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Robert Mapplethorpe: Promoting Cultural Degeneracy, Weaponizing Modern Art

Robert Mapplethorpe at The Robert Mapplethorpe Exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London in 1983. PHOTO: Richard Young/REX

My first inadvertent glimpse of the depraved “art” of dick-pic photographer Robert Mapplethorpe (1946 – 1989, selfie) occurred while Googling images using the search term “Sausalito,” a quaint seaside community across the bay from San Francisco.

While scrolling the first page of postcard-style scenery, I was unwittingly subjected to a stylized black-and-white photo of a hooded man urinating into another man’s mouth. The source of the scatalogical image, titled “Jim and Tom, Sausalito” (1977), is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) website. I would’ve guessed it was some hardcore fetish porn magazine for homosexuals.

I’m not going to force this filth on you the way Google and LACMA subversively forced it on me – and probably countless others. If you want to see what I’m talking about, simply click here.

Though I studied photography for a couple years in college, Mapplethorpe was an unknown name to me. (I wish it still were.) A cursory glance at his work revealed a collection of slick black-and-white photos of homosexual acts of grotesque degeneracy. A brief bio stated that, unsurprisingly, he died AIDS — a fitting end, I thought, and good riddance to bad rubbish.

Although Mapplethorpe is long dead, his perverted work won’t be buried. In fact, it’s being promoted.

‘Look at the Pictures’

In 2016, HBO premiered its original 90-minute documentary on Mapplethorpe called “Look at the Pictures.” Curious about the narrative HBO employed to justify this so-called “art,” I decided to watch it. Plus, after producing photography old-school style for 10 years and digital for 10, I understand intimately the complex aspects of the medium. Even when not enthralled with the subject matter, I can still appreciate the challenges and enjoy learning about technique.

That was not the case with this flick, because it was not about a photographer or photography. It’s a story about a morally bankrupt man who hated photography. He didn’t study it. He never even bothered to learn to process film or make prints. His interest was in fame, wealth and being viewed as an “artist,” and he exploited everyone and everything around him – even himself — in order to obtain that goal.

The following links provide a shortlist of Mapplethorpe’s depraved work: S&M, black mass, fisting, pissing into a glass, penises, rectums, satanism and awkwardly posed naked children. If you Google Mapplethorpe, you’ll also find, oddly enough, that he photographed flowers and celebrities. I won’t be displaying any of Mapplethorpe’s garbage on this website. Frankly, I don’t even like writing about him, but Winter Watch contributors believe it’s important to raise awareness about cultural rot and the weaponization of art.

According to HBO, the Mapplethorpe Foundation donated his massive collection of self-produced pornography to J. Paul Getty Museum and LACMA in 2011. The 120,000 images fill five vaults at The Getty. Its value was placed at $38 million (estate value est. $228 million). Both museums concurrently exhibit his work as “twin retrospectives,” though the museums’ curators admittedly “have trouble making a case for this.”

HBO goes on to describe Mapplethorpe’s work as one of the great controversies of the ‘90s and the artist himself as “demonized by conservative politicians.” Then we are shown his early life as a boy in middle-class America. He’s described in interviews as a “fuck up,” a thief and a “devilish guy” who was raised a Catholic.

At Pratt College, he dropped acid and used other drugs. His roommate said Mapplethorpe laced his cigarette with LSD and, as a result, completely lost his memory. He said Mapplethorpe was always trying to find a way to stand out from the rest and was often seen wearing a black top hat and black cape around campus. He also adopted a small monkey that would ride on his shoulder.

As a final project at Pratt, students were required to make a musical instrument out of bone. And what fortunate timing for Mapplethorpe when his monkey “suddenly died.” So he chopped off his head, boiled it and turned it in for his project, his roommate recalls.

Around this time, Mapplethorpe began his lifelong relationship with Patti Smith, a sexually androgynous woman who also was aspiring artist without any notable ability. They were described as a good couple because they were “respective of each other’s magic.”

After college, they lived together at an art colony in Chelsea – or rather, they lived like pigs and called it “art.” Mapplethorpe worked as a call boy (male prostitute) and stole gay porn magazines from which he would make “art” collages. He also got into fetish toys that he would craft into “art sculpture” – if that’s what you want to call a dildo protruding from a pair of leather pants.

Eventually, he begin shooting his own dick pics with a Polaroid camera and incorporating the snaps with his porno paper-doll cutouts. Voila! An “artist” was born! (puh-leez) Apparently, punk-rock poet girlfriend Patti didn’t care about Robert’s bisexual tendencies. The two were trying to make the social scene in Chelsea, and whatever it took to do so was encouraged. So Mapplethorpe collected boyfriends who were published models.

One male model/lover introduced him to Sam Wagstaff, an art collector and curator from a well-to-do, well-connected New York family. Wagstaff, who had a Polish wife, was also a closet homosexual. He and Mapplethorpe had a 15-year affair. Wagstaff provided Mapplethorpe with his resources (money, access to New York’s art world and celebrities), and Mapplethorpe provided Wagstaff with extreme sex and drugs. Suddenly Mapplethorpe was able to acquire high-end equipment, a real studio and staff to print and promote his work. With Wagstaff’s help, he had showings, recognition and eventual sales. For favorable reviews, Mapplethorpe would charm and sexually seduce art critics.

In time, Patti coaxed Mapplethorpe into photographing celebrities in order to diversify his portfolio’s “sex stuff.” He photographed Arnold Schwarzenegger, Brooke Shields, Sigourney Weaver, Susan Sarandon, Isabella Rossellini, Grace Jones, Deborah Harry, Iggy Pop, Peter Gabriel, Truman Capote, Susan Sontag, Carolina Herrera and Andy Warhol, among others. Warhol was said to have despised Mapplethorpe, and Mapplethorpe was jealous of the prices Warhol could command for his work.

But critics weren’t enamored with his non-“sex stuff” and labeled it pedestrian and “retrograde.”

Nonetheless, even after achieving a measure of success, Mapplethorpe continued to frequent New York’s underground, low-rent, homosexual night clubs known for orgies, S&M and scatological fetishes. As a routine, he would pick up a man, bring him back to his home studio, have sex with him, photograph him and show him the door.

He eventually developed a preference for black men, and it was said that later in life he slept with them and photographed them almost exclusively. He also befriended a homosexual former priest and exorcist. The two probably meshed well given that Mapplethorpe was a self-professed hardcore Luciferian.

“Satan to him was a convivial playmate,” the exorcist told HBO – but the cable network chose not to address this aspect of his life. Rather, references to devil worship and Satanism were delivered as tidbits of color offered by interviewees in this biography that elevates perversion to an art form. And not only did HBO choose not to explore Mapplethorpe’s satanic side, it completely ignored some of the even more despicable aspects of his life – if you can imagine such a thing.

David Berkowitz, The Process Church, a Snuff Film and an Unsolved Murder

Mapplethorpe has been tied by multiple sources to the “Son of Sam” serial killer David Berkowitz, The Process Church (a satanic cult offshoot of the Church of Scientology that gained fame for its ties to the Manson family) and the unsolved murder of photographer Ronald Sisman.

The story goes like this: On Halloween eve in 1981, police responded to reports of gunfire at an apartment in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. When they arrived at the third-floor duplex, police discovered the slayed bodies of Smith College student Elizabeth Platzman, 20, and photographer Ronald Sisman, 39.

A New York Times story from Nov. 2, 1981, states:

Both victims had been beaten severely and shot once in the back of their heads at close range, the police said. The apartment had been ransacked. …

Mr. Sisman operated two photography businesses at that address. The apartment’s furnishings had been torn apart, apparently by the killer or killers in a search for something, the spokesman said. All identification had been removed from the bodies of Miss Platzman and Mr. Sisman, he added.

Police are investigating the possibility that robbery was the motive for the double homicide. Authorities also raised the possibility that Mr. Sisman may have known his murderer, since there was no sign of forcible entry to the apartment.

According to various witness interviews, reports, books and authors, Berkowitz’s last murder in 1977 was allegedly filmed. Years after his killings, Berkowitz admitted to being a member of The Process Church. He said 12 members of the cult – and specifically the Carr family and son Sam Carr — was involved in some of the “Son of Sam” killings for which he took responsibility., drawing from the book “The Ultimate Evil” by Maury Terry, writes:

In the final Sam attack, the victims were selected because they were parked under a street light, which created optimal conditions for filming. Three people in a van a few feet away made a video recording, a snuff film of the attack, for sale underground, Terry reported.

A convicted bank robber named Jesse Turner, who once lived with Smith and Mapplethorpe, told Terry that Mapplethorpe knew about this tape. In fact, Turner said, Mapplethorpe asked him to arrange the killing of Ronald Sisman, the man who had the tape, which was filmed at the Process’ request. Sisman was murdered in 1981, and the two hit men recovered five snuff films from Sisman’s apartment, including the Son of Sam tape.

Turner said he was a good friend of Michael Carr, who supposedly pulled the trigger in the seventh of the eight Son of Sam shootings. About halfway into the killings, Turner told Terry that he learned “the Process was behind Son of Sam. They called it one of their ‘Apocalyptic Trials,’ which meant a major display of public violence.”

But enough about Mapplethorpe, who’s now just a worm-eaten corpse. What matters today, right now, is messaging.

Social Engineering

In the ‘90s, there was some political push back to Mapplethorpe’s work by the conservative wing in Washington, D.C. and in particular Senator Jesse Helms, the American Family Association and Citizens for Community Values on the grounds of obscenity. A museum ended up in court for exhibiting Mapplethorpe’s photos, and the museum won. [A thorough yet Pervert Justice Warrior-biased article on the case may be viewed here.]

After that, Mapplethorpe’s bogus “art” seemed to disappear from public view until around 2014, which marked the 25th anniversary of his death. What opportune timing for a retrospective, just as the media unleashed an unprecedented wave of homosexual and transgender propaganda on the American public in a manner similar to post-WWI Weimar Berlin.

On a denotative level, Mapplethorpe’s art represents sexual exploitation in its rawest form regardless of orientation. Then and now, certain groups within society that want to normalize human exploitation will employ “art” such as Mapplethorpe’s as a vehicle to bring about cultural and moral decay.

On a connotative level, there’s a dangerous message here, especially for aspiring photographers and artists. The message is that success is not about God-given talent or the inherent artistic value of thoughtful work. Rather, to be revered and successful, one must constantly find new ways to lower the bar. One must be willing to exploit everyone and everything around them — even if it means killing your pet monkey and prostituting yourself to homosexuals.

But most importantly, it encourages struggling young artists to find sugar daddies or mommies with wealth and social connections, and to let that elite figure sexually exploit them in exchange for access to their capital and connections. What sad social commentary, truly. One wonders how many Mapplethorpe wannabees are loose upon the land.

It should noted that during the Cold War, the CIA used modern art as a weapon. Starting in the ’50s, the agency secretly funded and flaunted modern artists such as Pollock and de Kooning to a global audience as proof of America’s creative and intellectual freedom, as opposed to communist Russia’s ideological constraints.

The Promotion of Pyramid Scheme Inversion Art

In this light, the question begs: Is it possible that the CIA is running the same type of program with post-modern art to juxtapose Islamist values and perhaps even inflame Muslim rage toward the West? It’s something to think about, certainly.

In close, it should also be noted that the “Look at the Pictures” — a not-for-prime-time documentary that should be (at minimum) rated NC-17 — received the Prime Time Emmy Award for Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Special. It was produced and directed by filmmakers Randy Barbato and Fenton Baily, whose film and television production roster includes “Party Monster,” “Inside Deep Throat,” “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and “The Secret Rulers of the World.”

22 Comments on Robert Mapplethorpe: Promoting Cultural Degeneracy, Weaponizing Modern Art

  1. Great article, Torchy.
    I recently visited my 87 year old mother. She needs some entertainment, so she watches English TV shows on PBS. Although I don’t normally watch TV, I watched a couple of her shows to be sociable. One show ‘The Coroner’ was literally non-stop homosexual imagery. Rainbow symbols, Dykes on Bikes, good femme dyke vs. bad butch dyke, rainbow sweaters, etc. The other show I watched was ‘Father Brown’. The lead ‘actress’ was very obviously a man in drag. Even my Mom noticed this. So, degeneracy is everywhere. It’s mainstream.

  2. So the Maplethorpe puff piece was given an Emmy award by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS). Guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise as it’s a satanic organization founded by a 33rd degree mason, Don Defore. (See Freud’s Mafia: Sigmond Freud’s Crimes Against Christianity by Paul Thomas Boggs for more info.)

    I had forgotten about Patti Smith. Man, what a talentless hack she was. Just thinking about her version of “Gloria” makes me want to rip my own ears off.

    Great article, Torchy.

  3. Ah yes, “modern art” ……

    All part of the Leninist, Stalinist, Putinist ideological subversion, asymmetrical warfare operation against the west.

    Throw in a little, or a lot, of “Protocols of Zion”, enlist a bunch of “Useful-Idiots” from college student rolls and anti-European racists and bigots and presto, the Neo-Bolshevik destruction of freedom on planet earth.

    Thanks Jews !

  4. Hmmmm….at first glance I thought this was a picture of Mick Jagger in his earlier days, when he was a mega rock star….good God is he ugly these days! I went to art school in 1970 after graduating high school and I never heard of this dude, and kiddo I am so glad I never got involved with “art”! Better to be an author:

  5. First, I would like to thank Mr. Blane (do not know if you prefer Torchy) for this article. Honestly, I had not heard of or even thought about Mr. Mapplethorpe in decades. Having grown up (part of the time) and then living in Manhattan, I was familiar with his work and even met one of his photographic assistants many years ago.

    Personally, I found his work revolting and the sense that I got of the man seemed consistent, even though it was second hand. Unfortunately, like Mr. Warhol, one seemed to get the impression that there was more image, over substance, in the persona of these men (if you can call them men). Although I never went to a Mapplethorpe exhibition, as I recall he was exhibited in some very high price real estate in midtown (if I recall correctly the Mary Boone gallery).

    As for the solicitation and prostitution of art to the wealthy, I would say that the 1980s was a period in which this whole business arrangement took on new dimensions (I am sure someone could check me on an example here or an example there in history, but as a widespread practice, I think I am in the ballpark).

    One area of art that I would point to in support of your idea is music in the 1980s. Without the “sugar daddy” / “sugar momma”system, many of the most notable, pop, musicians in the United States of America would never been known. From Mr. Mapplethorpe’s own circle, one could simply recall that Madonna subscribed to a similar system for fame and fortune; however, there are many other examples to pick from.

    What caught me the most about your post was this statement:

    “In this light, the question begs: Is it possible that the CIA is running the same type of program with post-modern art to juxtapose Islamist values and perhaps even inflame Muslim rage toward the West? It’s something to think about, certainly.”

    My (humble) response would be a YES and a NO. Yes, I do believe that the CIA has been in heavily involved in art, entertainment and literature since Mr. Dulles and the 1950s (around the same time they infiltrated the New York Times – the Graham family simply let them walk right into the post). Lest we forget that Mr. James Jesus Angleton was a published poet and fiend to Mr. Ezra Pound until it was no longer convenient. Also, in this same line of thought we should not dismiss the Pentagon’s involvement in entertainment, especially the movie industry (e.g. Top Gun and other fine cinema classics – sarcasm- heck may they were into music and sponsored the Village People as well — at this point, little surprises me).

    What I would have to disagree with is that they are or were seeking Muslim rage. Do I believe it could be considered an ancillary benefit that they are pleased with, sure. Yet, I think their mission is more focused on a broader breakdown of societal norms in the western world. Often we find out that this Muslim organization or that Muslim organization is doing the bidding of the CIA, the FBI or both organizations in tandem (some of the nation’s recent riots would indicate a bit of both providing logistical support and possibly training).

    So I would have to say that I do not think (just my humble opinion) that they are specifically targeting Muslims in order to enrage them with specific pieces of art propaganda, but they do not mind the results either way. Now my addition here has gone on long enough, so I will wrap in a minute. What I would like to also add is that we are not touching upon whether the Mossad and its associates (many of whom own galleries, support museums, own media empires) are attempting to enrage Muslims. This type of scenario (which is not too distant from the Wiemar Republic of the 1920s forward; very similar players) is completely feasible and could in fact be the case.

    (Side note — maybe a discussion for another time — Where is the monument to Mr.James Jesus Angleton located? Langley? No. Italy? No. Israel? Yep…it is an interesting world in which we all live).

    • Thank you. Appreciate the interesting history and thoughtful viewpoint. “Torchy” is fine. 🙂 It’s a pen name for a silver screen character on which Lois Lane was based.

      What bothers me more than Mapplethorpe are those who perpetuate and celebrate debauchery and elevate it to the level of art.

      • Many thanks Torchy!

        As I followed Batman, more than Superman, I would not have known about the connection between the silver screen character and Lois Lane (even though I do enjoy older films).

        As for your point on debauchery, I could not agree more. It would seem to me that Germany, post World War I might have been an inception point. Then we would have the United States and England, post World War II (especially the U.S. in the 1950s with the beat poet followers). Unfortunately, it then seems that round tables and intelligence agencies, who had dabbled in Bernay’s ideas in the 1920s, really took them seriously from that point on.

        The constant layer of trying to one up another in shock value seems to get us to Mr. Mapplethorpe and beyond. It is a real shame and I believe has a deeper impact upon the psyche than many would acknowledge or even realize. This is why I am glad you created the whole thread for reflection.


  6. This disgusting guy is a poster child for proof that homosexuality is destructive.
    “It should noted that during the Cold War, the CIA used modern art as a weapon. Starting in the ’50s, the agency secretly funded and flaunted modern artists such as Pollock and de Kooning to a global audience as proof of America’s creative and intellectual freedom, as opposed to communist Russia’s ideological constraints.“
    If the cia, an agency rumored to be itself rife with homosexuality, were the good guys, and really wanted to oppose communist Russia’s ideological constraints, they would’ve activated their mockingbird media to alert the people of the west to the atrocities of the gulag system and the millions dying there. Obviously they weren’t the good guys, and simply worked as fake opponents to their Russian comrades. It would be another 20 plus years before Solzhenitsyn would let that cat out of the bag, much too late for anything to be done about it. So the west got culturally degenerated while the Russian people got culled. It makes all the more sense that about 20 years after Solzhenitsyn, communism in Russia “failed”- but mainly for western eyes to behold, while not much really changed there.
    It seems that this same act is being played out with China now, and Trump blaming them for the virus hoax. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future, Chinese communism goes the way of Russian communism, for western eyes to behold. The Russians figured out that the corporate socialism of their western comrades was just as effective, and so will the Chinese.

    • All good points and probably correct in terms of the end prediction.

      If Mr. Norman P. Dodd, of the Reece Committee, is to be believed, then his discussion at the Ford Foundation (a CIA connected 501c3 / nonprofit / or NGO for any international friends) would indicate that socialism / communism was to be ratcheted up in the USA / the west, while relaxation of these same forms of government were supposed to occur (over decades) in Russia, as well as China.

      One could opine that is why Goldman and Sachs released their projection of the BRIC nations in 1990 as being dominant financial powers in the future. The plan has been in front of citizens (for decades) all over the world, but we have been witnessing it come to fruition since the late 1990s.

      These changes to national ideologies, and forms of government are designed to make everyone compatible so that a world government can finally be manifested. My own (humble) mistake was that I thought the target year for all of these changes was 2030. It would seem that I was gravely wrong with the theory of an inception point for the larger actions that we are witnessing today.

      All of this goes hand – in – hand with the conversation we were having with regard to massive disruptions of males and masculinity throughout the world. Although I would acknowledge that there is posturing to the contrary (e.g. in Hungry, Poland and Russia), the destruction of male strength impedes resistance, which I think is relevant to both the topic of this thread and the one we were previously speaking on.

      One last thought:

      When we consider the FBI and Director Hoover’s unwillingness to acknowledge La Cosa Nostra, while pushing the concern of domestic communism, it may be helpful to not fall into the trap (as I did) that this was simply stupidity on Mr. Hoover’s part, or related to what photographic evidence Mr. Meyer Lansky might had on the Messrs. Hoover and Tolson ‘s relationship.

      If we consider that Director Allen Dulles had targeted the infiltration of every single (even the most benign) governmental office in the United States and all American media outlets, then it may very well have been Mr. Dulles who was actually keeping Mr. Hoover in “check”.

      If the attention was taken away from the mafia in the United States, then the CIA would have plenty of time to foster its domestic and international drug networks, with little to no domestic opposition (as they had already worked with the FBN during the OSS training days, and continued joint operations after the war).

      My own (humble) thought is that the drug operations were far more important than facing the enemies (e.g. China and Russia) that we created prior to the Cold War. If financing was stripped from these powers, then a collapse would be imminent and the results very quick. Mr. Soros (yet another version of a Jeffery Epstein type “cutout”) seemed to make this point quite clear, as a proxy, in 1998 with regard to his assaults on the Russian ruble. Basically sending the message that “if you step out of line and we (the 1% of the 1%) will collapse your economy”.

      So I agree complete with your point on the CIA never caring about any offering of truth regarding communism and their complicity in keeping communist nations alive and well (including Vietnam, post 1974).

      As for their homosexuality, between their (very early) heavy recruitment of “Bones Men” and the Vanderbilt scion on CNN, I can only state that I concur, again. There are far too many other examples to even consider here.

      An interview with Mr. Dodd:

      • Hat tip, simple citizen, I’ve linked to the same Dodd video on a past thread. I found it telling that in his testimony, which I consider truthful, the tax exempt foundations zeroed in on the US state department and the education system as far back as (at least) 1908. At that time the state department was the main national intelligence agency. They always go for the intel agencies first. The infiltration of the education system speaks for itself, although in my more naive times past I would’ve hazarded a guess it happened later than that. Now I reckon that they really got this ball rolling in the 1870’s, after the war between the states. Anyways regarding Meyer Lansky- here’s a wonderful rabbit warren concerning him from my neck of the woods… Lansky > Kemper Marley > Jim Hensley > John McCain. Reporter Don Bolles lost his life trying to figure that one out!

        • Black Throated Sparrow,

          Many thanks for the response; I am appreciative.

          Your point regarding the State Department and the education system, as well as intelligence, is right on target. Now what I would (respectfully) ask you to consider is the nexus between intelligence, the Rockefeller family, and education. To my knowledge, the Rockefeller family was an early asset for both the U.S. State Department and the United States Army during that period and through WWI, due to their international nature / connections. Also, we know that the Rockefeller family played a significant role in forming education legislation in the United States and also founded the University of Chicago.

          There are better resources, but I am a little pressed on time, so this is a quick paste:

          “In 1902, John D. Rockefeller created the General Education Board at the ultimate cost of $129 million. The GEB provided major funding for schools across the nation and was very influential in shaping the current school system. As Rockefeller put it, “I don’t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers.”

          This resource is much better, but you can more than likely read it for free online at this stage (I bought the book years ago for about $40.00):

          As for Lansky > Kemper Marley > Jim Hensley > John McCain, I am stumped and never heard of these links before, but I am also deeply appreciative. It will take me a little time to follow-up on these connections; however, I am always up for a good challenge and learning something new.

          Just as an aside, does any of this also touch Mrs. Cindy McCain’s family or that of the first wife’s family? Will follow-up on this trail either way.



          • Disregard the last bit…I get it now. It is Cindy’s father. Sorry about that! Might need another cup of coffee, stat!


        • Hat tip right back…

          Although I am pressed for time (and got sucked into this story big time), it is a very interesting set of events that occurred in Arizona, My knowledge of Arizona is myopic. A state with an independent spirit that fostered Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and Senator Barry Goldwater (I ignore the McCains for other reasons and pretend they just came from Mars instead); I have visited the state only twice in the 1990s for business.

          All of this being stated, this story knocked me off my chair. It sounds very much like the type of story we would hear about Texas (Jack Ruby’s crowd), Florida (Trafficante et. al.), Arkansas (Mena Airport) and / or Louisiana (the New Orleans crowd — pick anyone, literally anyone with the exception of Garrison maybe).

          Never in a million years would I have thought of these deep connections would run through a state known for its independent thinking and photographs of beautiful valleys. Nearly fell out of my seat!

          Will continue to read up on it later today or this evening, but I am appreciative to have even been made aware of this.

          Many thanks!

          P.S. For me, I keep away from the McCains for many reasons; however, the icing on the cake is the Keating Seven. Unfortunately, I have met a few of those turkeys’ associates / underlings, and they are just not very good / nice folks.


          • @simple citizen- McCain isn’t an Arizonan. He was born in Panama and was an internationalist from birth. Judging by the facts presented in the article by Sydney Schanberg, any person with a 90+ IQ will come to the same conclusion that he wasn’t an American. His coffin was draped with a very wrinkled flag for many good reasons.
            Regarding the Rockefeller-intelligence nexus, I’ve explored that rabbit warren. It goes without saying that they likely followed closely in their British big brothers’ footsteps. As I said before, they always secure the intelligence agencies first. Look to Victor Rothschild, or his uncle Lionel (Sidonia) as an archetype.
            I will add that the Rockefeller led tax exempt foundations have adulterated everything they’ve touched through the creation of outwardly legitimate appearing (((associations))), spanning topics such as but not limited to: medical, dental, historical etc et al. Any national association should be suspected, my sentiments.

            • First, thank you. Although I was aware of Senator McCain’s birthplace, I never paid too much attention to the details that you have mentioned, and I remain appreciative.

              My (humble) perspective was that McCain was corrupt to the core and extremely brutal to his first wife, even though she did the most Christian thing and forgave the sucka!

              Unfortunately, I never really put the math together from his inception point to his demise, but viewed the middle to late life as enough to make me ignore him as best I could. When I consider Arizona, I normally think of black and white prints of valleys as well as the fact that I enjoyed sweating in the “dry” heat of August on one of my two visits. = )

              With regard to the Rockefeller family, I would concur that they most likely followed the British model and were even “schooled” by the Rothschild folks. My main point was to back you up on a timeline that began with “education reform” in the United States and their intelligence services rendered to the U.S. State Department.

              Since they literally made the case that a corporation could have the same rights as a human being (successfully launching a challenge under the 14th Amendment), created Delaware incorporation laws, helped form the Federal Reserve Bank and pushed for / wrote section 501(c)3 of the IRC, I would also agree that their nonprofits have used every means necessary to accomplish goals through various associations (layers, upon layers, upon layers).

              What I am most grateful for is the spotlight on McCain, even though he is not my favorite person. There is obviously still more for me to learn here, and I am grateful with the help in direction.


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