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The Promotion of Pyramid Scheme Inversion Art

No Ponzi schemer tells anyone exactly how it works. The purpose of a Ponzi scheme is to trick people, to take the money and run. – Mitchell Zuckoff

Anybody who even cursorily follows financial markets will see plenty of evidence and commentary from high profile participants who say prices are controlled, rigged and manipulated. A number of top “old school” fund managers have hung it up as a result.

Winter Watch will take it a step further and show that many markets are in fact inverted. The term inversion is a Luciferian term signifying turning light into dark and beauty into ugly under the guise of illumination or progress.

The contemporary art world is dominated by a “club” of hyper-wealthy oligarchs and kleptocratic kingpins who drive prices and pick winners and losers. There is a network of paid hacks called “art critics” who decide what is exceptional art. Then, once the winning artists are determined, the players drive prices up creating yet more artificial wealth. Money drives art and then determines who and what is successful down the aspiring-artist chain.

One of the largest “art” collectors in the world is Hollywood mogul (((David Geffin))). Geffin, also is a homosexual and, along with his cohorts, has determined the menu of entertainment and music the public is fed.

According to the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art Chief Curator (((Paul Schimmel))), “There’s no collection that has a better representation of post-war American art than David Geffen’s.

Wealth-X reported in June 2013 that Geffen owns the most valuable private art collection in the world, with an estimated worth of $1.1 billion. This is about 20% of his fortune. Following Geffen, the most valuable collections belong to (((Steven A. Cohen))) and (((Eli Broad))), each of whom has $1 billion invested. In total, art comprises 12% of Cohen’s $8.3-billion fortune and 16.7% of Broad’s $6-billion portfolio.

The images that follow represent the highest-priced art that exchanges hands with these collectors. You can decide for yourself its merits. In February 2016, Bloomberg reported that Geffen had sold De Kooning’s 1955 oil painting “Interchanged” for $300 million and Pollock’s 1948 painting “Number 17A” for $200 million — both to hedge-fund billionaire Ken Griffin. Griffin is so aggressive that the night Enron went bankrupt, he said he had people on the ground scooping up one of the company’s teams immediately.

Who was Jackson Pollock (1912 – 1956)? During his lifetime, Pollock enjoyed considerable fame and notoriety. He was a major artist among his generation and was a reclusive alcoholic. He married (((Lee Krasner))), who had considerable success promoting his overrated art, especially after Pollock’s death and into the mind-numbing Flower Power  age. The movie Pollock, starring Ed Harris, provides the particulars. It picks up on the Jewish insider club art speculation and hype.

‘Interchanged’ by Willem de Kooning: $300 million
‘No. 17A’ by Jackson Pollock: $200 million

Next up is hedge-fund billionaire Steve A Cohen. He purchased Picasso’s ‘Le Reve’ from casino magnate (((Steve Wynn))) for $150 million in 2012

Picasso’s ‘Le Reve’: $150 million

Eli Broad, the home-builder billionaire, has done more than inflate “art.” He was the founding chairman of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles in 1979. Those are the elites who brought us the Spirit Cooking galas [we covered here]. He negotiated the acquisition of the Panza Collection for the museum (see below). The Broad Foundations, which include The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation and The Broad Art Foundation, have assets of $2.1 billion. Broad promotes charitable giving to the arts but to whom and to promote what exactly?

From Panza collection. What kind of scam is this?

“Onement VI” from abstract expressionist painter (((Barnett Newman))) sold at auction at Sotheby’s in 2013 for a record-setting $43.8 million. This was soon eclipsed by a $84.1-million sale called “Black Fire I.” The buyers were not disclosed.

$43.8 million
$84.1 million

Broad has taken his “talents” to serve from 2004 to 2009 as regent of the Smithsonian Institution by appointment of the U.S. Congress and the president. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Broad serves on the board of the Future Generation Art Prize. He is behind many artists of dubious quality, including the king of kitsch, Jeff Koons.


23 Comments on The Promotion of Pyramid Scheme Inversion Art

  1. Indeed, Russ. They’re not all evil and some are under considerable pressure to play along. We just have to keep our eyes open and see through the smoke and mirrors. Jones, Cooper, Anderson, all the colors, + Smith are the most common (((English))) names.

  2. Miriam Bratu Hansens’ essay on “Benjamins’ Aura” …discusses Walter Benjamins’] “being torn between the extremes of revolutionary avant-gardism and elegiac mourning for beautiful semblance…”

    a classical ambivalence of the talmudically contorted consciousness, whereby the longing for the beautiful interposes with the lust for destruction which the talmudic project centers upon. What cannot be possessed…. women, wealth, the wonder of being alive,… must then be destroyed,

    and it is in the Sadistical artistry of destructive use of power that the kabbalist kriminal klass excels. This is how we arrived at “Epsteinland”… and its Weinsteinian suburbs –
    a slow, steady corruption of all that is innocent in the world, of all that exists outside the maw of commerce, the market, a world which threatens the synogogue of satan gang because it abuses their sense of entitlement to all, and disturbs their dreams with vague memories of what it was like to be a child, unmolested by angry god religions.

    Just as his friend Scholem was forced to long introspective worry over whether kabbalism had overstepped its bounds within judaism, so Benjamin occupied that liminal zone where nostalgia for a world before the obvious evil of Marx, machines, and Marcuse was mixed with a fervor to usher all the terrors of that new age of ‘socialism’ now lurking in Amerika’s nightmares

    as the Noahide project hasnow won the day in Trimpfistan so quickly for the kabbalists that even in their ranks the fear of having gone to frankenstein-like far is forming in the demented brains of they who worship themselves as “God” incarnate.

    It took Baudrillard to cut through the bullshit and enunciate the real function of art in the circle of mercantile pirates trying to rebirth themselves as aesthetes and philanthropists –

    “Art is no longer anything more than a kind of meta-language for banality.”

    Banality is what they fear the most – in that empty place where a soul should have been… and Epstein is a creature who is nothing if not banal, like the society he created around him.

  3. It’s about the shekels, it’s always about the shekels. The “art” of money laundering.

    “Art is a very attractive vehicle to launder money,” says Peter D. Hardy, a former US prosecutor who now advises corporations and industries on compliance with anti-money-laundering requirements. “It can be hidden or smuggled, transactions often are private, and prices can be subjective and manipulated—and extremely high.”

  4. I’ve been revisiting the classics for a while now, trying to wipe the shit off my face from contemporary “art” and try giving catharsis a go…

  5. Jews ruin and degrade and invert EVERYTHING. They are just weirdos. They are now
    busy ruining the NBA – just take in a game (or part) and you’ll see. Besides the annoying
    Black Lives Matter spelled out in big letters on the hardwood, players are now sporting
    jerseys with ‘Justice’ , ‘Equality’ and other preachy vomitus on the back. Used to be just
    their last name. I’ve heard the NFL has equally repugnant plans for what you’ll see in the
    end zones since there won’t be any fans to get in the way of their shit show. Speaking
    of no fans, you now see cardboard cutouts and what appears to be animatronics at
    NBA games so get ready for this same shit at NFL stadiums. Cartoon world as Russ
    likes to point out. I’d post a pic of current commish Adam Silver (a real lens breaker)
    and former commish David Stern, both good Catholics by the way, but I always have
    difficulties posting pics on this site. Oh well, I spared your eyes the strain.

  6. Back in the 60s De Kooning, Pollack and Rothko were my fave artists….when I went to art school in NYC I tried to imitate one or all of them (shame on me!). Thank God my parents couldn’t afford tuition for another year there! Thanks God for a lot of supposedly negative actions and events that actually saved my life! has some examples of this.

    • Koons got sued over his use of that image at the start of video above.You see the full image at about 2:32; The couple pictured were actual dog breeders holding a welp of puppies; it was their postcard sent to clients and friends. Koons’ intent was to mock them as sentimental, mindless fly over Americans. They sued him and they won! – He paid damages and royalties.

      I liked, and still do, some of the abstract expressionist work; and tend to like more some of the 2nd generation “New York School” from the 1960s. Hans Hoffman at the end of his life in the early 1960s produced some dazzling work. There were lots and lots of good artists “imitating” them at the time – no reason for shame; innovators leave “schools” behind them.

      I think there is a world of difference between Pollack and DeKooning and jokesters like Koons and it is a mistake to conflate them. DeKooning was a painter – the works are meticulously made by hand. Koons is said to have never actually produced any of his work; it was all done by assistants. In the instance above – he handed the postcard to them and said “make it exactly like this” – that statement ended up as material evidence in the suit and worked against him.

      The marketing, celebrity collector, money laundering stuff is important and disillusioning. But I think the aesthetic intent and outcomes are separable.

      • I hear you regarding Koons not producing his own work…same with so many celebrities “authoring” auto-biographies or even fiction…they almost always hire ghostwriters! I forgot her name, but a very famous romance writer in the past who was a best selling author in her 80s is verified by a romance author friend of mine (who passed recently) to have hired ghost writers, many of them in fact, and hardly ever actually wrote her own novels! Once she became wealthy and famous, she only used ghost writers.

        As for the shame I felt, I got over it, being now an author of novels where Good triumphs over Evil. Thanks for the comment! You made my day!

  7. It’s impolite to notice the Scam-demic. High Art is a scam. Higher education is a scam. The stock market is a scam. Social Security is a chain letter to the future. Don’t tell me that professional wrestling is fake too..

  8. I guess the author got tired of hitting the “shift” and parentheses buttons. As that is a symbol of scum enemy jew, he missed a few, including the most obvious Picasso. We might draw a line there, with Picasso, to show that jewry already had control of the “art” industry then and glorified that crap into “elite art.”

    A simple way to get back to reality about “what is art” is to start with the necessity of noticing that “craft” comes first. Nearly all of what is called “art” during our lifetimes is mere craft, not rising to the level of art. This goes for songs, also, and other so-called arts. Nearly all songs are merely craft, including probably all of your favorite songs, not rising to the level of art. Likewise, movies. The jews call every movie a work of art. Absurd.

    So, now, you ought to want a good definition of “art.” I have one. I first published it several years ago. However, I’d rather encourage actual thought among the visitors here who are capable of it. What’s the difference between craft and art? What does it take to rise to the level of art?

    Jim Laffrey

  9. My outdoor art gallery made Newsweek last year and the Barbies were out there for a year and a half.

    If anyone is interested in the crowd psychology aspects of living in a world of brainwashed zombies join my Telegram group

    Harry Elmer Barnes is my hero, but Russ hasn’t mentioned him aside from one post about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He’s rightly credited as the father of historical revisionism and Barnes had many unique insights on the sociology of belief in a bogeyman for manipulation of public opinion.

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