& the Great Purge on the Horizon

By Kit Knightly | 30 October 2018

OFF GUARDIAN — is an alternative social network, set up and launched in 2016. It’s founder, Andrew Torba, stated he wanted to create a home for free speech, and counter what he perceived as “liberal bias” on other platforms, such as twitter and facebook.

Two days ago, their website was taken down. This was in response to being blocked by PayPal, and then having their server space taken away by their hosting service. gab’s founder posted this statement on their stripped-down website.

Why did this happen?

Because Robert Bowers, the alleged gunman at the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, had a gab account and posted some things about “the jews” on it.

Is it right, or sensible to punish a platform for the (alleged) actions of ONE user out of 100,000s? And is that really what’s going on? […]

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  1. All operations are at least, “two birds with one stone” or the US phrase, “twofers”. The Tree of Life event is no different.

    Re social media : The alleged “pipe bomber” Cesar Sayoc is widely reported to have posted on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, but those are the preferred social networks, so they’re immune from manufactured wrath …

    My research shows that the Tree of Life synagogue event carries very clear signatures of an internecine conflict, projected onto a typical, caricature persona, in order to demonise Trump & condition frail minds before the mid-terms, with many of the usual suspects referenced.

    Israel’s Law of Return has been used, for the event itself and to the formation of the Pittsburgh Pirates, which has, once again, been used as an allegory in this narrative vis reported victims, Irving Younger and Melvin Wax.

    The same “Pittsburgh Pirates” allegory also featured in the 9/11 script, vis reported Flight UA93 victim and the alleged “Lets Roll” crew member, Lou Nacke’s reported baseball hero, Roberto Clemente.

    Also, the Pittsburgh River Hounds featured in the Paris Bataclan script, vis reported victim, Francois-Xavier Prevost. Recall Netanyahu’s uninvited presence on the Charlie Hebdo march and his calls for diaspora Jews to emigrate to Israel, repeated again after the February 2015 Copenhagen shootings.

    The Squirrel Hill, Tree of Life shooting narrative also includes the Pittsburgh Steelers vis reported victims, brothers David and Cecil Rosenthal. The Steelers allegory is used because it references, among many others, the intellectual progenitor of Conservative Judaism, Zecharias Frankel.

    As if to confirm these findings, I noticed yesterday that the NYT had this on Monday :

    Pittsburgh Killing Aftermath Bares Jewish Rifts in Israel and America

    But Saturday’s massacre also brought to the surface painful political and theological disagreements tearing at the fabric of Israeli society and driving a wedge between Israelis and American Jews.

    Israel’s Ashkenazi chief rabbi took pains to avoid the word “synagogue” to describe the scene of the crime — because it is not Orthodox, but Conservative, one of the liberal branches of Judaism that, despite their numerous adherents in the United States, are rejected by the religious authorities who determine the Jewish state’s definitions of Jewishness.


    The usual list of real targets for all US shootings is of course, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights ( 2nd Amendment ). The Tree of Life synagogue event also carries clear and obvious signatures from the adoption on the first 10 Amendments including the 2nd, the right to bear arms.

    The 2nd Amendment signature together with an almost identical signature from Nathan Meyer Rothschild, are both evident for the all of the “pipe bombs” and the alleged shooting from 23 to 27 October, except the first pipe bomb sent to George Soros.

    The criteria for the selection of Robert Bowers as the “Jew hating” perp was probably predicated on much that is unknown to us, but what is known is that, among others, his reported birth date carries exemplar signatures from the death of Adolf HItler.

    Quell surprise …


  2. Let this purge continue. People can then relearn how to function in a non-Internet world. The NWO will then lose the ability to watch over their enemy.

    • If it wasn’t for my indie book author-publishing, I’d already be off most of the internet (but I love Winter Watch!) Only reason I still have Facebook is to message with my daughter (I don’t have a cell phone). Never know when I can get ahold of her (she works a very odd schedule, lives where she works, then goes home when not at work.)

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