Fewer Young Men Self-Identify as Masculine

If YouGov polls are any indication, the Crime Syndicate’s feminization campaign is bearing fruit. Americans were asked to rate themselves on a scale of 0 to 6 where 0 is “completely masculine” and 6 is “completely feminine.”

Interestingly, 65% of limping, crotchity, low-T old-timer men over the age of 65 say that they are “completely masculine,” whereas only 28% of men ages 30 to 44 and 30% of men ages 18 to 29 say the same.

Among those under 30, some 13% put themselves halfway between the masculine and the feminine, while 12% say that they are at least slightly feminine. Only 4% of over-65 men say that they are all feminine.

This is even more pronounced in the U.K. Among British men ages 18 to 24, shockingly only 2% say that they are “completely masculine.” Among the entire male population, only 28% of male Brits identify as completely masculine versus 42% in the U.S.

The causa proxima of this comes from a multi-front attack. There is clear evidence that agents and chemicals in food and the environment impact males at the fetal stage. This would include estrogen in water. This continues all through the development and growth stage of the young male. Hormonally, by the time they reach young adulthood, many are in fact quasi-females.

Read “Chemical Agents in Water and Food Supply Feminize Human Population”

The second attack is brainwashing and propaganda. Feminized, girly boys like Justin Beber are put forth as icons. It follows that since more young men identify as more feminine, this manifests itself in clothing and style, as there is a market for the metro look. This denutting process becomes more of a norm in society and culture.

Image result for time magazine modern male

We then see pussification programs in institutions like the Boy Scouts and schools where more aggressive games are banned. Incredibly, we now also see certain segments of society frowning on the distinction of being a masculine male.

Read “Boy Scouts Ban Squirt-Gun Fights as Part of National Pussification Campaign”

Scientific research as to whether young women prefer girly boys over macho men is also illustrative. Studies found that use of contraceptive pills leads to a statistically significant number of young women preferring feminine men over masculine. Among users of the pill, there is also more inclination to mate (partner choice) with males genetically different, such as from other races or ethnicities.

However, when it comes to actual reproduction, the natural order returns. Women not on contraceptives favor genetically similar partners and those more masculine. These hormonal flips bode poorly for relationship stability. Could all the hormone and chemical-agent onslaughts explain the growth of bizarre sexual fetishes, such as cuckoldry?

Thus, there is ample evidence that hormones from various sources are artificially working against nature and natural selection. It is also a form of transhumanism, which produces fewer straight heterosexuals and more gender confusion. All this is further amplified and normalized via organized propaganda, brainwashing and hyper-tolerance messaging.

The transhumanist neutering campaign is not just directed at white populations. Hispanics, who have traditionally been macho and masculine, are being targeted as well. There is a movement afoot to replace Latino (Latina) and Chicano with Latinx and Chicanx.

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  1. Like other animals of the ape species family, most humans are fairly hard-wired to imitate what is portrayed to them as behaviour of dominant groups … cabal oligarchs know this, hence the importance of controlling media … and the cabal obviously takes great joy in watching people shift even their sexual identities in order to seem pleasing to the Powers That Be

    The counter-move by sub-groups is to start to show others that some other approach than the cabal-sold one, is actually more satisfying – this minority subversion can work, as humans also have an instinct to affiliate with a local tribe that better serves their interests, over against even majority dominant power … this undermines the cabal-sold perspective, & the cabal then must at least superficially appear to come to terms with the snowballing trend from below

  2. It’s also sad how few women identify as feminine. Basically the agenda is one of promoting androgeny, and it’s succeeding.

  3. I think it’s a blatant attempt to destroy personal identity at a very base level, thereby making people more susceptible to brainwashing.

    • Agreed.

      As well as the constant berating of all types of individuals, from all walks of life, to set a “new normal” (whatever that is). Low self esteem and class wars are all the rage right now, and the results of violence, increased drug use, increased suicide, and now heavy isolation in many part of the world are the factors that are literally killing people.

      Who needs Conjob-19, when the associated effects are far more efficient at population control? Yet, the powers that be wanted a justification to begin this culling. It is really sick.

  4. In the propaganda department, the situation is even worse. There are obviously transgendered “people” among “celebrities”, including the likes of Michelle (Michael) Obama, Trump’s “wives”, and yes – Justin Bieber (who has a beaver, LOL).

  5. Drink bottled water from identifiable sources. Eat meats from local farms. Make your own cologne as well (jajoba oil plus some mint and rosemary extract is good)

    • All good ideas, but you could also distill your water (first filter, then run through a distiller). If you are concerned about the alleged minerals in tap water, you could always use a mineral supplement to ass actual minerals (as opposed to implied to the distilled water).

      Last I would add this friends post that moving iron is important to T. One does not even need to move super heavy loads to have a positive effect; however, weightlifting of some sort (barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, machines) will have a positive effect on developing and then maintaining T as we go through life.

      P.S. Brazil nuts (3-5, assuming no allergy) once a day, and clean fish oils (once or twice per day – Cod Liver reigns supreme) can be very useful supplements in this department as well.

  6. Since most of the comments have already covered the angles and plans of the 1% of the 1%, I will only add that in the United States (do not know about the rest of the world) these contributing factors have meant the death of masculinity in many areas of the nation:

    1. the elimination of physical education programs (begun in the 1990s)

    2. the restriction / elimination of sports programs at many levels of schooling

    3. the destruction / replacement of classic martial skills (e.g. boxing, karate, wrestling) with the replacement of “cage matches” and “mixed martial arts”

    (each term carries other connotations, if one thinks of just the terminology)

    4. the push of a “let’s move campaign” that sells light cardiovascular work, instead of any weightlifting

    5. the absolute push to put women in, forward, combat roles

    6. the cutout, “whistle blower” (this stuff just writes itself / no pun intended), transvestite who made the news during Barry’s administration

    7. fundamental changes to the training of our military across the board

    8. the “change” of a well known Olympic athlete who was (possibly) looking at prison time before becoming a woman

    9. the ramping up of destroying the masculinity of the black male with more advert media

    (instead of the covert simply sticking Mr. Jamie Fox in a dress or having a couple of gay characters on In Living Color — that was small time compared to now)


    10. the obvious re-writing of “Health” textbooks for our younger students (we will leave the messed up collegiate system out of this point) to include the most preposterous progressive ideas such as the number of genders in the world.

    Add this to the normalization of transvestite, children’s, reading events and BOOM – welcome to the Brave New World.

    • The death of masculinity must be completed before the overt tyranny can commence. History has proven that women acquiesce to tyranny. This is not a knock on women, just a natural biological fact that they follow in an effort to advance their genetics, a built in mechanism for survival.

      • Never really considered the biological survival of women in quite such a way, but it does make sense and I am appreciative of the thought.

        This one is going to require a little more time to sink in, not because you are in any way incorrect (form my perspective), but due to the fact that I do not think many males have even contemplated the idea. Any male born from 1970 forward, could be oblivious to what you have stated based on a change in the narrative regarding the roles, as well as the dynamics, of men and women.

        Thanks for putting it out there for reflection.

        • @simple citizen- It’s called the dominance hierarchy in the animal kingdom, social hierarchy in the human sphere. In the lion’s pride, the largest, strongest, most dominant male secures the privilege of mating with all the lionesses until he’s supplanted by a more dominant male. You are right that in the human sphere, the narrative regarding dominance has been adulterated greatly. It’s also more complex than my lion example. But this very article is identifying a symptom derived from the false narratives pushed upon human beings regarding the dominance hierarchy. I reckon modern young men, having drank the lie filled kool aid, and eaten too much soybean products, are feminizing themselves because they don’t feel dominant and simply want to get on in life. Conversely women are vying for more dominance because they’ve been told that they are so. It’s a losing proposition for both groups and nearly all of them will live despair filled lives because of this. Obviously this is by design. You’re not incorrect in your statement about males born after 1970 being oblivious to this, as they were effectively born after this snowball started its descent. I have met none myself in that age demographic, but honestly, I’ve experienced very few existing in older demographics. Most of them are folks like Mr. Winter, shouting from the rooftops of their own websites, and may The Almighty bless and protect them for their honest efforts. People like this are sorely needed and in short supply these days… I was born in 1978.

          • Black Throated Sparrow,

            First, a very grateful thanks, and my appreciation of the additional information on the dominance hierarchy. It was not a phrase, description and / or social hierarchy that I was familiar with until this conversation; I will read up on this topic a bit more so that it is not so foreign to me in the future.

            Agreed on Mr. Winter, which is finally why I decided to show up here. This blog, his voice and that of Ms. Blane (god bless them both), the research, as well as the links, are quite rare (also pretty diverse in terms of topics — never did I think I would be discussing the Son of Sam and Mr. Mapplethorpe in the same week, month, year, decade, my lifetime, etc.).

            Basically, I thought perhaps I had heard of Mr. Winter in a financial article in the past (maybe 2015), but I think my memory is inaccurate. Yet, I only found this website a few weeks ago when I was trying to better understand Attorney General Barr . Mr. Winter’s name seemed very familiar when I found the thread on AG Barr.

            Although I am not a Luddite (raised with computers since the 1970s and studied a little electronics — same decade, but a little older than you), I do keep an incredibly microscopic electronic footprint. There are no “social” accounts and I barely carry my cellphone (which is not “smart”).

            The only other time I ever contributed some to a blog (in a minor attempt to be social online — I prefer to just talk to people in person), it did not work out well for me and I realized (after some time spent) that I was really in the wrong place. It was my fault for not doing better due diligence from the onset.

            There was a great struggle in my own mind as to whether I would actually enter any threads here, as I try to remain a private person in a society that is losing privacy all the time. Mr. Winter’s willingness to speak with me directly (via electronic mail) and his overall perspective won me over.

            Further, although I am very happy to have been born in the United States of America and respect much of the republic’s history, I have always wanted to move my family overseas simply for the adventure. Mr. Winter’s lifestyle and openness to moving abroad is also inspiring to me.

            Again, thanks for the response and the point in the right direction regarding the dominance hierarchy; I am appreciative.


  7. It’s the public water, bottled water, soft drinks made with these water sources.

    If you were among these physiological freaks intending to manipulate the populace, you would target the water source. it’s obvious.

  8. You know what is crazy is that i noticed that many of the young males of teenage years lack the build of the ones of my generation. all very skinny and feminine looking. My younger years males had male builds. If they were like these guys they would buy weights to try to bulk up. I have seen quite a few kinda staring at me. Not like sizing up, but like the way I would look at a fit female. I am a typical masculine male, I like to build shit (like fast cars), I am faithful, I love Christ, I don’t cower in the face of danger and I protect those and that which I care about. I have oft thought maybe it is something else but with all this screwball hormonal stuff going on (and all the propaganda). I believe it will not bode well for the continuance of the species especially for the generations that will be coming of age soon and that are now..

  9. At 67, I don’t limp and am mostly convivial rather than crotchety. Don’t know my T-level but my libido seems active as ever though. Regular (daily) exercise and sound diet keeps me healthy and happy. Yoga is one of my routines, which seemed kinda gay at first, but keeps me flexible and spiritually grounded, I believe. Russ, organic cranberry juice, cayenne pepper in a little olive with lemon juice, and apple cider vinegar are great for bladder function. Urologists are masochistic practitioners whose main MO is sticking tubes in places they don’t belong.

    • I use the items mentioned plus saw palmetto and curcumin. Apple cider vinegar also controls blood sugar. My ketone diet is pretty strict, no alcohol, coffee, little bread, no sweets.

      I don’t have a car and go by foot. My serious knee injury (ruptured quad tendon at the knee)from a fall in April, 2020, and poor recovery from the surgery restricts how far I can traverse however.

      Unfortunately I would be dead without the admittedly masochistic catheter. My main gripe is the long wait for surgery. The system is broken.

  10. It isn’t just food and water and the whole “metro-sexual” thing or imitating celebrities. Much of whether or not young men become manly-men as opposed to soy-boys/girly-men has to do with where they grow up (metro vs. rural/small town), the upbringing (father is a manly-man vs. a girly man), the schooling (public vs. private/home schooling), participate in sports (even home schoolers can do this), and maybe spiritual as well (true Christians, Muslims, etc. wouldn’t let their boys become “metros” if you know what I mean). We raised our son in rural mountain area, home schooled him, ate mostly organic or locally raised food, did sports stuff, and had him learn to shoot guns, etc., learned hunting and esp. fishing and also raised fish (he loves fish and sea life!). And now he’s as manly-man–and looks it!–as a young man could be, is married and now has three kids…one of whom at age 6 climbed up a mountain to the top I could never hope to climb! Oh, and this grandson lives just south of Houston…. No metros for our guys!

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