Drone Activity by Drug Cartels Surges on San Diego’s Border with Mexico

PHOTO: DroneVideos.com

By Anna Giaritelli | 31 October 2018

WASHINGTON EXAMINER — U.S. Border Patrol agents based in San Diego have spotted 15 drones flying between Tijuana, Mexico, and Southern California over the past 12 months, according to new data provided to the Washington Examiner. …

San Diego Deputy Chief Patrol Agent Roy Villareal said his 2,200 agents have a hard enough time seeing or hearing the small aircraft at night — when they are most often flown — but intercepting them is nearly impossible. In fact, only one smuggler ever has been prosecuted in a drone incident near the border, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Between being unaware of just how widely cartels are using drones to smuggle contraband over the border and being unable to do anything when they are seen, it’s nearly impossible for agents to determine who sent the drone and then legally go after that person.

It’s also difficult to know just how great the threat is when agents are not aware of just how widespread drones are being used to spy on them from hundreds of feet above. […]

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