allows the celeb to get in on pre-pump prices for this hot air and promote their name. Whether the celeb is tarnished when the NFT crashes and burns remains to be seen. But like all Ponzi schemes, in the run-up phase the association has benefits.’

If you are still subjecting yourself to mindless stupors, you may have recently tuned in to listen to the shameless Jimmy Fallon and Paris Hilton chat about the latest money-from-nothing scam from the metaverse. This one is a non-fungible token (NFT)  — an avatar — called “Bored Ape Yacht Club” (BAYC). Fallon said he used MoonPay to complete the transaction — describing it as “PayPal, but for crypto.”

In our post of August 26, 2021 The Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Scam we documented the hundreds of millions in hacks and frauds up to that point and suggested this was a forewarning of what has since developed. We called this- but who is paying attention to us?

The kingpin of the FTX exchange loot- see The FTX Loot, Samuel Bankman-Freid  is still being openly promoted by the always unapologetic New York Times aka Slimes. He will be appearing today with a rogue gallery of the Crime Network as part of his “I am too dumb to be a criminal mastermind” world tour.

5 Comments on Did the Marks in the Crypto and Token Fleece Learn One of Life’s Lessons?

  1. Covid: Prelude to a Seminal Moment

    Most Free thinkers ought then to agree,
    that this ‘Cabaal’ has always been,
    Quite sophisticated, hidden
    Although very devious utterly,

    Yet openly subversive,
    With its insipid evil methodology..

    Were Trump to return
    and Biden resign,..
    Albeit though by stealth
    of an ulterior design
    Their owners in Luciferian Banking decide..

    So, a ruse, Good cop/Bad cop
    What then did you learn..?
    Just as with Nuremburg Trials..
    Invariably they still Preside,

    Sadly though – you ALWAYS
    get back,
    Exactly the SAME as you’d just
    gotten rid of..

    It is just no good you see
    To put intellect on hold,
    For they that own and present the Left/Right Paradigm of control,
    But not for any Arrested Development
    tho tired resigned, even old

    Courtesy of a psychopathic criminally insane,
    taboo and sanctioned,
    forbidden evil and unlawful fold,

    Indeed..any mention of
    Masonic zionist occultism
    But..not to ordain

    Talk is far too cheap,
    Are our thoughts and words then,
    just evaporating in the breeze..
    Please roll that one up and smoke it will you, if you please

    Ignorant made arrogant sychophants..
    No discernment at all,
    for any real subversive disease

    Essentially, there is No Left
    and No Right,
    No need for fond Farewells,
    Only the Shadow Government an insipid Deep State Cabaal,

    that own BOTH
    and – of course,
    most everything else

    Devastating world Plandemic
    Oppressed masses so
    by a dubious prick, a complete quack
    Pretentious Tyrannical medic,
    A plainly obvious massive attack

    Control of entire operation,
    Must fit within a Diabolical system,

    Until Death do us part,

    Enforced acceptance of
    New Normal speech of hate
    The hospitals now kill and
    take your heart,

    Our bodies not immortal
    But please do not wait,

    to then realise..
    Until it is far far too late

    Insight and a decent sense
    To an important Worldview consciousness,

    Will you therefore know
    Of possible impending consequence?

    It is one thing after another,
    As they prepare the World and its people,
    For an inane and sinister
    ‘global warming’ Distaster

    Insistent Arrested Development
    for complete fake narrative,​

    Are all a courtesy by Design,
    of Babylonian Talmudic contingent

    We must not wait, to take control,
    To wrest assured of then,

    Although while all still so obscured,
    And Destractions everywhere
    even Death,

    Emancipation waited for,
    Tho with abated breath

    Our Freedom to then restore,

    this imminent,..but dangerous,

    Prelude to a seminal Moment

    Kurt Hubbard-Beale
    10th September 2021
    During covid 19 lockdown
    and Curfew

    The PoetTree
    Awaken Poetry. Awareness Poetry. Geopolitical. Philosophical. Music. Shared

  2. The Luxury of Freedom

    Think of it, just sense the warm fragrant breeze,
    Nothing else brings the spirit
    more intense salvation,
    of a simple and priceless sensation of Freedom
    Our sense that we can all go anywhere, do anything and
    at anytime, is slipping..
    To kill such a moment we die
    a little
    we walk a thin line, the space between
    being only human, so
    ill at ease, but..

    Remember the Luxury of Freedom please

    A beauty’s whisper, effervescent in your ear, inextricably tied to
    scent and tranquil comfort
    always present and so near
    For flowers, the trees,
    And a house by the stream
    Did we really think it to be
    such an everlasting dream?
    If it is to be so, then consider
    these words

    Though perhaps hard to accept – I’m not incidentally,
    so easily heard..

    Remember the Luxury of Freedom please

    Curtailing speech and even
    our Thoughts..
    who then really considered
    what our teachers had taught?
    Perhaps too little time
    for someone to blame
    Dystopian planning
    Centuries in the making
    this complicit Medical Tyranny
    subversive Plandemic faking
    a stepping stone to quiet but yet informal
    enforcement of ‘Year Zero’
    or any – ‘New Normal’
    And it all amounts to exactly
    the same..

    Throughout History different faces, facets and means,
    yet it still remains.. Totalitarianism – not quite incognito
    The criminal Cabaal,
    a not-so hidden enslavement,
    For as above, then
    so below

    For everything we always
    held so dear

    But for the sake of our loved ones, for all sentient beings


    Remember the Luxury of Freedom please

    Kurt Hubbard-Beale
    June 4 th 2021
    During covid 19 lockdown

    The PoetTree
    Awaken Poetry. Awareness Poetry. Geopolitical. Philosophical. Music. Shared

  3. To Those That Don’t Understand

    You won’t, you simply can’t and how could you,
    It is bigger than your comprehension, your ego
    – will allow..
    For sake of love or money,
    Or even a False sense of security..
    Standard reason certainly escapes the minds of a few,
    The Honey Trap has set in well,
    My words will be obscure
    even alien – though just as true,
    Fixed and set complete to bind,
    And it is necessarily so,
    To Wit: Appropriately though,
    why on earth should
    – the difference be seen by you?

    Taken the resolute path of the sociopathic – and the unkind,
    Trained in Narcissistic tendencies,
    for the pretense of the ‘greater good’..
    by Corporate Government dependencies,
    Fascist Collectivism extraordinaire,
    On steroids – albeit just as though,
    A stupid solid dead piece of wood,
    smashing heads and brought to bear
    Therefore it would not,
    could not – occur in view

    Arrogance and ignorance
    fine bedfellows,
    in an ignoble ritual Dance,
    Replete with – by gagged and crippling Mask of shame
    To the Dumbed Down and
    the criminally insane,
    per chance –
    It appears to work for now,
    It seems even with some use
    – to tell,
    Do you not see where
    your fellow humanity
    – under this Cabaalistic
    dream spell,
    an hypnotic would-be ‘Elite’s’ occultic Luciferian,
    subliminal and despotic Trance
    To not see, is though now,
    Unacceptable ethics to bestow, And the soul of man’s Justice
    knows this..
    – as simply no excuse

    ..To those that don’t comprehend

    No accident or by default
    – WHY the world is,
    or has become insane,
    Inevitably of course
    we see that,
    There IS a Group to Blame
    All bewildered commentary aside,
    It IS and has been owned, controlled, by those
    that are so, desperately so..

    To not see, nor look above your
    – the torrid and poisonous trails
    Of noxious toxic Nano particles,
    sprayed constantly over our once blue iconic skies
    Flouride Mercury and much more besides,
    stops all cognitive reasoning
    secretly contained,
    in Blood-brain barrier,
    ..insipid nanobot A.I
    evil connectivity resides

    Consider this in your mindset,
    Abused but yet – constantly accused – blinded with Trillions in Debt for You
    From your idiotic and pathetic but incapable,
    To your minute and limited Worldview..
    A love of
    – official standard Lies
    Why does this basic notion escape your innate, yet
    – subdued perception?

    To Those That Don’t Understand..

    Feign incomprehension
    all you want – the difference remains intention
    It is and always was
    a form of Cabaalistic
    Slight of Hand Mind Control
    Their ‘Might is right’..
    You may not dare to mention
    But of course – though,
    As with everything,
    – always Hidden in Plain Sight

    By way of complete and utter, otherwise abundantly clear


    One simple message to take onboard

    Raise the consciousness and


    Kurt Hubbard-Beale
    April 25th 2021
    During covid 19 lockdown

    The PoetTree
    Awaken Poetry. Awareness Poetry. Geopolitical. Philosophical. Music. Shared

  4. Any NFL fan (which I used to be one, but not now—it’s too woke) with half a brain should have realized this FTX crapola was crapola when they learned Tom Brady was involved… DeflateGate, helping BeliCheat win Super Bowls, his “son-ship” to Robert Kraft who is a member of Chabad “behead all Chistians” Lubavitch (under Noahide), and the fact (so they say) that he married a witch, Giselle. Enough said.

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