Will Barack Obama’s Real Father Please Stand Up

The ludicrous birther story of Barrack Obama being born in Kenya was finally dismissed by Donald Trump in 2016. The birther story was a decoy to draw attention away from Obama’s real inception. Obama “Junior” got nowhere near Barrack Obama “Senior,” and was in reality born in Honolulu. His biological father was Frank Marshall Davis (1905-1987).

The starting point are photos that I believe show this.  Compare Davis’, Obama’s and Obama Sr.’s photos below. The Davis resemblance is there, Obama Sr. a farce. Obama had a “cosmetic refinement” of his nose, detectable in the second photo. Obama is 6’2″ and Davis was 6’2,” and their physiques are described as similar other than Obama keeps the weight under control. Contrast that to East African Obama Sr., who was 5’10” and is small-framed. Obama “Jr” and Davis are both obviously Afro-Americans. One needs to be pretty gullible to believe Barrack Obama Sr is the biological father. Several of Obama’s Kenyan “siblings” no longer believe so.


There is reportedly evidence that Davis, at the age of 54, had a tryst with Obama’s mother, Ann Dunham, when she was 18. Stranger yet, Ann Dunham’s legal name was Stanley Ann Dunham (1942-1995), named after her father. Incidentally, Obama’s Grampa Stanley came across his mother dead of suicide when he was 8 years old. He was then shipped out by his dad. I wonder how grandpa turned out?

According to the documentary film “Dreams of my Real Father,” Davis was a well-known leftist, well educated and well spoken, and an aficionado of jazz and photography. He was also a pervert and, using the pseudonym Bob Greene, admitted to authoring a book about his proclivities in 1968 called “Black Sex Rebel.” Friends describe Ann as an original, before-her-time feminist.


Describing him as a “friend,” Ann’s father brought Davis home and they began to hang out. Shortly thereafter Ann became pregnant with Barrack. And while Davis was at it, he sold nude soft-core porn photos of Ann to a men’s magazine.


The head photos can be compared, however. The one on the right is from among Davis’ photographs. In the book “The Dreams of my Real Father” it shows the same furniture from the pose in Davis’ Honolulu house from photos taken at a different time. The photos show a Christmas tree and furniture also seen in other photos of Frank’s residence. Barack Obama was born Aug, 4, 1961, so November would have been the likely time of impregnation.

Whites are a minority in Oahu. There are even fewer blacks. Statistically, there just aren’t that many white Dunham lookalikes from which to draw. And the chances of an Ann Dunham lookalike on the island of Oahu, who also knew Frank Marshall Davis, would be quite the coinkydink.

Since Frank Davis was married, and the age difference between him and Dunham would have been embarrassing, and the baby had no name, Dunham’s father more than likely arranged a “marriage of convenience” with Obama Sr. in exchange for money and visa benefits for the young and very poor Kenyan, who at the time was attending the University of Hawaii.

There is zero evidence they ever resided together, and immigration documents show Barrack Obama Sr. had little clue about his “child.” This was laid out in “The Case Against Barrack Obama Sr.” The paperwork was so botched up that he later came back to Hawaii on Dunham’s dime to clear up a scholarship application for Barrack.

The birthers were barking up the wrong tree. Obama was born in Honolulu, and the reason the records are altered and missing was to hide the details of paternity, not the place of birth. Barrack Obama was natural born American well before Ann Dunham went to Indonesia. Ann Dunham went to Seattle shortly after Barrack’s birth and attended the University of Washington.

Also by coinkydink, Davis ultimately agreed to play a role in mentoring Barry (aka Barrack), particularly after he returned to Hawaii from Indonesia, when Barry was 10 years old. Why? By Stanley and Anne’s request, and I would say blood runs thick. It is generally believed that Barry didn’t figure out the truth until he stumbled across a original birth certificate that said father “unknown” at which point his grandfather revealed the truth.

Barry came to call Frank “pop,” and in college he wrote a strange, psychobabble poem about ol’ “pop.” You can read it here under some descriptive of “best American poetry.” This typical fawning is in the same genre as Obama’s ridiculous Nobel Peace Prize. I leave it to others to psychoanalyze and judge the merits of the poetry. When Obama took a job in South Chicago as a community organizer and took some time one day to visit the areas where Frank had lived, he fondly wrote in his book:

“I imagined Frank in a baggy suit and wide lapels, standing in front of the old Regal Theatre, waiting to see Duke or Ella emerge from a gig.”

Beyond the subterfuge about Obama’s real background, why does Frank Marshall Davis — the man who “looked like a football player and he spoke like a poet” (link works)– even matter? Primarily because he played an ideological role in Obama’s formative years. Davis was a life-long organizer, agitator and writer in the leftist movement [see Wikipedia]. He got his start in Chicago and actually joined the Communist Party in 1943. When asked if he was a Communist before a Congressional investigative committee in 1957, he plead the 5th.

In Obama’s early editions of his book “Dreams of My Father” (ghost written by Weatherman radical Bill Ayers), “Frank” is mentioned 25 times. He is strangely missing in later editions. The first edition was published in 1995 as Obama prepared to run for office in Chicago.

As Obama came of age and began to think for himself, Frank lectured him as he prepared to depart for college. Obama summarizes Frank (and his mom) as being “stuck in a Hawaii ’60s time warp.” That kind of remark is part and parcel to ANY independent offspring and his parents, and is one of the few normal, uncontrived things I’ve ever read about coming from Obama.

Obama returned to Hawaii to attend Frank’s funeral services in 1987. Ironically, Frank’s parting advice was the most sage of all: “Don’t sell out to the elites.” I’m sure “pop” would be rolling over in his grave if he knew what transpired.

But the Davis connection helped Obama get established as a player with the wealthy, influential, leftist Ayers family of Chicago, who sponsored Obama’s early political career.


Obama adopted the teachings (disorganizing to reorganize, tear down to rebuild, etc.) of (((Saul Alinsky))) of Chicago. A key Alinsky theorem is to “overwhelm the system” until it snaps. This is also known as the Cloward-(((Piven))) strategy. Obama taught classes on it, and as a community organizer in Chicago, spearheaded Alinsky-inspired voter fraud campaigns.

As president, Obama’s crowning Alinsky-esque glory has been the evisceration of the American bourgeois, the middle class, and creation of a large, lower class power base.

Although Obama never met Alinsky, the connection comes via Ayers and Davis, who did know and associate with Alinsky. Like Davis, Alinsky warned about those in power being co-opted. I believe Obama is a narcissistic personality, and a very compromised individual who has allowed himself to sell out on “pop’s” and Alinsky’s co-opt principles but not tear down those principles.

This connection goes a long way toward explaining Obama’s role as a third-world, corrupt, authoritarian, Marxist-Leftist who was installed as a cabal Crime Syndicate marionette. He was largely unvetted by the compliant media, who just went along with the fictional card-cut version of his strange background.

In 2008 Obama admitted that he spent time playing some sketchy role in Pakistan during the Taliban’s fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan. We hold he was earning his spurs as an intelligence operative.

Read “Obama Admits Being in War-Torn, Martial-Law Pakistan During ‘College’”

I was listening to an interview from a high school classmate about “Barry,” who said he first came off as charming, but then would continually lie and compulsively bullshit about the most mundane things, almost like a game. Sounds like mom and “pop” were good teachers. Obama controls it better now and acts more serious, but earlier on he had this constant duping delight smirk on his face when doing his spin.

Ultimately, Obama was raised by psychos: a frequently absent, wacky, super-intelligent young mother, and without a real father, except for communist pervert Frank and his secretive, CIA grandparents (who once worked in Lebanon). In another coinkydink, Dunham worked under Tim Geithner’s dad with the CIA-influenced Ford Foundation in Jakarta. Obama is the perfect amoral sociopath, with a smile that is as Eddie Haskell-ish as Geithner’s.

Strange family, strange boy, grinning Barry Soetoro wearing a inverted arm man rune talisman, the symbol of evil and death. We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

This is speculation, but Obama might have been put through the CIA’s East-West mind control program at the University of Hawaii as both Frank and his grandfather were interested in that kind of research. Frank starts blabbing out of context about this “interesting program” in an interview in the 1980s. Red flag?

In family photo taken in Indonesia, young Obama is wearing a reverse stickman talisman, or inverted arm man rune. Sounds innocent enough until you realize this symbolizes death and evil. Strangeness like this, coupled with mysterious gaps in Obama’s life, just goes on and on. And the vetting for strangeness as a qualifier for these agents to be in power is well established.

The excellent documentary “Dreams of My Real Father” goes to the core of it.

See “The Sordid Family History of John Forbes Kerry” and our story on George Bush.

31 Comments on Will Barack Obama’s Real Father Please Stand Up

  1. Ah So Obama is a Rockefeller man then? (Via Geithner I wonder if that clash is still the MO of our elections, if the House of Morgan and House of Rockefeller are still vying for power to pull the levers.

  2. Russ, I think you are wrong on this one. First of all, Davis looks absolutely nothing like Obama. I think that Obama’s real father is Stanley Armour Dunham (his grandfather, according to official history). Dunham supposedly liked black women and had dalliances with a number of them. I read a piece on the web about this some time ago but did not save it, and of course it has disappeared. The resamblance between Dunham and Obama is striking.

  3. Sorry, to be really, really late to the party on Barry.

    Was reading a thread by Ms. Blane and noticed this thread to the right. As someone who has had a passing interest in Barry’s straw man life, I could not resist trying to add some thoughts. To be honest, with this site being so well versed and some years old, much of what I might add could have been covered already or could be irrelevant at this point.

    First, I do not doubt the narrative of Mr .Frank Marshall Davis being Barry’s real father. As I own the documentary, I am familiar with the research and I believe it to be very accurate in uncovering the correct father.

    Further, I do suspect that Mr, Obama, the alleged father, was brought to the United States of America, via a Central Intelligence program that was designed to counter KGB / Russian influence in Africa. The actual Mr. Stanley Dunham (not the girl, but the alleged furniture salesman with the Vice President of a bank wife), may have been administrating this program when not selling sofas and BarcaLoungers. Hence, I would concur with the idea that Mr. Dunham was the connection to Mr. Obama (alleged Sr.).

    Also, I would agree that a duma was probably used in the child’s birth (baby Barry) and no registration of birth was ever entered for an official birth certificate.

    Where I (slightly) differ, but cannot exactly provide clear evidence of is the following:

    1. The Dunhams knew the Copelands (yes, the family that spawned the band The Police and IRS Records) and quite possibly the Philbys while in the Middle East. This could imply a deeper connection to communism from early on (as we all know what happened to Mr. Kim Philby).

    2. Like Mr. Al Sharpton (I refuse to use Reverend when referring to this man), I have long suspected that Mr. Marshall was working for the FBI as a paid informant (certainly the ability to support his haphazard and deviant lifestyle fits the mold).

    3. Did anyone else think is was strange that Mrs. Dunham passed away just as Barry was about to assume office?

    If one is concerned with money laundering (as might have been the case with Mr. George Floyd — still have not seen the counterfeit bills yet), then one way to quell the fears is to move the remove many of the players.

    4. My feeling was that Ms. Stanley Ann Dunham was a direct employee of Langley and got a check. Otherwise, why study Russian? It was unheard of most Americans to take up Russian at that time, much less a female student (not an insult, just an observation of the time period).

    5. Often I have opined that Ms. Stanley Ann Dunham was more than likely assaulted by her own father and that he may have even lent her out, based on the photographs of her in the pin-up shots, and his extremely close relationship to Mr. Davis.


    6. These precedents set a pattern for deviance within Barry’s life that has poisoned him from a very early age. This resulted in a cover story that is way beyond belief, possible drug addiction, possible male prostitution, and the continued harm toward minors (since the, alleged, Obama daughters seemed locked into a 24/7/365 acting role that will never end).

    Overall, the whole narrative is very sad and very ugly.

  4. None of this is surprising and basically reinforces the common notion that our Republic is currently being governed by phantoms. Not even to be classified as “Spooks” in the sense that they might have some semblance of substance or purpose. Sad indeed.

  5. The Obama family anomalies stretches across three generations, starting with Generation 1 – Frank Marshall Davis as noted above, who wrote about a threesome involving Ann, Obama’s mother, in his book.

    Generation 2 – Two months before she was suddenly found dead, comedienne and actress Joan Rivers (1933-2014) told an interviewer on camera that ‘Obama is gay’ and ‘Michelle is a tranny’ and ‘we all know’

    Barack himself has called Michelle ‘Michael’ on camera

    Here, a photo around the end of the 1980s, of a young age 20s Barack and his friend ‘Big Mike’ – quite Michelle-ish, don’t you think? Confirmation details and photo analysis, and more images, in this article:

    Generation 3 – Barack Obama and his ‘wife’ have two alleged daughters, Sasha and Malia, although no ‘parents with tiny children’ pictures that seem genuine.

    Sasha and Malia, now grown, seem in fact to be the children of Barack Obama’s friends, Anita Blanchard and Martin Nesbitt … who are now the girls’ ‘godparents’, tho in fact they look quite like the biological parents. As with Barack and Frank Davis, photos show a clear family resemblance. More on this page:

    There’s lots more about Barack Obama ‘Jr’ that raises questions, as noted above. Regarding his apparent registration in Indonesia as a ‘Muslim’ student, then his mysterious youthful time in Pakistan when strife there made tourism unlikely as noted above … Barack’s tongue once slipped in an interview to speak of ‘my Muslim faith’:

    • Sasha and Malia are by no means the biological children of the Obama’s! The whole ‘Obama narrative’ was manufactured for the general public. And similar to today with the people buying into this scamdemic and the masks associated with it, so it was with the public absorbing the ‘official history’ of Barrack and Michelle! People are clueless to how deep the extent of the deception goes!


      • Ed in Salt Lake,

        Yes, my post made the same point, but I (respectfully) think you may have missed it due to my wording. Mea culpa.

        My simple point is that these young ladies are in an even worse acting role than that of the “Clinton” daughter who is at least permitted to acknowledge her real mother and spend time with her openly (as if any part of that situation is actually a benefit); her real father took a bullet for the team and did the time, which is a very flawed situation on so many levels.

        As for the “Obama” girls, they will never be permitted to acknowledge their real parents in any way. To do so will put their lives in serious danger by the powers that be. Their acting contract is 24/7/365, as most entertainment contracts have been written since the late 1990s, and in their case the actual parents ratified the deal while the girls were still minors, so there was never a choice regarding their future slavery to the contract.

        This is a sad outcome for any individual to be entered into, no matter how guilded the cage.

        Simple Citizen

        • Simple Citizen,

          Thx for responding! These significant ‘truths’ that lie behind the comprehension of your everyday Joe are simply too giant a task to effect the populous uprising that is needed!

          When you gaze back at historical events such as 9/11, JFK/RFK assassinations, Sandy Hook, Murrah Building Bombing, the Fed Bank, WW’s 1 & 2, NASA, the Civil Rights movement, and many others that would baffle the mind when required to mold together in a significant way the connections between these and to weave together a serious, plausible narrative that explains how we’ve gotten to the point where we are at now,- it can be too much to take on emotionally and conceptually!

          Take care!

  6. Grandma Dunham worked in Bank of Hawaii the largest lender to the last resorts in Hawaii. Issuing Federal Reserve notes was her very business cover.
    The funniest thing happened to the Hawaiian monarchy after they ramped up their minting of sovereign metallic coinage and prepared a response to the ‘bayonet constitution’ during the late 1880’s. Hawaii was showing way too much independence, especially in terms of money. So was America showing its last gasp of ascendency- after a half century of growing prosperity and falling inflation, within twenty years of Hawaiian overthrow so did America lose its sovereignty under the coin clippers, setting in motion world wars, income taxes, and an irreversible decline in purchasing power as wealth increasingly wound up in the hands of the money masters.
    This was all preamble to zion, to the nation of the jewish people, Israel, formed out of two world wars. Now we enter the finale bringing world control back to the city on the hill, which ain’t Warshington but Jerusalem. Mosiach isn’t one particular jewish leader, not at all. Mosiach is ALL OF THEM, working together. Mosiach is the sayanim system and its components, or what E.O. Wilson called eusociality, the ‘winning strategy of social domination on earth’, the hive mind of group cooperation and conspiracy carried out with malice against everyone else.
    The irony is how they cry out in pain as they strike you. Imagine-everyone else hates them! Want an ‘edge’ on other gentiles-virtue signal your love of the tribe and all it stands for. For slavery. All intel agencies with their business covers in banking and colonial trade represent the global credit monopoly, a private crime syndicate that finances them. That is how Mossad and the CIA roll, all together, like they did for 9/11 and the JFK assassination managed by the CIA’s Mossad liaison, Angleton. JFK took the hit for a number of reasons involving the tribe, but in keeping with a general law of political science, assassination came surest to the patriot who issued sovereign money that displaced foreign tribal counterfeit.
    Of course, tell that sad story to the choir, or to Congress, bribed to the hilt by the tribe. The general population has no interest. Congress not the public or republican laws are the ones who decide who should and should not issue the currency. Rothschild never cared who made the laws because he knew he could bribe anyone in any kind of government. He knew this secret through bloodline initiation into a millenial heritage: through judicious studies of political science, a dark art the public has strangely never wanted to understand because revelation took the buzz off their ‘social progress’, i.e. gave them a nasty third rail shock.
    The inverted arm man talisman might be what you say- symbolic of human sacrifice, but it does occur as a simple statement “I exist” in remote barren lava flow petroglyph fields of Hawaii and other areas of the world. Petroglyph style has to be one of the most esoteric fields in Hawaiian archaeology and I would wager that if I camped at the mother lode of stick figures for a month I would not see another person. Most archeologists in Hawaii are employed elsewhere and could not even name the location of the stick figure motherlode, just as they have never found the Emory-Sinoto ‘cave’. I don’t want to draw attention to the world’s remaining esoterica but it is possible Obama was wearing a petroglyph for the same stupid innocent reasons he probably ate ice cream at some point. There is no barrier to entry.
    The other petroglyph style in Hawaii is a circle prepared to celebrate birth placed to hold a placenta. Again, it means “I exist”. Under harsh conditions no less. IMO these two basic designs were not designed with symbolic meaning of eventual sacrificial obedience but rather with economy of the strokes necessary with stone tools. They are a simple design without stylizations. Today a person would use a pneumatic burr or CAD to obtain complex, realistic designs, the best Molochs money can buy…and for completely different reasons. Carve your own rock sometime. Just don’t teach upstarts the method like Gauguin did. Obama’s talisman petroglyph could be as innocent actually as the Hawaiian shaka handsign, which some people unfamiliar with local style island culture have thought was masonic. Hawaiian culture has that sort of attachment. Unfortunately Obama was landed there.
    I won’t say Hawaiian culture traditionally was all face breathing and nose kisses. Ask anyone hauled up on a luahine heiau…but they are long gone. What was the difference there with Aztec pyramids? Nonetheless I stand by the simple petroglyph designs as the state of the art in a stone tool world. Not sinister… a reminder of where we come from what we are and where we are going.
    The jews who control the world today via global credit monopoly enforced by war and assassination, came in to the picture with iron mongering technology (better tools and weapons) at the same time as coinage. There is a good discussion of their arrival in the levant and the negative impact they made there in Harris’ book “Cannibals and Kings’. By the time of the Torah approx. 500 BC they could already boast of world hegemony (in a world they were ruining). Their earliest written codes show they must have a world of their own. The tribe are the ultimate control freaks, using as you mentioned, constant deception and denial like young Barack did around others. Stanley Ann looks quite frankly like a neurotic jewess.
    Barack’s ultimate trick on the massively stupid goyim was putting a man with a dick and balls in the White House as ‘First Lady’. No question who the world’s employed scriptwriters represent, eusocially…
    It is hard to find a stick petroglyph with suspended organs in the mother lode field but there is one at least in there and it looks just like Michael with a bulge he no can hide.

    • Mr. Kimo,

      Respectfully, to my knowledge, the bank in Hawaii is more famous for its laundering operations and connections to the global drug trade.

      Simple Citizen

    • Definitely the best reporting on the Dunham family’s work for the CIA and banking syndicates was done by Wayne Madsen although he reports Obama Sr as Barack’s father.


      You just have to follow all the information to unravel the complete story on this Manchurian candidate who became USI President. Suffice it to say Grandma Dunham was the syndicate paymaster at Bank of Hawaii operating as a VP, despite her previous experience only being work in a Boeing factory. Barack during his CIA front company tenure, before joining the Alinsky cadres in Chicago, liked to talk about financing and recruiting CIA assets as his field of expertise. Thus the lying and deception he personifies was learned not just from mentor/pornographer/communist father FMD, but from his grandparents and mother, a long time USAID and banking syndicate employee, according to Madsen.

      • S.G.,

        Great post, excellent link.

        You have taken us in a few directions here that all of us could elaborate on and detail more. For instance, your point on Barry’s recruiting career directly correlates with the furniture salesman’s work (grandpa – especially with Mr. Marshall and Mr. Obama Sr.) and Barry’s embedded activities in multiple homosexual communities. This topic alone could provide us all with weeks of dialogues and work.

        Certainly, I do wish to come back to your post here, but I need to run for the moment. Also just wanted to acknowledge the great link.

        Simple Citizen

          • Mr. Madsen sometimes does some excellent work, and although I do not always agree with his conclusions, I do always respect his aptitude and willingness to “ask the hard questions” in his research. His small texts on Mr. Soros and the Quantum Fund pack a big punch in a small space and are worth review if anyone is interested in what occurred first in NYC, the Bermuda and then the world. Well worth the (I think) $ 20.00 that I payed for them, and I happened to know a decent amount about the fund, before reading the text (learned a good deal more from Mr. Madsen).

            As for Barry, although he is in no way the most interesting cut out ever developed by our nation’s intelligence superstructure, The outcome of how they have used this cutout and the level of details that required “back peddling” when they realized sloppy work was done in different decades (especially the 1980s) is fascinating. Further, the willingness of a great majority of the American citizenry to simply accept each explanation (when a mistake was made or a detail slipped) is also very interesting to me.

            Your post and link reminded me of how many holes the are in the “cheese” of Barry’s life story, and how interesting the whole tale is.

            What still really bothers me is how much a victim I believe he is (possible numerous molestation events, from many men, dating back to childhood), and his unwillingness to stand up, come clean and try to stop illegal trafficking / child abuse, while in the office or even as a “celebrity” right now.

            If he understands one thing well it is this topic due to his alleged experiences from family and “family friends”. These events are the ones that propelled his excessive drug use, the lies, the “hook-ups”, the spying and all the other nastiness that comes along with this guy. If he could get only one thing really right in his life, this would be the topic with which he could plant his flag.

            Barry would not even need to blow his” cutout cover” in order to make a difference. So, I am left (with the data points I know about the man) constantly scratching my head as to why this victim will not finally become a voice of change and a force for just one good thing in his life?

            Then I come back to the realization that he is a coward, and lacks the emotional intelligence to honestly assess his own past, as well as take a stand on anything. What a sad way to go through one’s life.

            Oh well, great to connect with you on this topic. Please be well Sherlock!

            Simple Citizen

        • Trump was peddling the birther story for years, and that is a sure sign it was misdirection. I mean, with Trump being one of them, and all that.

          What interests me is why the Magic Mulatto was disbarred in Illinois. No one ever released the reason.

  7. Still the fact that he, and all others claimed obama senior was his legitimate father, (on all his forged birth certificates), and the undeniable fact, that none would address,…that a “Natural Born Citizen) can not be born of a foreign parent, would clearly make him unfit for the Office. His fabricates perona only emphasizes that fact.

  8. The evidence contained in “Dreams From My Real Father” is not refutable.

    But people believe the Africa canard.

    Go figure.

    • Yes- among the hybrid, ‘raceless’ types, anything goes where mixed consummation & offspring are concerned. It’s another form of ‘genocide’ that today’s mind laundered population cannot & will not accept- let alone understand.

  9. Sorry Russ,
    Jews are determined by their maternal links…
    President Obama is half Jewish
    A Company Family: The Untold History of Obama and the CIA

    Which kinda proves their subversive kommunist leanings…

  10. I’ve told many people this for years when they call him a Kenyan, then they change the topic and never really ask any deep questions. I’ve been calling him Frank Marshall Davis Jr. for years. They look at me like I have 3 heads. I tell them about the relationship with the mother, the porn pics, the resemblance, the timing in Hawaii. I’ve been trying to plant seeds of research. Too many parrots and not enough taking initiative. Did Rush Limbaugh et. al. poison the well with disinfo?

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