Another Food Processing Plant Shutters Operations, Adding to Long List of Closures

By Tyler Durden | 28 June 2022

ZERO HEDGE — A top food processing plant will be closing down one of its facilities in Campbell County, Tennessee, adding to the long list of closures over the last year.

George’s Prepared Foods announced its chicken processing plant in the small town of Caryville would be shuttering operations by the end of the summer.

The reason for the closure was not disclosed and has caught local officials by surprise. Campbell County Mayor E.L. Morton told local news WVLT that he’s trying to keep the plant open to save hundreds of jobs.

“I have contacted the Tennessee Economic and Community Development staff to request assistance in keeping the plant open or facilitating a sale to another operator

“I have requested Governor Lee’s assistance as well. My primary concern is for the welfare of the dedicated workers who have been the backbone of this operation. Our prayers go out to them as well as our very best efforts to keep them employed in Campbell County,” Morton said.

Senior Vice President of George’s Food, Robert George, released a statement about the closure, citing it’s “a challenging time to be in the prepared foods business, and we have been carefully evaluating how we navigate the volatility in beef and pork markets.” […]

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  1. Its all part of the great reset plan. Bill Gates does not want us eating meat because he knows meat and meat fat increased the size and capacity of the human brain. He is buying up all the farm land so all foods for us goy peons will be worthless. Since he and his cronies own all the money it is easy to force small business to sell, like what happened to small businesses using covid. People better start raising their own chickens…

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