FLASHBACK: Biden team apologizes to reporter for making him wait in a closet

By Lucy Madison | 28 March 2011

CBS NEWS — In a letter to reporter Scott Powers last week, a spokeswoman for Vice President Joe Biden apologized to the Orlando Sentinel reporter for keeping him in a closet (or, as the spokeswoman described it, a “lack of a better hold room”) during an event he was covering.

Powers, who was the designated pool reporter at a fundraiser for Biden and Florida Senator Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), was told upon arrival at the event – hosted by philanthropist Alan Ginsburg at his home – that he would have to wait in a storage closet until the vice president arrived, according to an account by ABC News.

The vice president reportedly arrived about an hour later, at which point Powers was allowed to leave the closet and report on his and Nelson’s comments. Afterward, he was escorted back into the closet until the motorcade had left the premises. […]

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