Robert Phoenix and Russ Winter: Exposition of the Turtles on the Fencepost

Robert Phoenix and Russ Winter line up and dispense with a series of notorious turtles on the fence-posts. “Turtles On The Fenceposts” a series of essays dedicated to uncovering how men of key prominence and positions attain their status through a criminal pedigree, often without any stunning qualifications or even merit.

Podcast is here.   You Tube alternative.

Was Fidel Castro Justin Trudeau’s Daddy?

The Sordid Family History of John Forbes Kerry

UK PM David Cameron’s Great Grandfathers Were Rothschild-Connected Bankers Who Financed Russo-Japanese War

The Uncanny Resemblance of Barbara Bush to Aleister Crowley

Will Barack Obama’s Real Father Please Stand Up

2 Comments on Robert Phoenix and Russ Winter: Exposition of the Turtles on the Fencepost

  1. Hello Russ 🙂
    I finally had the time to listen to the last 15-minutes of your interview.
    Regarding Books. Bob’s suggestion of a limited edition of 100/500 copies is an excellent idea.
    Your Work is priceless. And should not be lost in…cyberspace!
    I’ve bought some limited editions the past few years of some authors & researchers whom, because of censorship received limited exposure.
    Seriously-speaking, a type of “purchase thru membership”-clausal should be sufficient to avoid the ‘usual suspects’ robotic attacks.
    Copyright has many advantages.
    Perhaps a book with a total cost of 50usd with shipping in Europe could/should be considered.
    It would be an Honor to have a signed limited-edition in my collection.
    Stay Healthy.
    Best Regards Chris in Sweden

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